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New Product ! – Framed Collage Prints

Hi everyone,

Just a very quickie today,  I had a fabulous wedding on Saturday and will be posting pictures in a few days, then Yesterday I was at the Wedding Fayre at the Hotel Plas Hyfryd in Narberth where I unveiled my latest offering.

I chose the Plas to unveil it as the pictures were from last weekend (10 days ago now) wedding of Barry and Becci, Barry runs the Plas so it seemed the perfect wedding to use for the show piece.

framed montage of wedding photos

As you can see, this version if the later of the two I will be offering.  The Finished size of this piece is 51 inches by 41 inches and the photo is 30 inches by 40 inches.  This version has 65 photos in it.

I will also be offering a smaller version with 50 photos, this version will be 20×30 inch print in a 30 x 40 inch frame when finished.

There will be a selection of contemporary and traditional frames available and all are printed, mounted and framed by a professional framer not by me 🙂 – its too much work for me to do that.

The 30×40 inch mounted print (41×51 inch frame) will cost £695.00

The 20×30 inch mounted print (30×40) inch frame will cost £495.00

Hope you like,



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The Wedding of Becci and Barry

A Church Wedding followed by

A Wedding Reception at Hotel Plas Hyfryd

I was very very happy to get booked for this wedding, Barry is the Manager of The Hotel Plas Hyfryd in Narberth, a fabulous wedding venue and one at which I work at very regularly.    When I heard that Barry and Becci were getting married I wanted to shoot the wedding for many reasons so when the chose me I was over the moon.

Hello there peeps, David here from – I am a wedding photographer covering West Wales and the Midlands – Yep a big area and I love it !

Last weekend I shot the wedding of two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.  Since my move to the midlands I have been staying at the Plas Hyfryd before every wedding, so by now I know most of the staff really well, the owner really well and Becci and Barry have become good friends.  One of the hardest jobs a wedding photographer has to do is shoot the weddings of good friends but last weekend was easy as pie, Barry and Becci put total trust in me and even let me do things I have always wanted to do but never done at a wedding before ! – Stay tuned 🙂

Although the Hotel is a big part of both Becci and Barry’s life I wanted their wedding photography to be about them, their love and their day, this blog story is the same way, Yes I took lots of photos of the hotel etc but I took way more of the couple themselves so here goes.

Helen (my amazing assistant and right hand man / woman / arm) went to meet up with Becci at Andrew Price – the hair dressers in Haverfordwest at……..wait for it, 8 AM – this was going to be a full service day.

I took loads of shots of the girls getting ready so here are a selected few

Becci having her hair washed

bridal preparation photos wedding photos pembrokeshire


andrew price hair dressers haverfordwest

Becci again

wedding hair at andrew price haverfordwest

and Becci’s little girl

I love shooting into the mirror because generally the subjects dont know your doing it.

Then it was back to the Plas for Bacon sandwiches and makeup etc.

getting married at plas hyfryd hotel

wedding makeup pembrokeshire

and after this while the girls do what girls do on the wedding morning, Helen and I ran off to grab a few shots of Barry getting ready.

I should point out that I had not ever noticed that Barry was shy until you get anywhere near him with a camera, its kinda sweet and a nice trait I think

Barry was helping the boys to get dressed and to hand out cuddles when the big mean photographer fella popped into view

and you gotta love the expression when you say give me a wink !

so while Barry was helping the boys getting ready, his brother was helping him put his finishing touches together.

Then it was back to finish off the shots of Becci getting ready,  as we walked in I spotted on of the bridesmaids just standing there looking at Becci while she was finishing having her makeup put on – I just used the day light that was spilling in thru the open door to grab this shot,

then Helen and I spent a few minutes grabbing shots of the dress – We decided to do something we dont often do or really like to do and moved the dress – The hallway in the bridal suite at the Hotel Plas Hyfryd is amazing and since the last time I was there they have got a Mannequin on which to put the dresses to help the creases drop out, from what I understand that was Becci’s idea at one of the staff meetings, a great one as it lends itself to great photos.


beautiful wedding dress

and a little closer

Then with time ticking away it was time to rush down to the church to get ready for the big event 🙂

I have to thank the Priest at The Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception in Narberth, he was one of the coolest priest I have worked with and let me pretty much do what I wanted as long as it did not involve flash – I wish more vicars and priests were like this guy – what a gentleman !

When I walked int he door there was a string quartet playing, this had been a surprise for Becci from Barry.

and then the proud moment where Becci walked down the Isle

very quickly followed by the wedding itself

pembrokeshire wedding photographers

and while the couple where exchanging rings, I managed to get a great shot of the best man

and then as a couple they lighted the candle

Then it was time for a few formals

and after everyone had left the church, I took the couple back in to shoot a very special photo, here are two this didn’t make the cut, you will see in a minute what we did with them.

Then it was back to Hotel Play Hyfryd and time to party !!!!!!!!!

I like to get my big group shot out the way first, that way anyone not needed for more shots can shoot off to the bar and start drinking.

wedding photos at hotel plas hyfryd narberth pembrokeshire

and then just a few others

Then while the rest of the guests went off to go in for the wedding breakfast, we stayed outside and played around a little with Davids car.

Then it was inside for speaches and the cutting of the cake – and I should point out that the speeches seemed to draw a lot of attention, int he following pics you will see Erica, Baz and a bunch of the staff from the Plas watching on and having a good laugh 🙂

and this shot, I LOVE this one, its some strange lady man attacking the groom (Barry) – you needed to be there to understand fully

Now just before the last couple of pictures I wanted to show you just a few photos of the room before the guests hit it, I have been to lots of weddings at the plas but this colour scheme was Becci’s idea and it looked AMAZING.

and then what a better way to finish off with than a cake cutting

Well thats the story of the day thru my eyes, I really hope you enjoyed this small preview.

Heartfelt congratulations go out to Barry and Becci, big hugs and big kisses,

Congratulations guys,



David Purslow
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Trying something new

30×40 inch wedding photo !

Actually 65 photos 🙂

Hello there, dp here from

Last weekend I shot the wedding of Barry and Becci, before I post the actual wedding story, I thought I would share something else with you,

This is a poster print, its 30 inches by 40 inches so pretty big, its being matted and framed in a beautiful silver frame.

I dont think that this  web image will do it justice but here is a sneak peek


Plas hyfryd wedding photography

Hope you like



David Purslow
Wedding Photographer
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The Wedding of Imogen and Stephen

Imogen & Stephen Getting Married at Rhos y Gilwen

Good friends, good food, good music and lots of cows 🙂

Hello there everyone, dp here from – As you may know I am a Birmingham wedding photographer ! – Being based just outside of Birmingham in the West Midlands I bet your wondering what am I doing shooting weddings in West Wales ? – Well I used to live in Pembrokeshire for 6 years, I have lots of past clients that refer me to friends and family and I also still do the odd wedding fair down in Pembrokeshire.  You see I love pembrokeshire and am happy to travel down there and shoot as many weddings in Pembrokeshire as I can get !

Okay enough about me, lets get on the topic of today’s post – Imogen and Stephen getting married.  Imogen and Stephen have become friends over the past 18 months or so since they first contacted me.  I have met up with then 3 or 4 times before the wedding and had numerous phone conversations and facebook messages etc – I got so excited when I popped over their house one time and saw all the Beer that Stephen was brewing for the wedding, and naturally I had to try one on the day just to be polite 🙂

Imogen and Stephens wedding was different for many reasons, it was also very memorable for some of the same or different reasons.

Our day (I say ours as I work alongside Helen my assistant) started fairly late for us, we arrived at The Rhos Y Gilwen Mansion around Midday a couple of Saturdays back.  We were meeting Imogen there for a few bridal preparation shots (some of my favorite photos of the day as I feel the groom misses out on all that stuff) then the day would be in full swing and it would continue that way till LATE !

I love to shoot establishing shots, venue shots and detail shots for early on in an album – so while I was driving down the road I spied one of Stephens home made signs directing guests to the Mansion as its tucked away from the madding crowds.

getting married at rhos y gilwen

and continued onto the house

weddings at rhos y gilwen

Outside the front of the house is a really pretty fountain which will feature later but naturally I snagged a detail shot since the light was perfect for it.

fountain at rhos y gilwen

Now this post is going to feature heavily on the couple and the fun of the day, I have already popped up around 40 ish photos on Facebook so I have tried to get a few different ones here.  (the main purpose of my blog posts are two fold, 1 – to show the couple and their friends some nice pics from the day as they were probably too busy enjoying the day to notice all the little bits and bobs going on, and two to showcase my work a little for prospective clients) – But this post will be just that little bit different, I have not picked all the best photos or the WOW images, I have picked images that Stephen and Imogen will (should) love !!! – They are away at the moment and have not seen many of the pics yet, this is for them.

So talking about Stephen, Here he comes walking in, with a ‘musical instrument’ under his arms, I cant remember what its called but its NOT a violin  – I said the day was different, well Stephen and Imogen are Tempest’s and sing and preform in a group, Stephen actually played right up until Imogen came in, he entertained the guests for a good 1/2 an hour.

and here he is doing just that

The lighting at Rhos Y Gilwen is actually stage lighting with Gels on them and every now and then people would stand right in the way of a Gelled light – it caused me no end of problems during the wedding itself 🙁

But back to more important things 🙂

and just to give you an idea of what an ideal venue Rhos y Gilwen is, if your planning on getting married in pembrokeshire, getting married at Rhos y Gilwen has to be worth a think.  Look at the great hall !

wedding room at rhos y gilwen

Right at this point I am going to put a page BREAK in to effect as there are over 50 photos going online now – so if you want to read the rest of the story click the link below (unless your already on that page)


The Wedding of Sami and Matt

Wedding followed by reception at Trefloyne Golf Club

With photos on the beach !

Hello there, dp here from David Purslow Photography – I am a wedding photographer covering West Wales and the Midlands

I have been looking forward to this wedding for what seems like a lifetime really.  I first met Sami and Matt way back when, it must have been almost 2 years ago now.  Sami and Matt were quickly added as facebook friends (like so many of my couples) and we have been in constant contact since then – A little while back I shot their engagement session on the beach as Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire West Wales.   They turned the photos from the engagement session into a signing book that wend down a STORM !!!! at the actual wedding and it was great seeing it filled from cover to cover with comments from their friends and family.  If you did not see the engagement session, you can view it by clicking here.  – it will open in a new window.

Anyway, back to this past weekend, (also this is a shortish blog post as the couple are away and I dont want to show too many pics without them seeing them first) – God has smiled on Sami and Matt this weekend, the weather was perfect for a wedding, not too hot, not too cold, a tiny bit windy but only in little bursts and great sunny sky’s but with a tiny amount of cloud to take away the very strong shadows – Perfect for me 🙂

I arrived about 2 hours before Sami was due to leave for the church to grab a few bridal preparation shots, with 11 – thats right 11 bridesmaids getting ready the house was pretty manic but clam at the same time – I shot a few pics of all the girls getting ready then went upstairs to get shots of the wedding dress – a Beautiful Sophia Tolli wedding dress.  It looked fantastic on the hanger and even better on.

sophia tolli wedding dress pembrokeshire

And here is a shot 1/2 way thru Sami putting it on aided by her mum – there is a funny story about putting the dress on but thats one of the benefits of it being your wedding, you get to hear all the stories – this one shall remain private since its all about me !!!

bridal preparation wedding photos pembrokeshire

and while Sami was upstairs getting dress, downstairs was Gethin was down stairs getting ready also

west wales wedding photographer

and here is the little man with his grandad.

and Sami makes her grand appearence coming down the stairs – a few tears were shed at this moment !

Sami and Mat were getting married at St Oswalds Church, Jeffreystone which is the family church so it had a really nice warm feeling to it.

and here is Sami being walked down the isle

and a few shots taking during the wedding service

and outside for a fantastic confetti shot- this is one of 15 shots, this one has the MOST confetti I have seen in recent years !

Following the wedding while the guest left for Trefloyne Golf Club in Tenby for the wedding reception Sami, Matt and myself headed off to Saundersfoot beach for a few photos – The couple were really up for a few beach shots and so was I  – this is the same beach were we shot the engagement session so it all ties in nicely in telling the story.

beach wedding photography uk

wedding photos on the beach west wales

pembrokeshire beach wedding photos

and I just love this one to bits, its a great cuddle shot !

west wales wedding photography beach weddings

and thanks to the kind vendors on the beach, how could we resist a few deck chair shots ?

pembrokeshire wedding photographers

From here we went and left for the wedding reception at Trefloyne  Golf Club in Tenby

This again is another one of my favorites, you can see Trefloyne Golf Club in the background and the grounds make it perfect for wedding photography.

getting married at trefloyne golf club

and this one

weddings at trefloyne golf club tenby

so naturally we had to shoot something like this

bride in wedding dress in bunker

groom in bunker on golf course

Then it was on to the reception for real, and I have to say the wedding cake was the biggest wedding cake I have ever seen in the flesh – it was fantastic !!!!!

pembrokeshire wedding cakes

and yes, thats 11 bridesmaids, two best men, the bride and groom and Gethin on the cake and the walkways – it was a fantastic sight

amazing pembrokeshire wedding cake

Since the sun was not setting till between 9 and 10 we shot the formal photos after dinner which made for a very unhurried afternoon for the guests – and with 150 of them that’s a good thing.  Here is the BIG GROUP shot

trefloyne golf club wedding photo

and a slightly more informal one of Sami and her dad

and the boys being boys

Inside the marquee the guests were being entertained by a good friend of mind, Stewart Maxwell an amazing swing and easy singer and the little kids had little bottles of bubbles which worked really well – this shot is a bit of an outtake really, but I wanted to capture the bubble in focus which would throw the boys out of focus.

If you take a hard close look at the bubble you can see me all in black (on the left of the bubble) and also the two flash lights I had on either side of the dance floor these were for the first dance and the kids going nuts !

Talking of kids (big and small) the dance floor in full swing

sorry its smaller, it just snagged it of my facebook page !

here is a shot of a couple of the flower girls

Then it was time for the first dance, I love this shot !

pembrokeshire wedding photographers

Then just as the sun was setting I took the bride and groom out for a few sunset portraits.

sunset wedding photos

and finally outside for a few firework photos

all in all a fantastic day and a fantastic wedding.

Congratulations to Sami and Matt on their special day.

Hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek,



David Purslow
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