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What is this slide show at my wedding all about ?

Hello there,

Its a strange thing but I actually only meet about 25 – 30 % of the people who book me BEFORE the booking takes place, the rest book me based on the website, the blog and after extensive telephone or email conversations – or my soon to be added, pre wedding video conferencing.

The number one thing people ask about is the slideshow, how we do it, who chooses the photos, what equipment we use, how long it takes etc, etc,etc.

So I thought I would take a little time out to tell you a bit more about it.

I am going to use the Wedding of Liz and Hayden as my example, why ? – well it was my last wedding so everything is at hand, plus Liz did a great little video testimonial while Hayden was busy dancing the night away on the dancefloor.

If you look at this photo – completely unedited

wedding photography slideshow

This shows all the equipment we use.  On the floor is an Apple Mac Book Pro computer connected to a travel projector mounted on a Tripod.   The screen is a pop up screen that sits in the little black box you see at the bottom of the screen, we take the box, pop it on the floor, open the feet to stop it falling over and then just pop up the screen – setup time for the screen is around 20 seconds !!!! – putting away is quicker.

While your having your wedding breakfast we set up the laptop, offload (and backup) the photos so far, sort through them and choose around 1– – 150 of them, we then put them into a slideshow program called Iphoto and use this to run the show.  It takes us about an hour to do that so we have plenty of time.

Then just before your first dance we set the screen and projector up (5 mins or less) and run the show – the show typically runs for around 8 – 10 minutes and the DJ normally plays some nice background music.  After the slide show is over it takes us about 60 seconds to move the projector and computer and put away the screen – then its straight into your first dance. – Since EVERYONE wants to see your wedding photos the are in the room watching, so that means when you do your first dance everyone is there.

The photos in the slide show are UN EDITED – they are just as they come out of the camera (apart from a couple converted to b/w)

The slide shows let the couple see the kinds of photos taken of their wedding.  It also lets them choose the photos they would like to use for their thank you cards so when they get back from Honeymoon they are ready.

As you will see from my blog posts, the slide shows have a lot more photos but its more for the bride and groom since they spent months or even years planning the wedding – we shoot a whole range of photos that may not make the blog story but which still have very special memories for the couple.

Below is a video of the slideshow from Lia and Haydens wedding, the quality is not as good as the slideshow on the day as its had to be compressed to get it up online for you.


Untitled from David Purslow on Vimeo.

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Searcy 4030 Wedding Photography At The Gherkin

The Gherkin – Wedding Photography

by Top National Wedding Photographer David Purslow

Quite simply 0ne of the most sought after destinations in London, Searcy 4030 at the top of The Gherkin otherwise known as No.30 St Mary Axe in the City of London.

Couples lucky enough to hold their wedding at the Gherkin are in for a once in a lifetime experience. Offering a unique 360 degree view over The City of London and beyond guests are left speechless upon exiting the elevator on the 38th floor and walking into the the ceremony room.

The Gherkin is a challenging experience for any photographer, with Black Marble floors wall to wall glass and ceilings that extend up around another 40 – 50 feet reflections can be tricky to say the least.

The up side of holding your wedding at the Gherkin is undoubtedly the spectacular backdrop which is quite simply London – You look over The Tower of London, The River Themes, The Shard, Canary Wharf to name but a few.

When choosing your photographer to capture this most special of days, its important to choose one who has experience of this magnificent venue, one who knows exactly which equipment to bring, how to light up the interior to maximize each and every photo opportunity.

We have experience of working with wedding co-ordinators, personal security details etc, We carry 5 million pounds worth of Public Liability and professional indemnity insurance.  I have a current CRB check and was previously Positively Vetted by the Ministry of Defense.  We can offer clients total privacy and exclusivity contracts and are happy to deal with magazine and magazine editors if needed.

We offer an all inclusive wedding photography collections to provide you with total peace of mind, as standard our wedding photography collection includes

  • An Engagement / pre wedding photoshoot
  • DVD of full sized edited master files from your engagement session ready for printing
  • Unlimited Photographic coverage on your wedding day
  • Evening slide show –projected onto huge screen prior to your first dance
  • A Beautiful Story Book Wedding Album including your first featuring your first 75 wedding photographs
  • * Beautiful hand made matted albums are available – we can discuss your specific requirements as needed
  • DVD of FULL SIZED master camera files in beautiful presentation case in both Colour & Black & White
  • DVD Slide show of your wedding album set to your first dance song to play on your TV
  • DVD of your wedding album master print files as backup in case anything happens to your album.
  • An copy of your Album and wedding photographs ready to load onto your Ipad / Laptop
  • Copyright release allowing you unlimited reprints of your wedding photographs from your master DVD files
  • 50 Thank you cards featuring your favorite image from your wedding
  • 12 months SECURE online web-hosting of your wedding photography with a ‘buy-on-line’ option for your guests & relatives
  • All Travel and Accommodation charges included (we arrive in London the day before your wedding to be ready when you want us)


Please view the following photographs from the wedding of Alun and Rachel which took place at The Gherkin recently.

Gherkin wedding photographer

getting married at the gherkin

table plan for the gherkin

wedding overlooking london

getting married at the top of the gherkin

searacy 4030 wedding photography

We are used to guests being bowled over by how beautiful or spectacular the wedding venues look but these guests were just awestruck  – everyone had to take a peek over the edge

wedding guests at search 4030

wedding guests on the 38th floor of the gherkin london uk

wedding guest photos

groom at the gherkin

groom getting ready to get married

bride getting married at the gherkin london

The City Of London Wedding Photogrpahers

civil service at the gherkin london

london uk wedding photographer

wedding photographers london

wedding photographers london

wedding photographers gherkin

searcy 4030 wedding photography

society wedding photographer

views from 4030 london

Alun and Rachael did a sort of receiving line and I took the opportunity to lye-down  on the job and take some wide angle shots and capture the whole of the roof of 4030 / the Gherkin

wedding reception the Gherkin

wedding reception searcys 4030 london

wedding photography at searcys london

While this was going on, Oliver and his staff were transforming the room downstairs for dinner, once it was complete before the wedding party went down for a candle lit dinner over looking the whole of London, I shot a few long exposure photos of the room.

night photo of searcy 4030 london

candle lit wedding reception the gherkin london

cake cutting at the gherkin

couple cutting cake at the gherkin wedding photo

Then it was up stairs for the music and the dancing – I had set up a portable studio and again took some long exposure photographs of the guests on the top floor of the Gherkin – the guests love this.  here are a couple of shots

wedding guests searcys 4030

wedding guest portraits at the gherkin

Gherkin wedding jazz band

first dance at searcy 4030 at the Gherkin London UK

and if you  a regular blog follower of mine you will know I am well known for my reflection shots, I always look out for unusual reflection photos – check this one out – you could only get a shot like this in a round room at somewhere like the Gherkin.

reflection wedding photo at the gherkin london uk

And finally check this one out, this is what I love about the reportage / documentary style of wedding photography, I dont use a lot of lights, I rely on candles, room lights etc to create the magic – I had to add a tiny amount of fill flash to this but I love the fact Alun and Rachael did not know this photo was being taken, it is completely natural

searcy 4030 wedding photography

well thats about it, ALMOST………….

I just wanted to share a few others with you, I didnt know where they fitted in but I love them anyway.

Rachael had the most magnificent flowers for her wedding they were beautiful – here is just one arrangement.  This is a 30 second photo painted with light – pretty cool – great fun to make.

amazing wedding flowers

And I couldn’t resist a shot of me with London in the background ! – as you can see I am looking pretty happy to be in front of the camera

david purslow photographer

The Gherkin, London UK

Black and White photo of The Gherkin London UK

I hop you have enjoyed this look at the most amazing wedding of Rachael and Alun, congratulations to the happy couple.



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bye !