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Getting Married at the Elms Hotel

Ben and Zena Getting Married at The Elms Hotel


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Wow how the time has flown by.  This is 100% true, Zena and Ben are good friends our ours and I was honored and delighted when Zena asked me to be her wedding photographer.  Considering all the great wedding photographers in Worcestershire who cover weddings in Stourport, Kidderminster and Great Whitley you can understand way I was so excited.

The wedding was taking place at the beautiful Elms Hotel in Abberley in Worcestershire – just outside of Stourport on Severn. – Whats funny is that at the time I was living and working in west wales.

Nikki could not come with me unfortunately due to Joshua being sick and that was a real shame.  So I drove up the night before and stayed at my sisters house the night before to be nice and fresh for Zena & Bens big day.

Well the wedding was fantastic – if your planning on getting married at The Elms its a beautiful Worcestershire wedding venue and makes for a photographers dream – Ben and Zena had arranged for me to say at the hotel the night of the wedding as it was going to be a really long one – I started at around 8am and finished just before 11 pm after the fireworks.

Why is this post funny to me – well for many reasons.

Zena and Ben’s wedding was actually the very first wedding I posted on my blog – in fact it was the very first blog post ever by me ! and its back again now that I am a Worcestershire wedding photographer and updating my website.

Another reason is that now I am living in Hartlebury just outside of Kidderminster & Worcester  in Worcestershire, this year I am travelling down to West Wales for over 20 weddings.

I do cover weddings all over the UK however as a West Midlands wedding photographer who lives in Worcestershire I am hoping that couples getting married in 2011 and 2012  who are looking for a reportage wedding photographer stumble across my site.  Now that I am based in Worcestershire over the next year or so I only have a few weddings up this way and all the rest down in West Wales.  – I am hoping to book a lot more weddings at The Elms Hotel as it really is a pretty venue and a great place to take photos of so if your planning on getting married at The Emls visit my Worcestershire wedding photography page.

If you follow me on a regular basis you will know I am currently working on my blog so I wanted to test out the new gallery feature of the site and cold think of no better wedding to showcase than Ben and Zena.

Since this is new to me, for some reason the last photo in the album has become the first photo in the gallery – DUH – I will keep working on it.

Anyway I hope you like the new way of showing off a collection of images

Here is is, The wedding of Ben and Zena at the Elms Hotel, Abberley, Worcester – actually its the wedding photos from the The Elms 🙂


Getting married at the elms hotel

Hummm there still seems to be a bit of an issue with the gallery – I am working on it !