Stunning Wedding at Gellifawr Hotel

As the year comes to an end, December has been a busy month for me. When I woke up today and looked out the window boy was it a shock – We had been forecast wet and windy weather but there was some blue sky and it looked nice.

The wedding today was for a great couple I met almost a year ago, I had to be at my best today as the groom is a newspaper photographer! so I knew I was working under a little pressure.

This was one of two weddings at Gellifawr Hotel I have this month, the next is next week and as always today the staff were fantastic at looking after Nikki (my assistant) and myself.

I have TONS of great images from today and even managed to get the bride and groom to visit Pentre Ifan a famous west Wales landmark for some photos.

Since Robert is a photographer, they opted for my shoot and burn package, this is where I shoot the photos in RAW mode and hand them over on a disk for the couple to make albums, photos etc – My work finishes at the end of the day. Naturally I like to add a few to my blog as the couple may be going away it gives them something to look at quickly before they get back!

As always I try to try a few new things out each time I shoot a wedding but only in little go’s so not to eat into my couples time if it does not work out properly – they never know when I am doing something different but its the best way to grow as a photographer, actually doing something new each time and trying something outside your comfort zone. – more on that later.

So lets start the day,

I like to get establishing shots from all the weddings, this normally is the wedding dress, details, shoes, makeup etc – Today I arrived late (not late for my booking but at the time I was requested to arrive) but later in the day so the makeup had all been done. The bride’s maids were looking like princesses and the bride was just about to put on her dress so I grabbed a quick shot of it hanging up. The bridal party had 2 rooms and about 10 people getting ready so space was at a premium. The background is a little bit busy here but one thing I TRY never to do is MOVE a wedding dress – have you seen how much they cost? I would hate to drop it, walk on it or something!

Today’s dress was amazing, the details just popped right out.

While Jo, the bride was putting her dress on, I went outside and shot a venue shot and also looked up and saw the bridesmaids up at the window.

Then it was into the room to grab a few shots of the room the wedding would take place in.

then it was quickly upstairs to get the finishing off of the bride as she got dressed. I shot a few pics here and shot a wide (BTS) behind the scenes shot of how I was lighting the photo – I do this as I post on photographers forums and its useful to be able to post ‘this is how I did this shots’ when people ask how you light certain photos.

Here is the bts photo followed by the shot I seconds later once the vail had be fitted

Once the bride is ready, the day really fly’s by in a blur, the wedding, the reception and by then I am heading out the door. Here are a few highlights from the rest of the day.

One of my favorite shots at all weddings is the look of the groom around 10 minutes before the wedding is due to start, something happens about then the grooms seems to tune the world out and go off to some place deep inside their own heads and have a look something like ‘Oh, I AM getting married today…..’ I have seen this look in EVERY groom this year without fail – its a classic look and a shot I always try to capture.

Here is Robert standing at the isle waiting for his bride.

The the brides arrives and the wedding is underway.

After the wedding is over the party retreated into the rest of the hotel for a few drinks and break while the room was setup. Being almost Christmas time the drinks were carefully chosen.

Then it was outside for some fun in the sun shots. Yes this was a December wedding, and yes this was a winter wedding but the conditions were perfect. The sky was blue and the sun was out, Yes that caused me a little problem but apart from that it was a perfect day for a wedding.

and we even got a GREAT confetti shot today – perfect

and a big group shot of the whole wedding – babbies included !

After this, we left the guests to the bar and we drove off to Pentre Ifan to shoot some photos by the monument.

The following shots is my playing shot for today, I mixed in some video light with natural light and balanced the camera for tungsten light – this made the rocks and the sky cold and blue but the bride and groom leap out at you, that and a fantastic pose from the couple.

and this shot, I love this shot.

Then it was back to the venue for the cutting of the cake, and OH BOY what a cake

and last but not least a detail shot – the rings

Oh, when I say last photo, its true but when I was looking thru the images again I saw this photo of Sam. I think this is my favorite photo of 2008 from a wedding. As I am sure you know if you stalk my blog, I keep talking about ‘the boy’ that would be Joshua Nikki (my wife not my assistant – too many nikki’s) and my son. From time to time I see something we just have to get and today I saw the BEST thing I have ever seen – A baby dinner jacket, tie and dress shirt.

Sam is the man and he is a super cool dude.

Jo, remember to let me know where you got that outfit, I just HAVE to get one for the boy.

Well thats it, that all for today, I hope you enjoyed the photos. Only one more wedding this year to go, thats next weekend so until the



David Purslow
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Stunning South Wales Wedding – Pembrokeshire

Details to follow but I wanted to get pics up before the bride and groom left for honeymoon !

Church – Burton Church, Burton Pembrokeshire
Reception Venue – The Beggars Reach, Burton, Pembrokeshire

The Couple – Louise and Martin

The weather – Perfect !

And as always, a very special thank you to Nikki, my very hard working assistant.

WOW what a testimonial ! – worth reading if you can get thru it

Hello there, David here from

Okay, some mad ramberlins here from me for a minute. I dont know if you have seen the movie Bicentennial man with Robin Williams – if not GO GET IT and watch it. The movie is sort of a reflection of my personal inner feelings and boils down to a ‘person’ wanting to leave a mark on the earth.

The greatest pleasure I ever get out of working is when I hand over my work to clients and see the reaction. I get phone email, letters and phone calls, as I did last night from one bride who received 4 albums in the post, she had ordered 4 coppies, I forgot one 🙁 but thats being addressed as we speak. When I work with my clients most of it is done via phone and email – I actually only get to meet about 60% before the wedding itself. The second I answered the phone I knew the bride had received her album, you can just tell in the voice ! – she was over the moon !

Because of our location, being one of the wedding photographers in Pembrokeshire lots of my brides come from the London area or the South of England. I get phone calls saying we are getting married in Pemrokeshire or I am getting married in West Wales etc, that means I do most of my previewing via slide shows and show clients album designs and invite them to make changes. I dont often get to hand over albums in person and see the reaction in person.

Yesterday a bride stopped by the house to pick up some photos, this was actually a local couple from a couple of towns away. I was in Cardiff working so Nikki my darling wife looked after Sian and Simon. Today I received a fantastic email which I will post later, they are stacking up at the moment ! which is great for me.

So back to the movie and back to my feelings – I told you this would be a ramberling! – I have had many jobs but NONE, not a single one gives you the satisfaction you get from being a wedding photographer. I dont shoot weddings because its quick cash or because there is nothing else to shoot. I actually was a pretty successful press photographer shooting concerts and sports as well as ‘spot news’ It was great but left me feeling like I was just working. As I get older I want to feel my life has touched others and other people benefit from meeting me – do you know what I mean ?

Well that’s why I choose to shoot weddings, I sought out shooting weddings and I love shooting weddings and portraits.

Its moments like these (below) that bring it all home to me why it is SO VERY IMPORTANT for me to continue to do what I do. I will honestly hand on my heart tell you that this email is worth more to me than the £1600.00 this couple paid for there wedding photography. I have all my testimonials printed out and pinned up on my wall or in folders – I look at them pretty much each time before I go shoot a wedding as it reminds me of the trust the couples put in my hands.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I dont take photos, I create memories – Photography is a passion for me, what I do comes from the heart and I get an emotional connection with my clients on there wedding day. – Its not a job, its not work, Its passion of life.

Anyway I think you get exactly what this testimonial means to me – and I know for years and years, even If I were to die tomorrow a little bit of me will live on in each album and each smile my photos invoke each time people look at them.


The testimonial – this testimonial belongs to THIS ALBUM

Hi David!

Wow! Amazing! Wonderful! are just a few words to express our joy at the album – and by the way you owe me a man size box of Kleenex! I am absolutely thrilled and overjoyed at the preview album. When I opened the slideshow up on Sunday (which also happened to be Ian’s birthday – good timing eh!) and heard our song playing with the most amzing photos, I just wept. You know we could’nt have our song played at the wedding and the reasons why and to hear it and look at the album just overwhelmed me – even Ian had a tear in his eye! I’ve lost count of how many times since then we’ve looked at it and I just can’t wait until our friends and family visit just so I can show them and get their reaction too!

I know I’ve said this before but you truely are an amazing person and photographer. You have a very unique talent and anybody who has the luck and good fortune to work with or to know you are truely blessed. Thank you so much for all your hard effort in producing what is to us wonderful memories of our special day. Keep snapping!

Love to you and your family

Angela & Ian x x x x x x x x x x x x You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!

Just a simple bridal portrait

Hello there, David here again from

I posted a little earlier the wedding album of Angela and Ian well as often happens on my blog, I have to post something else to move is down a little to take it away from the margin.

I was exchanging emails earlier with one of my brides from a wedding I shot earlier this year. She is popping over the house tomorrow to pick up some photos. Unfortunately I wont be here but Nikki my lovely wife will be here to take care of the hand over. I love to see the reaction of people when they look at my photos, I always get a HUGE kick out of the way people react. Sian and Simon picked a fantastic image as a HUGE 12×18 inch black and white print and its that one I wanted to see the reaction of.

The original post can be found HERE

But while I was looking through the photos looking for the picture they picked I came across this one, its one of bridal portraits I shot of Sian in the Honeymoon suite of the hotel. Nikki (not my wife but my assistant – I seem to be surrounded by Nikki’s – I even have an ante Nikki who is YOUNGER than me !) – go figure. Anyway back to the story, Nikki my assistant is holding an off camera light for me and is to my right. I put this version of the photo thru some software that creates a ‘glamour look’ to the photos.

Hope you like, thanks for stopping by



David Purslow
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The Wedding of Angela and Ian

Hello there, David here from

before I start, Just a little plug – 2009 dates are getting filled quite quickly, if your interested in using my services for your wedding please contact me sooner rather than later !

Okay, If your a frequent visitor to my blog you may remember MONTHS ago I shot a wedding that in my write up I said if it could go wrong it did, but I also said that bride and groom made the day what it was and that was a great time for all there guests and themselves. Angela and Ian hammered home the fact that your wedding day is what you make it, nothing but nothing stopped them having a great wedding and I am proud to say I am OVER THE MOON with the album – visit the original blog post HERE to see what I am talking about.

I should point out that on this day it pissed down with rain ALL DAY LONG and when I say it pissed, boy it really bucketed it down – that’s why you will see only a couple of shots outside – again if you read my original post the wedding reception venue is a magnificent old manor house but had green carpet, green wall paper and green ceilings and was about as dark as they come so from my point of view it was an very very challenging day !

The other thing I should point out is that I don’t finish albums in the order I shoot them and by that I mean if I shoot your wedding first and then another wedding a few weeks later, it does not follow that your wedding album will be done first – the reason for this is each wedding album is (in my opinion) a work of art ! – I cant churn them out one after the other and I have to be in the right mindset for each wedding. I often work on 2 or 3 weeding albums in a single day but the albums take me several weeks to produce the first draft ! I get the feel for how the album will look on the day but then when looking over the photos – If my mood that day is not conducive with creating your album, I work on another – Music, Foods, Weather, Joshua etc all effect my creative mood – I have been really cranking out the albums over the last few weeks as I have been listening to a lot of Celion Dion, Katherine Jenkins etc – I love this time of year, music flows from all different sources and it really gets my juices flowing !

Angela and Ian’s album is what I call a one hit wonder – This album has not changed one bit from my initial layout to the final version – Angela and Ian were thrilled with the layout and design of the album the moment they saw it so all I had to do was polish it a little. – More about polishing albums in a few days.

Here is the album for you to enjoy !

[…] The testimonial – this testimonial belongs to THIS ALBUM […]