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Oxwich Bay Hotel Wedding Photography

Sneak Peek – Beach wedding of Colin and Jane

Just a quick sneak peek of the amazing wedding I shot yesterday down at the Oxwich Bay Hotel on the Gower in South Wales.  The Oxwich Bay Hotel is one of  my favorite beach wedding venues and this was the first time I got to photograph the all new wedding ceremony room.

beach wedding venue - oxwich bay hotel

getting married at oxwich bay hotel gower

The day was all about love and feeling, it was a small intimate wedding with a select couple of handfuls of guests but as Colin is a crazy mad photography nut, it was all about photography for him, this meant that the couple gave me lots of time to shoot all sorts of photos throughout the day and we even did beach side photos of every guest with their families etc, these were printed on the spot and given as wedding favors  – This was Jane’s idea who called up asking if we could do it for her guests so naturally we said yes ! – The guests seemed thrilled with the results.

A couple of the guests photos.

wedding photos from oxwich bay

guest photos oxwich bay wedding

recent wedding at oxwich bay hotel

A couple of shots from the beach session !

beach wedding photos uk - getting married on the beach

beach wedding photography

Well I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek !

more soon

Congratulations to Colin and Jane for a magnificent day and thanks for choosing us !


Wedding Photography in the Rain

Hello there, – I made a bit of a mistake yesterday, I thought yesterday was Sunday, so posted my photo of the week one day early.

Well today while finishing off editing the photos of the wedding of Kay and Andi, I found one I just loved, infact I love this photo to bits.

Its from a GREAT series of photos which were taken with a VW campervan – Kay and Andi are HUGE campervan fan’s – so despite the weather not being kind to them they decided that it would not spoil their enjoyment on their big day.

I have said it many many time, I am so luck to work for my clients, I have the best bunch of customers you could ever want to meet, I hear horror stories week in and week out from photographers about how their clients would not go out in the rain, how the bride would not put her dress on the floor etc, and I respect the bride for that but me, I seem to attract brides that will go that extra mile to get the photo, after all look at some of my pre wedding dress shots and that explains everything.

So back to Kay and Andi, we were down on the Gower at Oxwich Bay, their wedding was at the amazing Oxwich Bay hotel – but alas it poured down with rain all day, actually it lashed it down.

I have a saying (I stole from Dan Dan the fire man) – My skin is waterproof – I dont mind getting wet for my clients, they pay enough so its the least I can do, a bit of water never hurt anyone – I also use professional Nikon equipment and as such its weather sealed – this means I take my camera out in the snow, wind, RAIN etc – so far even in downpours its never stopped working.  I also happen to be a member of Nikon Professional Services and this gives me priority servicing on my equipment should anything happen, its like a 3 day turnaround so I dont worry too much, if it gets wet and stops working, I would just send it in and have it back in a few days, I would switch over to my backups and keep going.

I should at this point add that I am saying this because this year I am on my 19th wedding so far and all but 4 have been wet rained out affairs.

So If your photographer is equipped to go out int he rain and your happy enough to endure a little water you can still get amazing wedding photos in the rain.

Take a peek at this one, Kay looks about as beautiful and contented as a bride can look and Andi well he looks like the cat that got all the cream, look at the camper van windows in the background and you can see its lashing down, the little specs in the background of the photo are as Forrest Gump would say big fat rain drops

wedding photos while its raining

I dare anyone to say this is not a beautiful wedding photo – in the years to come I bet Kay and Andi dont remember the rain but love they shared on their big day will be all the think about.

here are a few more shots of Kay and Andi enduring the rain

wet and rainy wedding photos

what happens if it rains on your wedding day

getting married in the rain


Oxwich Bay Wedding Photography – Engagement Session Kay and Andi

Hey there,

In a few weeks I will be shooting what sounds like an amazing wedding which will end with a mini fish and chip supper on the beach at the fabulous Oxwich Bay Hotel on The Gower in West Wales.

Several weeks ago I popped down there to meet up with Kay and Andi for a day on the beach – in the shelter it was a fabulous day, hot even but as we got close to the coast it was pretty windy hence the windswept look !

We parked over a mile away and hiked thru sand dunes and over rocks to the coast – this gave me lots of time to really get to know Kay and Andi and talk thru their wedding day so we have everything planned for the big day itself.

Here are a few photos from the day.

Gower wedding photography

west wales wedding photographers

Oxwich Bay wedding photographer

swansea wedding photography

beach wedding photography

engagement photography wales
The oxwich bay hotel wedding photography

Then we decided to have a little fun and play with dramatic lighting

fun engagement photography

getting married at oxwich bay hotel

Winter Wedding photography – lessons from the boy scouts !

Snowy Wedding & Portrait Photography

Be prepared !

Okay this is going to be a bit of a different post from me today.  This time last year I had 3 or 4 weddings coming up and the weather started to get a little nasty (snow and ice) so I decided to buy myself a 4×4.  As you may know I lived in America for 10 years, The North East – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut where we would regularly get 20 inches of snow.  In the states I owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee and this car would go anywhere and thru anything.  So this is what I brought.  Because this was going to be a WINTER car only, and one to get me too and from winter weddings we spent a grand total of £1400 and brought a 10 year old model.  Its not pretty, it drinks fuel but it gets me to where I need to be WHEN I need to be.

As a wedding photographer winter weddings are becoming more and more popular and I actually LOVE photographing wedding in the snow – it reminds me of my time in the states so much.  When a couple are thinking about getting married in the winter I am sure one of the last things they think about is, is my photographer going to be able to get to my wedding ?

This is a shot from a wedding 10 days ago when we had the last lot of snow (see blog post below)

Birmingham wedding photography snow winter

And this is me working away – nothing stops me getting the shot, not even a few inches of snow

winter wedding photographer

Winter weddings offer the chance of GREAT photos, this shot would have looked nice normally but when its all covered in snow, it looks great – its an outtake, here is my assistant taking shots at another winter wedding.

getting married in the winter

wedding photographer for winter weddings

So back to the reason for the story today

This was the scene outside my house yesterday.

snow covered wedding car

and this is the street we live on

Hartlebury covered in snow

As you can see the road is totally covered, the cars at the bottom of the road cant get out and it was beautiful to look out on all that snow.  We only had 4 inches of snow but most of the village and nearby towns came to a halt.

So I called a very good friend of ours (Zena) and asked if she would like to bring her two kids out for some snowy winter portraits, Z lives right across the road from the park !  She said yes, so Nikki and I loaded up our kids and took off.

This is my winter wedding car

winter wedding photography worcestershire

Nikki loaded the kids into the car while I dug out cameras etc and off we went to met up and spend  a little time shooting a few nice winter portraits of the kids.

worcestershire portrait photographer

lifestyle portrait photographer worcestershire

birmingham lifestyle portrait photographer

Anway back to what its all about,

I have NEVER missed a wedding yet, and if its in my power to do so come hell, high water or deep deep snow, I want to make sure I have the tools at hand to get me there and get the shots for my couples.

If your planning a on getting married in the winter (November – February) one of the questions you should ask your photographer is, if it snows how will you get to my wedding ?

and remember at this time of year you CANT hire a 4×4 they are all booked out ahead of time – thats why we brought one.

Getting married in the winter can be great and can result in wonderful photos, having the right equipment is more than just a good camera, you need to have everything you can to make sure as a professional you wont fail and let down your clients.

For most of the year our jeep is off the road, but as soon as the first floods or snow fall comes, we pop it right on the road

Have a GREAT Christmas and really good new year.

ciao for now.


The wedding of Kirsten & Ben

A beautiful Oxwich Bay Hotel wedding

Kirsten and Ben tie the knot

Hello peep’s David here from David Purslow Photography –

It only seems like a few weeks ago I visited Kirsten to show off my portfolio,  Its one thing that sometimes shocks people but yes I still visit prospective clients if they cant get to me.  On that day so long ago I saw a twinkle in Kirsten’s eye when she talked about the venue.  Kirsten and Ben she told me were planning on getting married at Oxwich Bay hotel on the Gower (or on Gower if your being correct) – I made a note of this and googled it as soon as I got home.  What a fabulous venue.  From then until now, almost a year  I have been really looking forward to this wedding.

Weddings are funny things, I go to around 30 – 35 ish a year and each one is different, each one has a lot of the bride in them, and as you will see from this blog post, Kirsten put a hell of a lot of planning and effort into this wedding.  I have decided to concentrate on this mainly as a way of telling the story.

So I arrived about an hour earlier than I was booked for, I like to do this to give me time to wonder around and get my bearings, its amazing what you see when you dont have a camera in your hand and the way people treat you, totally different.

The Oxwich bay hotel is seconds and I mean seconds from the beach- its about as close as you can get.  The main hotel is pretty nice but people dont book this venue for the hotel, of that I am convinced, its all about the Marquee and the location.

I shoot a lot of Marquee weddings but so far NONE, and I mean that, NOT A SINGLE ONE compares to the marquee at The Oxwich Bay, its breath taking as you will see in a second.

This is what you first see when you arrive,

oxwich bay hotel wedding pics

and it sits right in front of the main hotel

photo of the oxwich bay hotel gower

The path in front of the hotel that sweeps to the left of the photo leads you to a footpath with a sign for the Marquee on it,

you can see what I mean about how close to the see it is, its just the other side of that wall !

When you follow the path you come to another path leading up to the marquee

oxwich bay hotel marquee

and here is a view of it from the top of the bank

the marquee at oxwich bay hotel gower

So after I ran around and got my establishing shots, I tootled off to the main hotel to find Kirsten, my bride for the day.

As I walked around the corner I saw here coming my way, I quickly took this shot of the poor girl who looked weighed down beyond belief – you will see why in a minute.

Kirsten and her mum were heading over to the Marquee to put the finishing touches in place so I stayed around and grabbed a few shots of friends and family – then a few minutes later, a happy and beaming Kirsten came back again with a cornflakes box in hand !!!!!

Nope she was not heading off for breakfast, it was full of confetti I found out later.

Kirsten and her mum had put lots of finishing touches to the marquee so i popped back and grabbed some shots of the inside.

At this point, I should mention the staff at the Oxwich bay hotel, Hana and all the staff there pulled out all the stops and then some to make me feel more than at home, I have never EVER been so well looked after by any venue.  Nothing at all was too much bother (apart from getting a big mug for my coffee but I forgive them) for them and any request I made was instantly accommodated.    If they look after me that well, I can only imagine the service the bridal party and the whole wedding party received.  I would have to say they  really do go WAY beyond in terms of service.

So as I returned to the Marquee, Hana and some of the other staff members were still dressing tables, and boy did they do a good job. – so there doing this while I mince around taking my photos trying not to get in the way.

Oh, Oh, OH,  in the next few photos you might see big white boxes to the sides of the Marquee – thats Air Conditioning 🙂  how cool is that if you excuse the pun.

Just at the entrance of the marquee is a set of lovely hanging love hearts, its a really nice touch.  Apparently several go missing each year.

photos of inside the marquee at oxwich bay hotel

inside marquee photo oxwich bay hotel gower

What an amazing view and just look at what the bride and groom will be looking out over.

On each table was a center peice, and several shells with a glued in pearl – I liked these so much I used them for the ring shots – I actually did them later but will include them now for you.

and some of the details that were included on on the tables and glasses – not seen these before 🙂

The bride and groom had special ones, guests had them also,

and everywhere you looked there were personal little touches that must have taken hours upon hours

well after I finished in the Marquee I hurried over to see the wedding room being finished off – again an army of staff hard at work.

This shot was taking while the guys were still making up the room.

notice the box of cornflakes again 🙂

and details were not over looked here either,

Time was now getting close to the actual wedding so I went upstairs to get the dress shot,

and then I waited for Kirsten to get changed and come downstairs.

and then took her dads arm and walked around the front of the hotel, down the red carpet and into the room to get married.

I love how happy dad looks in this picture,

Unfortunately the registrars in this area don’t allow you to take photos during the wedding itself, I was allowed to take one shot of the ring exchange only so here it is.

again look at the details that Kirsten put into the wedding, I love the word Love on the table, its so cute.

Following the wedding it was service resumed as normal and time for me to earn my crust.

we started off with photos in the wedding garden, they have a special garden complete with fantastic views, fountain and perfect spot for a confetti shot just outside the doors from where the wedding takes place.

Then while the guests were walking to the marquee, Ben, Kirsten, Bens mum and I went to the little church around the corner, we shot a whole bunch of photos there but here are a few to enjoy.

On our way up

Kirsten peeking out behind the door of the church

Ben and Kirsten walking back – what you dont know is that Mum is hiding behind the pillar in the photo in the background.

Then when we got back, we quickly did out cutting of the cake photos  while the guests had a few drinks, played jenga etc.

I do have shots of the knife but this one the focus point is on the rings

Then it was time for a few formals and the guests to go into dinner – I dont know if these formals were shot before or after dinner as I did some at each but you get the idea

Kirsten’s Mum and Dad

The Boys

More of the boys with Ben 🙂

and then a couple of the scottish part of the family – what do you get when you ask a Scott’s man to  put his drink down so you can take his photo

and then the lads comparing……………………

and Ben’s Dad

then it was into dinner followed by a fantastic desert – Again full credit to the staff, I had the full meal, so often paid for by couples but normally all we get is the main meal, not at the Oxwich bay hotel, I had the works including my all time favorite, the bread roll 🙂

and a few photos from the speaches, I love to capture guests with my longer lens so pick a spot and stalk the room

Dad’s speech

a few of the guests

and visitors from overseas

Following dinner we popped down the beach for a few photos

before heading back to the Marquee for the night time to begin

and my last photo of the day was a shot of the cufflinks that the Groom, Ben was wearing 🙂

Well I hope you have enjoyed having a look at the wedding of Kirsten and Ben, a fab day was had by all.  I talked to Kirsten briefly tonight and she still sounds on cloud 9

My congratulation go out to Ben and Kirsten as well as our thanks for choosing us to be a part of the day,

best wishes guys,

take care



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