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Bodelwyddan Castle Wedding Photography

Hey there,  In the second of my very quick posts today I wanted to share an image with you and a video message for the folks back home.

Tina and Rob were my second couple in a week from down under, when I say down under I dont mean they live here now, they actually flew in especially to get married at Bodelwyddan Castle in North Wales.

The day was amazing, it was a very intimate affair with less than 30 guests and the venues were amazing.

The dress shot a few posts below is already possibly my favorite wedding photo of the year !!!!! thanks to Tina and her letting me go a little crazy (in a very controlled and very respectful  way)

Anyway, here is a quick couple of photos taken outside the Castle itself and a video message they sent to the friends back home in Australia and Canada.

bodelwyddan castle wedding venue

bodelwyddan castle wedding photography

and I just love this shot taken during the first dance.

north wales wedding photography

A video message for the folks back home

Canary Wharf Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography

Short post today as I am taking the whole day off ! – I have had 3 weddings this week and 2 studio shoots so am missing hanging out with Mrs P and the chillens.

Yesterday saw me make a mad dash for London, I was asked by a very good friend of mine if I wanted to help him out on a wedding, Iain (Iain Gomes) from Iain Gomes Photography has come and helped me out on a few weddings so it was my turn to return the favor.

Based in London Iain gets lots of great wedding venues but when I heard the couple were getting married at Canary Wharf, I could not say no.

I had always wanted to shoot an iconic image of a couple at night in the heart of Canary Wharf, so this is what I came up with.

wedding photography Canary Wharf London

What an amazing day, I will post more in the coming weeks but time to go hand with the Kids,

talk to you soon,



Could this be my best ever wedding dress photo ?

Very quick one as I am having dinner while at a wedding, just waiting for speeches, but simply could not wait to edit this photo.

Tina my bride for today is a very cool girl, she comes from Melbourne in Australia and found me while planning a wedding in the UK

Having a good look at my blog she saw I have a penchant for wedding dresses and more importantly the photos of wedding dresses.  Since she is from down under they hired a house for the week and when I turned up for the bridal prep there was no where great for the wedding dress photo.  The house they have rented is right on the beach so has no garden space either – it was a bit of a dilemma

I had the idea to take it to the beach and photograph it with the sea in the background, maybe hang it from a palm tree or something, and this is the result

best ever wedding dress photo

right back to work speeches about to start

Trash the Ian Stuart Wedding Dress Session

Nick and Emily Trash the Dress

I often mention to brides about doing a trash the dress session, this is where you create some amazing photos using you wedding dress after the wedding.  When I met up with Nick and Emily whos wedding was 3 months ago – you can see their wedding photos here – Emily said that her dress was far too expensive to do it with and she would hate to trash it – however the seed was sown.

Well at the wedding the dress did get a little dirty and one of the last thing Emily said to me on her wedding day was that she had decided due to how mucky the dress had got, that why not trash it anyway !  I was super excited, if you follow my blog you will know I LOVE Ian Stuart wedding dresses, they are just so beautiful and make brides look like a million dollars.

So thanks to  a very unseasonal end to September and the start of October, we set Sunday the 2nd  as the day to take a dip in the ocean – boy it was cold but once you were in and I count myself in that as I was laying down getting totally covered for the sake of the art 😉  anyway, once your in it was fine,

Emily and Nick sent me an email this morning saying they were so happy they did it, the dress could just hand in the wardrobe or you could turn it into images like that that will adorn your walls forever !

Enjoy – OH by the way I shot a little behind the scenes video which will appear at the end.

trash the dress wedding photography

trash the dress wedding photography

trash the dress wedding photography

trash the dress wedding photography

trash the dress wedding photography

trash the dress wedding photography

pembrokeshire trash the dress photography

And the behind the scenes video



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Rachel and Alister – A Video Message

Rachel and Alister got married yesterday at Mary Magdalen Church in Tanworth in Arden. The couple live in Australia and as some of their friends from around the world could not make it, we shot a quick little message from them – you can make this full screen by hitting the button bottom right hand side of the video window.