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Worcestershire and West Midlands Wedding Photography – special offer

Hello there, dp here from www.davidpurslow – and I am a Worcestershire and West Midlands Wedding Photographer

Unless you found this link via a search engine, I hope by now you know that I am a wedding photographer based out of Hartlebury, just outside of Worcester in Worcestershire in the West Midlands.  I am fairly new to the area having previously been based in Pembrokesshire in West Wales.  I moved to The Midlands at the start of February which came right in the middle of the booking season for 2010 / 2011 weddings.  We moved following health issues with my mum and decided we needed to be closer to the family so we made the hard decision to leave our beloved Haverfordwest but family comes first.  I still shoot weddings in West Wales with over 20 there this year and 1/2 a dozen so far there for 2011.

So being the newest Wedding photographer in Worcestershire I needed to come up with something really special to help me stand out.  Yesterday I visited the Worcestershire Wedding Fair at 6-ways at the Worcester Rugby Club and saw that there are some really good photographers up this way and was actually surprised that the cost of high quality wedding photography was actually higher up in the midlands that in wales.  I dont know why I was surprised really having spent the past week looking at wedding venues in Worcester, Birmingham, Solihull, Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Codsall nr Wolverhampton and Gloucestershire its obvious to me that first, there are LOTS AND LOTS more brides and grooms getting married up this way (lets face it, Birmingham and the Midlands come second only to London in terms of population) The second thing I noticed was there are some amazing Stately Homes, Country Houses and Boutique wedding venues in this area – these are my kind of venues and the perfect place for my flamboyant and creative style of wedding photography.

What I did notice at the wedding fair is that pretty much every single photographers were offing albums that limited the number of photos or pages in the wedding albums and some started off with really small wedding albums which in my humble opinion should really be parents albums not wedding albums.

So whats the special offer I decided to come up with  – here is is

Wedding Photography Special Offer

I have designed a special collection for the first 3 couples who book me for wedding up this way.  (again if you found this post via a search engine then I suggest you visit my wedding photography website and the Why book David page on my website)  So for the first 3 couples who book me for wedding taking place in either 2010 or 2011 this is what you will get.

  • Wedding photography coverage from Bridal Preparations till your first dance
  • 50 thank you cards featuring your favorite wedding photo and information for your guests how to view your online gallery
  • An online gallery of all your wedding photos split into catagories and with slideshows for each one
  • A CD of all the images at web sized for facebook etc
  • A DVD of all the digital files from you wedding – the digital negatives so to speak
  • A DVD of your wedding album set to your first dance song that you can play on your TV and show off your wedding on the big screen
  • An UNBELIEVABLE wedding album – A huge story book wedding album with up to 80 pages and up to 250 photos included

All this would normally cost £3100.00 via my normal prices however for the first 3 couples who book me now I have moved I am making this available for only £1600.00 thats a saving of £1500.00 – The album is an 8×12 inch story book wedding album – you can see exactly what it looks like by visiting my Albums page on my website and you can also view a slide show of an 80 page album by clicking here.

If you would like to splash out just a little bit extra then for an additional £399.00 for (£1999.99 in total)  I will upgrade the wedding album to the totally awesome and monstrously big 10.5 x 14 inch album – its lush, big, heavy, super duper impressive and guaranteed to make your friend and family’s jaw drop to the floor !

This offer is applicable to weddings taking place in…….

  • Weddings in Worcestershire
  • Wedding in Birmingham
  • Weddings in Solihull
  • Weddings in Codsall
  • Wedding in Sutton Coldfield
  • Wedding in Gloucestershire
  • Weddings in the Cotswolds
  • Weddings in Herefordshire
  • Weddings in Shropshire
  • Wedding in Staffordshire

For select weddings taking place in other parts of the country I may well consider extending the offer to you,  so if your wedding is not taking place at any of the venues listed above call me or drop me an emial – my number is 01299 250 114 / 0759 007 6666  and my email is David@davidpurslow.com

If you have any questions please feel free to get intouch,

talk to you soon,



David Purslow
Wedding Photographer
01299 250 114
0759 007 6666

Codsall, Wolverhampton and Birmingham Wedding Photography – Isabel & Phil

Hello there, David (dp) here from www.davidpurslow.com – If you found this blog entry via the search engines, I am a wedding photographer based out of Hartlebury in Worcestershire, right on the border of Birmingham  and The West Midlands.  Click here to visit my wedding photography in the west midlands, birmingham, staffordshire and worcestershire website – Anyway enough about me, on with the important stuff – Isabel and Phil’s Wedding.

I am just about caught up now as this was one of my weddings in May 2009 – I was recommended to the couple by another photographer and did most of our inital bookings over the internet and the phone (about normal for me a good 60 – 70% come from outside of Wales)

So after visiting Isabel and Phil in Birmingham a few weeks ago I was all excited.  The plans Isabel laid out made the day sound magical and both Phil and Isabel are a very good looking couple and I knew they would make for amazing wedding photos.  Isabel told me she was going to do most of the preparation herself and to expect a good mixture of people with friends and family from as far away places as Chile and Norway this was going to be a big day.

I arrived at the house on a gorgeous day, very sunny which can be a bit of a nightmare for photographers especially  if the bride is in a white dress but thats just part of the job and we just have to deal with it.  I always like to take pictures that tell a story and each blog entry is a little different, this one is all about the people who made the wedding, the effort the bride put into the day and the love and joy of the couple.

The shot I am opening up with is a dress shot, it was not the first pic of the day, I always like to shoot a few bride photos first to get her used to me being there but on wondering around the house looking for spots to shoot, I found the wedding dress hanging up – It looked AMAZING and I knew Isabel would look stunning in it – I could not wait for the day to start.


So remember when I said that Isabel would be doing all the flowers herself, I thought that was because she had done stuff like this before – NOPE – As you can see from the following two photos, Isabel is a remarkable girl, armed with a few flowers, wire and a guide book she set about creating the buttonhole flowers- I forget what they are called.



Well the guide books didn’t stop there.  I don’t really know Isabel and Phil so I am only guessing here and doing so by adding up a few things Isabel said to me on the day but I dont believe Isabel is the kind of girl who wears makeup every day – I am saying this because again when it was makeup time, she pulled out a book on applying makeup – this amazed me and also showed me with a little determination and the right guide books and information you really can do anything you set your mind to.


That shot just tickles me pink – its probably my favorite photo of 2009 so far, Isabel was so calm and just getting on with things – amazing.

So once I got over the shock of that, I shot a few ‘arty’ pictures as well – I like to vary the photos I take and never use a shot list and never just shoot the same stuff time and time again. – Inspired by Jerry Gihonis (one of the worlds top wedding photographers) I shot this picture – I say inspired by JG because of something I saw on one of his training videos – it was the way he used the daylight behind the subject to blow out to white and create a lovley wraparound light around the bride.


I also love the shot below because its something I struggled to capture – If you visit my website you see I try to INTERFERE in the wedding as little as possible and thats why 85 % of of what I shoot is true candid or reportage wedding photography – I don’t direct my couples when shooting, I might give a little direction before I shoot a bunch of photos but apart from a few formals I just capture YOUR day as it unfolds. – I say struggled because I was wanting to get a detail shot of the hair pin, I was using a longer lens to throw the background out of focus so the pin was the main focus but naturally Isabel was doing her eye makeup at this time so her head never stayed still – Since I was using manual focusing I kept missing the shot but persevered  and after about 8 shots I got what I wanted.


Just at as I grabbed this shot I turned to my right and saw the sister of the groom sitting on the bed looking over at Isabel with a really proud and loving look on her face so still using the big lens I snapped this shot – This is another shot I love as the natural light streaming thru the windows creates a lovely soft quality to the photo.


One of the things  I talk about on my website is how wedding photography covers all aspects of photography in general and this is why I love shooting weddings so much – NO wedding is ever the same and you always get fantastic opportunities to take great shots that will MEAN something to your clients.  The next photo is just such a picture, its one of the couples children and I had to lay down on the floor to grab this shot – but it was worth it – This picture was taken while Isabel was a few feet away doing the flowers I showed you earlier.


And while we are on the subject of kids photos, I just LOVE these two following pictures to bits – Again these are tru reportage photos and in the second one you can just see my fingers on the camera but there was no way to get the photo without this happening.



So at about this point the bride was just about to start getting dressed so I dissapeared for a while and found the groom downstairs just getting ready to leave for the church – I snagged a good few photos of the Phil the groom with his groomsmen in the back garden and rather than talk you thru each one (lets face it, you can figure these out) I will only comment on ones I had did setup.

I love establishing shots and in this first one it shows off the house and the fountain and where it is in relation to the house – this was important because to make the closeup’s have meaning you need to know that the fountain is an integral part of the garden and not just some random fountain somewhere.


The closeup



So once I got the standard photos you have to have, it was dp playtime – I wanted to make the most of the grounds and the time we had so shot a few posed photos that I setup and directed – these shots take alittle more time and eat into the grooms time with his buddies but as I say to them on the day they are so worth it for what you get back in return.


In the next shot I positioned the groomsmen around Phil and had them turn away from me, then I had Phil look off into the distance and adjust his tie – it came out great !


and since we had a few minutes left before they left for the church I got them doing a little bit of exercise 🙂


The boys then left for the church and Isabel came out into the garden for a few shots, to be honest with you there are SO MANY great shots that I wont show you them all but this one is one of my favorites – again shot with a really long lens Isabel and her daughter went off for alone time in the garden – I think this is where she found out she looked like a princess because her expression is priceless.


pretty much after this shot I left for the church myself – I was really looking forward to this as it was the first of my weddings in Codsall this year, Codsall is just outside of Wolverhampton which is MILES from my home but as I said above I offer wedding photography for the whole of the UK.

The church itself looked like a picture postcard, its St Nicholas Church Codsall, nr Wolverhampton.


So with only a few minutes to go before he became a married man, here Phil is chillin with a few of the guests and looking pretty calm


Then for some more surreal moments – Here is a shot of Isabel WALKING to her wedding – thats correct the bride walked to the church


and here are a few shots from inside the church during the service.



and I love this shot, taken from the back of the church, I noticed the flowers looking amazing and threw the couple out of focus but made sure I took it while they were both in the picture. – The flower is the main concentration of the picture here – I always shoot the flowers but generally dont post them on my blog – but I do now 🙂


Since this is turning into a big blog post I am going to skip over the recessional and the confetti shots and share with you a coupe of pictures at the back of the church.  The bride and groom wanted some romantic and dramatic photos at the back of St Nicholas Church as it was a special spot and as I always say, whatever the bride wants on her wedding day, If I can do it, she can have it – so as soon as we left the church we RAN around the back to quickly shoot a few pictures and have a few minutes of alone time !



Then the couple jumped into Phil’s Gleaming red MG Midget sports car and headed off to Birtchfield School for the reception.



And what a fantastic setting the reception was


Upon arrival the guests were met by the lovely Ruth – the head’s wife – Ruth took GREAT care of me duing my time shooting reception and made sure the guests wanted for nothing.


The reception itself took place inside a marquee in the grounds.


The bride and groom cut the cake pretty early into the day as it was a cheese cake or 3 or 4, and the light the marquee provided made for great shots of the cake cutting.

During the speeches I stalked the guests with my long lens from outside of the marquee and shot thru the windows so most people did not know I was even taking the photos.  Here is a shot of the father of the groom during the grooms speech


One of the family members shoots weddings on video from time to time so was there capturing the day – I managed to get a good few shots of him as I figured that he might get missed in the other photos as he would be taking video himself.



Following the speeches the night time kicked off with the first dance – here are a couple of photos from Isabel and Phil’s first dance.



and last but not least the group shot.


All that is left is for me to wish Isabel and Phil all the best and to thank them for choosing me to be a part of their special day – it really was a magnificent wedding with perfect weather conditions – Enjoy your new life together, all the best dp

If your new to David Purslow Photography I hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos – They are also on facebook and my facebook name is david purslow so friend me if you would like to tag people in the photos and I will add you right away.

Available for Weddings in Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Birmingham, The West Midlands, Oxfordshire

and all over the UK and Wales including Pembrokeshire, Swansea & Cardiff

Ciao for now


David Purslow
Wedding Photographer
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