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Winter Wedding photography – lessons from the boy scouts !

Snowy Wedding & Portrait Photography

Be prepared !

Okay this is going to be a bit of a different post from me today.  This time last year I had 3 or 4 weddings coming up and the weather started to get a little nasty (snow and ice) so I decided to buy myself a 4×4.  As you may know I lived in America for 10 years, The North East – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut where we would regularly get 20 inches of snow.  In the states I owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee and this car would go anywhere and thru anything.  So this is what I brought.  Because this was going to be a WINTER car only, and one to get me too and from winter weddings we spent a grand total of £1400 and brought a 10 year old model.  Its not pretty, it drinks fuel but it gets me to where I need to be WHEN I need to be.

As a wedding photographer winter weddings are becoming more and more popular and I actually LOVE photographing wedding in the snow – it reminds me of my time in the states so much.  When a couple are thinking about getting married in the winter I am sure one of the last things they think about is, is my photographer going to be able to get to my wedding ?

This is a shot from a wedding 10 days ago when we had the last lot of snow (see blog post below)

Birmingham wedding photography snow winter

And this is me working away – nothing stops me getting the shot, not even a few inches of snow

winter wedding photographer

Winter weddings offer the chance of GREAT photos, this shot would have looked nice normally but when its all covered in snow, it looks great – its an outtake, here is my assistant taking shots at another winter wedding.

getting married in the winter

wedding photographer for winter weddings

So back to the reason for the story today

This was the scene outside my house yesterday.

snow covered wedding car

and this is the street we live on

Hartlebury covered in snow

As you can see the road is totally covered, the cars at the bottom of the road cant get out and it was beautiful to look out on all that snow.  We only had 4 inches of snow but most of the village and nearby towns came to a halt.

So I called a very good friend of ours (Zena) and asked if she would like to bring her two kids out for some snowy winter portraits, Z lives right across the road from the park !  She said yes, so Nikki and I loaded up our kids and took off.

This is my winter wedding car

winter wedding photography worcestershire

Nikki loaded the kids into the car while I dug out cameras etc and off we went to met up and spend  a little time shooting a few nice winter portraits of the kids.

worcestershire portrait photographer

lifestyle portrait photographer worcestershire

birmingham lifestyle portrait photographer

Anway back to what its all about,

I have NEVER missed a wedding yet, and if its in my power to do so come hell, high water or deep deep snow, I want to make sure I have the tools at hand to get me there and get the shots for my couples.

If your planning a on getting married in the winter (November – February) one of the questions you should ask your photographer is, if it snows how will you get to my wedding ?

and remember at this time of year you CANT hire a 4×4 they are all booked out ahead of time – thats why we brought one.

Getting married in the winter can be great and can result in wonderful photos, having the right equipment is more than just a good camera, you need to have everything you can to make sure as a professional you wont fail and let down your clients.

For most of the year our jeep is off the road, but as soon as the first floods or snow fall comes, we pop it right on the road

Have a GREAT Christmas and really good new year.

ciao for now.


Sneak Peek Mike and Caroline – Greek Wedding

What a Fab Weekend, What a Fab Wedding

Mike & Caroline – A Greek Wedding in Wales

Sneak Peek Only !

Hey guys, this weekend I had the fantastic pleasure of photographing the wedding of Mike and Caroline.  I met these guys sometime last year and we just clicked – the wedding sounded like it would be fun but OH MY GOD what an amazing day Helen and I had – I can honestly say this was my favorite wedding for a long long time.

There is no rhyme or reason for the following photos – they were actually picked to show a very good friend of mine and amazing wedding photographer in his own right, Tim Driver a wedding photographer in Suffolk.  The reason for sharing with Tim is that we always have a post wedding analysis of each of our wedding to see what we did right, what we learned and what could we do to improve next time to make the whole thing better for our clients.

Anyway back to the photos.  As you may or may not know (I had posted about Mike sometime last year after he sent me some Amazing Tee Shirts that he had embroidered with my logo) Mikes runs a business is simply called Mike the Biz and it really is  your one-stop shop for printed or embroidered promotional garments.   Mike’s  family heritage is Greek so the wedding had very strong Greek influences.  The wedding was taking place at Castell Malgwyn Hotel which is a grand old country home and a fantastic wedding reception venue and makes for amazing wedding photos imho.

In the living room shortly after I arrived I found Nick (hope its spent right) or as I called him all night in a affectionate way – Nick the Greek.  You will see lots of Nick photos later as he was a very important part of the day but when Helen and I had finished taking our establishing shots Nick was just playing a few notes on….. well I dont know what its called yet – I am sure Steven will let me know later in the day 🙂

Greek Wedding Photography Birmingham & the UK

A term that was bounded around for a lot of the day was The Greek Mafia – I think this (I hope) referred to the gathering of guys at the wedding all of whom looked so distinguished and well polished.  While Nick the Greek was doing his stuff they sat around and enjoyed the music – here is a shot of one of the gentlemen.

And here is a shot of Mike himself with his best man James

mike the biz wedding photo

Why was it fun ?  Well there at things that take place at Greek Weddings like the blessing ceremony that I dont normally see – Anytime there is something new that I have not really seen before means I have to work that little bit harder as I dont know what is gonig to happen but I have to anticipate to make sure I get the shot’s – I am so please with the next two photos because of the importance this little part of the day actually played  – being able to capture the details like this means great memories for my clients in the years to come.  Mike’s mum is preparing the incense for the blessing – its quite a special moment so  I could not really move around as I didn’t want to interfere with the moment.

greek wedding photographer uk

greek wedding blessing

and this is one of my favorite shots (that I have seen so far) – its a shot of Mike just getting ready for the blessing to take place – in this shot I was just setting up my light so it was very much a candid moment.  I had asked Mike to sit in the chair (which the blessing would take place around) and took a test shot – I think it captured the moment perfectly and puts a big smile on my face.

candid wedding photography

This next shot was taking during the actual blessing – I am sure this young lady wont be too thrilled with the angle I captured her but its all about the shot and the moment and since she is Mike’s sister I am sure she will forgive me – she was a blast all night long especially during the Greek Dancing.

Soon after the blessing I had to run outside to grab shots of Caroline arriving.  I grabbed this shot in the back of a 76 year old Rolls Royce and has Caroline, her brother and daughter all with that pre wedding smile the bridal party gets just minutes before they turn up to the wedding

and here Carolines Brother is giving her away at the start of the wedding ceremony

pembrokeshire wedding photography

and during the service I captured this moment, I love the tenderness with which Caroline is placing the ring on Mike’s finger

As you can see from the signing of the register the whole day was fun filled !

Well as I said before this is just a sneak peek – there will be lots more and the blog story of what I hear referred to many times that night as My big fat Greek Wedding but to leave you with today here are a few taken on the dance floor

west wales wedding photography

worcestershire wedding photographer

reportage wedding photography worcestershire

and last but not least !

Wedding photography

I think you can see just how much fun this whole day was – I want to congratulate Caroline and Mike on an amazing day and with them all the best.  Thanks for choosing me to share your day with.



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