Katie and Simon Wedding Album


As I said in a previous post, I will be updating this blog fairly often. For the past couple of days I have been working on creating another album. Today I finished the wedding album of Katie and Simon.

This was a wedding from summer 07 and was a fantastic affair – Katie and Simon could’nt have picked a better day, the weather was perfect and there wedding was fantastic.

Katie and Simon’s wedding is a lesson on why you should carry backup equipment as when I arrived at the church one of my cameras (I always carry 3 with me) was DOA – Had I only had one or two cameras, I would have worried, 1 would have left me dead in the water, 2 would have left me without a backup incase I dropped the only working camera. As a rule of thumb, I always carry lots of spare equipment. Katie and Simon did not know anything about the DOA camera nor did they need to. I will write more about backup equipment and general equipment you should carry for a wedding in a future post.

Well I hope you enjoy the wedding album slide show.

Again, congratulations to Katie and Simon and thanks for choosing me to be a part of your day.


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Ben and Zena’s Wedding Album

One of the areas I have been improving behind the scenes is how I can showcase albums and photos from weddings. Last year I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of good friends of ours from back up in the midlands. This was a fantastic wedding and was a long day for me. I started photographing Zena at the hair dressers at around 9:00 am and took my last photos around 11:00pm which were the wedding fireworks pictures.

I will be posting up some images from this wedding in the coming days however below you will be able to see the photos used in the wedding album. The way I show the wedding album is one of the things I have been working on so please let me know what you think of it, if it took too long to load etc.

So here it is, my first official post on my blog – and I am delighted that its the wedding album of Ben and Zena.

[…] Ben and Zena’s Wedding Album Preview […]

The Blog starts here

Hello there, If your a returning visitor you will notice some posts have gone, if your a new visitor let me welcome you to my Blog.

For the past few months I have been investing a lot of time into updating my website. My blog was there really just to hold the space until I was ready to launch it, well guess what – The time has come 🙂

From today (February 18th) I shall start to keep my blog up to date, that means I will be posting at least once a week if not more often. A lot of what I end up posting will be wedding and portrait related but I will also post up lots of photos of Joshua, our little boy. The idea of the blog is to explain how I shoot, why I shoot that way, showcase various weddings and portrait sessions and generally keep you up to date on what I have been doing.

I have taken down all the previous posts as, as I said before they were more just to test that the blog was working okay.

I invite you to subscribe (free of charge) to my blog, post comments or just ask questions. During very busy times it may take me a few days to get back to you but stick with it and I hope you get something out of my blog.

For brides wishing to see samples of my work or people thinking about portraits, the Blog will be a great place to keep an eye on, as I will showcase past shoot on here as soon a possible.

Well, thats about it , lets get blogging,

Hope you enjoy it,

David. (dp)