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A beautiful wedding at the Cleddau Bridge Hotel

The Wedding of Emily and Nick

Beach Wedding photos at Freshwater West

The Wedding of Nick and Emily took place at the Cleddau Bridge Hotel, Pembroke Dock in Pembrokeshire on glorious sunny day a few weeks ago.  I had been looking forward to this wedding for a long time, and it proved to be worth the wait.  Emily and Nick booked me almost 2 years ago for the wedding, we were supposed to do an engagement shoot but that never came off, but thats the good news – we are going to be doing a post wedding shoot, a trash the dress session rolling around in the ocean amongst other things – it seems christmas came early for this photographer.

The day started off very different for me, I met up with the boys for breakfast at the local weatherspoons in Haverfordwest.

Here comes the groom

Pembrokeshire Wedding Photographer

After a beer or two, the boys sat down for a nice big cooked breakfast

After a breakfast and a few photos I headed off to meet up with the bride (Emily)

The week before Emily had told me her wedding was an Ian Stuart, my favorite wedding dress designer.  When I got to Emily’s mum’s  house I had a good look around for the best place to photograph the dress however after hunting around I felt there was no where that did the dress justice,  so I asked if she minded if I take it outside for a few photos, I have a penchant for beautiful wedding dress photos and I think Emily’s is one of my favorite of all time – Everything was perfect, the weather, the location, the placement of the sun and the perfect place to hang it from.

beautiful ian stuart wedding dress

and here is the beautiful bride to be admiring her dress

Ian stuart wedding dress pembrokeshire

While the girls were doing the makeup and so on, I concentrated on a few detail shots and also a few shots of the boys, Emily’s day and so on who also happened to be at the house getting ready.

Wedding Ring close up photo

father of the bride and groomsmen
Then it was time for Emily to get dresses,  HALF joking (honest) I suggest she get dressed in the garden since we had already shot the dress shot there, I was bowled over when she said okay, so there we were in the garden, the girls holding this beautiful dress up in the air for Emily to climb into

Bride putting on Ian Stuart Wedding Dress

Beautiful bridal portrait

Fine Art Wedding Photography

West Wales wedding photography

From here we jump forward a little, there are so many great photos to share with you and not enough time so its right off to the wedding itself, well a couple of grab shots from the wedding at least.

During a break in the ceremony, just before a reading, I noticed that the bride and groom where holding hands and smiling at each other, I got ready because the hairs on the back of my neck (yes no hair on my head but a few on my neck) I just had a feeling something special was going to happen – then Nick just gave Emily a tender little kiss on her hand, I think this is a beautiful photo – I just love the intimacy of this picture, I think it captures the love these guys share with each other so much.

cleddau bridge wedding photography

Helen my assistant was at the back of the room and while she was scanning for someone to grab, she saw this young man looking a little board and trying to watch her – Great capture and one of the reasons I love working with an assistant.

cleddau bridge pembrokeshire wedding venue

Then in the blink of an eye, the wedding was over and it was time for a quick few signing photos before we all headed outside.

Right after the wedding Emily, Nick, Helen and myself jumped into our car and we took off for the beach.  The week before when we met up, Nick and Emily decided they wanted to invest a little time in popping off to one of pembrokeshire’s amazing beaches for a few photos –  It was a tough decision and one that Emily still hadnt decided before the wedding – Whichever way the couple had decided we would have ended up with cracking photos – it was the perfect day for photographs.

But lucky for me, Emily decided that it was a good idea to head  off to the beach, Freshwater West Beach for some wedding photos. – Hope you like them !!!!!

pembrokeshire beach wedding photos

beach wedding photography pembrokeshire

getting married on the beach wales

newlyweds on the beach at freshwater west Pembrokeshire

Then Emily decided it was play time !

beautiful bridal beach portrait pembrokeshire west wales

and then Nick came back in, took Emily in his arms, gave her a big kiss and cuddle

Kissing couple on beach

west wales wedding photography on the beach

creative wedding photography

Then before we knew it, it was time to leave the beach and head back, naturally I got a few more shots as the happy couple made their way back up the beach

I am actually going to mix up timings just a little here, because after the beach it was straight back to the Cleddau Bridge Hotel then they pretty much went right into the wedding breakfast and speeches followed by a few more photos outside, but I want to end at the Cleddau Bridge so lets start off with a few pics taken after dinner.

Everyone !

wedding photos cleddau bridge hotel

The Boys

wedding photos at the cleddau bridge hotel

Nick and his Mum

wedding photos at the cleddau bridge

and here Emily is spending a little quality time with one of the younger guests on the day, Nick better watch out, Emily loves children and it was so evident in the care and attention she gave them all day – beautiful to see and I am sure in years to come these will be special photos for these youngsters.

wedding photography at the Cleddau Bridge Hotel Pembrokeshire

And one final one before we head inside for the speeches photos

Nick and Emilys Wedding at the Cleddau Bridge Hotel

In a little break from tradition Emily gave a speech which had the bridesmaids in tears and the guests in fits of laughter, whilst this was going on, like a Ninja I crept around the room snapping away to capture some of the emotion and fun of the day.

Emily and Nicks wedding photos

crying bridesmaids

and while Nick was giving his speach, Emily and his new Mother In Law keep a close eye on him 🙂

Then after the speeches it was time for the cutting of the cake, I held back as we had taken one earlier in the day, and I wanted to mix it up a little – with around 110 people gathered  around its probably a good job

Once that was over, it was time for the night time to get into full swing, so the couple took to the dance floor for their first dance during which time I played with getting some different and unusual first dance photos – naturally I took the standard ones as well but I always like to try different things, to mix it up a little, and from time to time when you do you get a few shots like this……

Well at this stage we had been there for around 14 hours or so – we started to pack away our gear, Helen went to grab the car and when she came back in she mentioned it was a great sunset – I quickly dumped all the gear in the car and Helen ran off to find the bride and groom – we took them to over look the water so the sun would be behind them and managed to grab the last two photos of the day.

sunset wedding photography

sunset at the cleddau bridge hotel pembrokeshire

Congratulations to Emily and Nick on an amazing wedding day, we could easily have stayed all day it was one of those kinds of weddings – totally amazing !

Hope you have enjoed this look at the wedding of Emily and Nick.

Take care,

more soon



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Cotswolds Wedding Photography – Pre wedding shoot

Bassem and Shelley’s Engagement Shoot

Burnham on Sea

Shelley and Bassem came to visit me a few months back to view what I had to offer, it was obvious right away that this was a perfect match, they fell in love with my albums, my photos and what I offer and I could right away this would be a great wedding to be photographing.  I got very excited when the told me there were getting married at The Swan Hotel in Bibury in the Cotswolds –   Although I am based in Worcestershire, the Cotswolds is less than an hour away, I love photographing weddings there because it really is a beautiful part of the country and The Swan Hotel sits right alongside the river and is a truly fabulous wedding venue.  Shelley and Bassem booked me on the spot and we set about thinking of what we would for their engagement session.

The first choice was a butterfly park however with dates / weather and the costs associated with taking commercial photo’s at the butterfly parks, that option didnt work so Shelley and Bassem decided that they wanted a beach location pre wedding shoot.  Since they have family in the area the couple chose the beautiful location of Burnham on Sea and this weekend we met up and shot a few photos.

I should point out that although it looks like a nice day it was actually pretty cold and very windy but this did not effect the photos in any way – if you accept the weather conditions your shooting and and adapt to having fun and getting great images even cold windy days turn out to be GREAT photo shoots !

Here are a few of my favorites !

cotswolds wedding photography

the swan hotel bibury wedding photography

gloucestershire wedding photography

pre wedding photo shoot

beach engagement shoot

worcestershire wedding photographer

windswept bridal portrait

Burnham on sea engagement shoot

beach wedding photography

beach wedding photographer

wedding photographer

kisssing couple wedding photo

bibury cotswolds wedding photographer

couple kissing on the beach

creative wedding photography

sunset engagement photography

I am often asked what its like being photographed by me ?  so I shot a few behind the scenes photos to show you !

I was lucky enough to be assisted on this shoot by a great portrait and wedding photographer called Dav Hughes – Dav is based around Gloucestershire and when I mentioned how excited I was to be shooting on the beach on a photographers forum volunteered to come along and help me out – its a good job he did because it was really windy ! You can visit Dav’s Website at http://www.davhughes.com/ Since I had Dav with me I decided to take along something called a BEAUTY DISH – basically a massive big light modifier – not something I generally do, I mainly use it for studio portraits etc.

So here is a bit of a pull back shot

Behind the scenes - Beauty dish

and here is what the shot ended up looking like.

beauty dish on the beach

behind the scenes wedding photography

wedding photography behind the scenes nikon cls

And finally, the last shot of the day

sunset engagement beach photography

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek at Shelley and Bassems engagement photos, a big shout out to Dav Hughes for helping me out on the day and a special thanks to Shelley and Bassem for being such troopers – at the end I got a little hug from Shelley and she was like a block of ice – poor girl froze the proverbials  off !



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