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Oxwich Bay Hotel Wedding Photography

Sneak Peek – Beach wedding of Colin and Jane

Just a quick sneak peek of the amazing wedding I shot yesterday down at the Oxwich Bay Hotel on the Gower in South Wales.  The Oxwich Bay Hotel is one of  my favorite beach wedding venues and this was the first time I got to photograph the all new wedding ceremony room.

beach wedding venue - oxwich bay hotel

getting married at oxwich bay hotel gower

The day was all about love and feeling, it was a small intimate wedding with a select couple of handfuls of guests but as Colin is a crazy mad photography nut, it was all about photography for him, this meant that the couple gave me lots of time to shoot all sorts of photos throughout the day and we even did beach side photos of every guest with their families etc, these were printed on the spot and given as wedding favors  – This was Jane’s idea who called up asking if we could do it for her guests so naturally we said yes ! – The guests seemed thrilled with the results.

A couple of the guests photos.

wedding photos from oxwich bay

guest photos oxwich bay wedding

recent wedding at oxwich bay hotel

A couple of shots from the beach session !

beach wedding photos uk - getting married on the beach

beach wedding photography

Well I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek !

more soon

Congratulations to Colin and Jane for a magnificent day and thanks for choosing us !


Wedding Photography in the Rain

Hello there, – I made a bit of a mistake yesterday, I thought yesterday was Sunday, so posted my photo of the week one day early.

Well today while finishing off editing the photos of the wedding of Kay and Andi, I found one I just loved, infact I love this photo to bits.

Its from a GREAT series of photos which were taken with a VW campervan – Kay and Andi are HUGE campervan fan’s – so despite the weather not being kind to them they decided that it would not spoil their enjoyment on their big day.

I have said it many many time, I am so luck to work for my clients, I have the best bunch of customers you could ever want to meet, I hear horror stories week in and week out from photographers about how their clients would not go out in the rain, how the bride would not put her dress on the floor etc, and I respect the bride for that but me, I seem to attract brides that will go that extra mile to get the photo, after all look at some of my pre wedding dress shots and that explains everything.

So back to Kay and Andi, we were down on the Gower at Oxwich Bay, their wedding was at the amazing Oxwich Bay hotel – but alas it poured down with rain all day, actually it lashed it down.

I have a saying (I stole from Dan Dan the fire man) – My skin is waterproof – I dont mind getting wet for my clients, they pay enough so its the least I can do, a bit of water never hurt anyone – I also use professional Nikon equipment and as such its weather sealed – this means I take my camera out in the snow, wind, RAIN etc – so far even in downpours its never stopped working.  I also happen to be a member of Nikon Professional Services and this gives me priority servicing on my equipment should anything happen, its like a 3 day turnaround so I dont worry too much, if it gets wet and stops working, I would just send it in and have it back in a few days, I would switch over to my backups and keep going.

I should at this point add that I am saying this because this year I am on my 19th wedding so far and all but 4 have been wet rained out affairs.

So If your photographer is equipped to go out int he rain and your happy enough to endure a little water you can still get amazing wedding photos in the rain.

Take a peek at this one, Kay looks about as beautiful and contented as a bride can look and Andi well he looks like the cat that got all the cream, look at the camper van windows in the background and you can see its lashing down, the little specs in the background of the photo are as Forrest Gump would say big fat rain drops

wedding photos while its raining

I dare anyone to say this is not a beautiful wedding photo – in the years to come I bet Kay and Andi dont remember the rain but love they shared on their big day will be all the think about.

here are a few more shots of Kay and Andi enduring the rain

wet and rainy wedding photos

what happens if it rains on your wedding day

getting married in the rain


Hampton Manor Wedding Photography

Warwickshire Wedding Photography

Hello there,

For one reason or another I have had a bit of a lost day, site issues and total lost of communications with the outside world let me working on images and albums – I am currently putting the finishing touches to a spectacular wedding album from a wedding at Hampton Manor, and that reminded me that I also worked with another photographer at a wedding just before Christmas.  I was second shooting (its what we photographers call it when your just helping out really)  for a good friend and great photographer called Paul Goode – I was lighting assistance for this one, with it being a winter wedding and my penchant for off camera flash lighting etc I was there just in case Paul needed any help – I had a rare weekend off so just went along for a bit of a relax really – its funny but when not shooting weddings for clients, lots of photographers will go along with other photographer just to pratice something they cant really do at a paid wedding – if it works out well the couple get some great photos, if not, they were not really expecting them.

My goals for the day were to

1.  Assist Paul however he needed em.

2.  Pratice Panorama’s – this is where you take several photos and join them together to make one seamless photo

3.  Just shoot some funky off camera flash / video light images with the B&G

4.  Pratice shooting in general in LOW light conditions.

So here is what I got.

This is a 6 shot Panno – if you look carefully you can see 3 walls in the room – this is one of the dining rooms in the Hotel

dining room at hampton manor

The hotel has the most amazing light in reception, well just behind the reception, finding something to do with it and a couple so the couple dont look miniscule in photo was a bit of a challange but I had been waiting a long time for this and had it planned out.

Chandelier at hampton manor

The couple had beautiful candles all over the place, I collected a whole bunch and used them to light this shot – I added a bit of video light just to lift the details a bit but love this one

black and white wedding photography warwickshire

and while we are talking about black and white images,

I snapped these two shots seconds apart, I did this while Paul was setting up for a photo, I just used the window light coming in, for the bride I wanted it nice and soft but for the groom I wanted something a little more edgy

getting married at hampton manor

groom at hampton manor hotel warwickshire

and here is a shot taken during the wedding itself, if this does not mean anything to you dont worry but it was VERY dark – this shot was taken at ISO 5000, 1/30th second @ F2.8  I was standing at the back of the room using a very long zoom lens to get up close and personal.  When Paul and I were discussing who would stand where, as it was his wedding I let him choose but secretly wanted the back of the room – I have shot enough weddings to know if your by yourself, the place to be is the back of the room – so when Paul said he would go up front I was jumping for joy on the inside 🙂

swapping rings at hampton manor

and last but not least, a couple of shots of the venue itself, this is a back view of the venue

hamptom manor wedding venue

and this final photo is of the amazing clock tower and grounds.

getting married at hampton manor


Oxwich Bay Wedding Photography – Engagement Session Kay and Andi

Hey there,

In a few weeks I will be shooting what sounds like an amazing wedding which will end with a mini fish and chip supper on the beach at the fabulous Oxwich Bay Hotel on The Gower in West Wales.

Several weeks ago I popped down there to meet up with Kay and Andi for a day on the beach – in the shelter it was a fabulous day, hot even but as we got close to the coast it was pretty windy hence the windswept look !

We parked over a mile away and hiked thru sand dunes and over rocks to the coast – this gave me lots of time to really get to know Kay and Andi and talk thru their wedding day so we have everything planned for the big day itself.

Here are a few photos from the day.

Gower wedding photography

west wales wedding photographers

Oxwich Bay wedding photographer

swansea wedding photography

beach wedding photography

engagement photography wales
The oxwich bay hotel wedding photography

Then we decided to have a little fun and play with dramatic lighting

fun engagement photography

getting married at oxwich bay hotel

Why I just love the Internet


Today I spent 30 minutes on Skype chatting with Tina and Rob – a couple whos wedding I shot back towards the tail end of last year.

I am very fortunate to shoot a lot of weddings for couples from all over the world, Tina and Rob come from Australia so I actually only met them for the first time the day of the wedding, I did Skype with them before hand however.

australian bride and groom getting married in the uk

Well we were catching up, chatting about the wedding and I wanted to thank them for my hotel room – this may seem like a strange thing to say, but Mrs P and I had to stop over for 2 nights for this wedding.

Tina and Rob got married at Bodelwyddan Castle North Wales – or a good 3 is hour drive from my studio.  As I cover the whole of the UK I often stay either 1 or 2 nights depending on location, distance and coverage the couple choose.  Since we were going to be there till late, we stopped over for 2 nights.

We understand that this is a cost the couple had planned for when choosing a photographers so are happy with to stay pretty much anywhere half way decent and Tina and Rob booked us into an eclectic bed and breakfast (we were going to be out early the day of the wedding and the next morning heading home asap so b&B’s work well)  We had no idea what to expect.

Well here is where we ended up stopping – as you can see its amazing !!!!!!

The Lounge IN OUR ROOM !!!!!

I do have some great shots of me in the bath tub, but will spare you them,

Anyway, I love the internet, it brings the other side of the world right into my studio !

Great catching up with the bride that gave me my favorite wedding dress photos from last year was a real treat.

This shot was taken the morning of the wedding – Tina was very gracious and let me loose with her dress – it has to be an Australian thing as most of my brides from down under expect me to do something special with the dress.

best ever wedding dress photo

Ciao for now, just sending big love to the land down under.



As today is the coldest day of the year so far, it did make me slightly envious to see rob strutting around in his short and a t-shirt