Just received a great comment from bride and groom

Wow, what a way to end off 2008

On the 20th of December I shot the wedding of Matt and Rebecca you can view the preview shots here, well I just received this from them as the got back from the honeymoon.

One of the reasons I started the blog was for just this reason, to give couples someting to temp them with and to remind them of there special day while away on honeymoon, it sets the mind at rest that the pics came out okay.

I get a lot of comments like this but have never put them up on the blog until someone asked me for testimonials.

I recently posted up a great testimonial and will continue with them as they come in.

Okay off to watch The Great Escape and see in the new year with my honey, so see you all next year !

Ciao – dp

Matts Email Below

Hi David,

Having just got back from a wonderful week on Honeymoon in Cancun, we have found some internet access and checked out the blog…the photos you have put on look amazing and already are sparking memories of the day…thankyou also for the ‘portrait’ of bec with the rose, she loves that photo too. We can’t wait to see all your images. Oh by the way, you have probably heard this before but our guests really liked the slideshow, both as a concept and the photos you showcased, feel free to quote me on that for future couples who are thinking about booking you.

We both hope you had a well deserved few days off over christmas, and have a happy new year!

Speak soon

Matt & Bec

Josh’s Last Picture of 2008

Hey there, I have been working away most of the day on the wedding album of Zoey and Alex a fantastic couple whos wedding I shot earlier this year.  A few minutes ago Nikki came in with Joshua to say good night as it was his bedtime.  Since it was December 31st I grabbed a camera lying on the side of my desk and took his last photo of 2008.

Here is the boy in all his glory !

Joshua David Purslow December 31st 2008


Happy New Year to you all

Hello there, David here from www.davidpurslow.com

Ahhh it’s been nice having a few days off however all good things must come to an end just as 2008 will end at midnight tonight.

This morning I have been looking over the stats of my blog and my website for the festive period and following Christmas day (62 unique website visitors and 44 unique blog visitors) the traffic levels have been UP quite a bit – I am guessing a few of you got a nice diamond ring for Christmas.  Well congratulations to you if you did.

Today as I said I am back at work, I will be concentrating over the next couple of weeks on finishing albums from my 2008 weddings and gearing up for my 2009 season to start in February.  Over the next few weeks or so I also INTEND (hope it will happen) to completely re do my website and my blog to whole new look and feel.

I also know that 2009 is going to be a challenging year for a lot of people out there so I am introducing a couple of new packages that will be aimed at couples who want quality photography whilst keeping costs down also, the packages will include all the photography coverage and a few photos with options to build albums at a later date or to purchase digital negatives so you can build your own albums.

My main prices are going up a little for 2009 as I am cutting the number of wedding I can shoot down to offer my customers the very best possible service I can and again more details of that will be coming along soon.

I will also be introducing a Bridal Registry for Photography to help couples who may already be established in a home actually get something that they will LOVE and CHERRISH forever, the best possible wedding albums and photography money can buy.  The registry is up and running already, this was how I spent my boxing day! – well that and eating Turkey and going to a football match!  If you would like to use the bridal registry for your wedding photography please let me know at registry@davidpurslow.com

This post is a little like my business plan for 2009 and in that respect I want you to know I am going to be concentrating on not only shooting Pembrokeshire weddings or weddings in west Wales but will be looking at more weddings all over the country.  In 2008 I shot weddings in Birmingham, Worcester, Cardiff, Swansea as well as weddings all over West Wales.   I am going to be introducing my Destination wedding Package for next winter, December 09, January, February and March 2010 – This will be at the amazing price of FREE OF CHARGE FOR PHOTOGRAHY – that’s right to launch my destination wedding package off, the first 3 destination weddings that qualify I will shoot for free, all you need to do is pay for me to get there and put me up – I will include all the digital negatives free of charge but if you require an album we can work it out !  So if you’re planning a wedding somewhere nice and hot in December 09 or Jan/Feb./mar 2010 drop me an email to destinations@davidpurslow.com and let’s talk turkey!

Okay, off to work on the remaining albums of 08 – talk to you soon.

Have a GREAT new years eve and see you next year!

Ciao for now


David Purslow
0759 007 6666

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

Hey everyone Thanks for stopping by the website and checking out my blog.  2008 has been an amazing year for me personally, I have met so many fantastic couples made new friends, it really has been a privilege for me to be a part of so many of your weddings and it’s a role I take very seriously.

I am turning off the computer for a few days to spend Christmas with my lovely wife and the boy so if you drop me an email it will take me a few days to get back to you, if you phone me, just leave me a message and I will get back to you.

If you just got engaged over Christmas and are looking for a photographer – dont worry I will be back in a few days but in the meantime, CONGRATULATIONS you have just taken the first steps on the most exciting journey of your life so far and one I can hopefully be a part of.  Enjoy the time between your engagement and your wedding, it goes by so fast – Weddings are such great fun to plan (they can be a pain in the ass sometimes too from a planning point of view but what would I know, i’m a guy and my wife did ALL of ours) and as the time gets closer to your big day the excitment bulids – embrace it and enjoy it.

It’s my intention to re do my website over the xmas break but won’t hold my breath that will be completed before the middle of January as I still have 5 albums to complete from 2008 also.

There are a few surprises coming in 2009 in terms of what I am going to be up to and the information that is going to be on my website so stay tuned.

So all it leaves me to do is thank you from the bottom of my heart for making 2008 such a great year for David Purslow Photography and for making 2008 such a great year for my whole family.  I should also thank you for making it possible for me to have the greatest job in the world because if it was not for you guys, then there would be no need for me as a photographer.

Take care, god bless and see you soon,



The Wedding of Mathew and Rebecca Reception at Gellifawr

Hello there, David here from www.davidpurlsow.com

The wedding of Mathew and Rebecca took place at St Peters church in goodwick nr Fishguard with the wedding reception at Gellifawr Hotel.

As my blog grows and the number of images on it grows also, I have decided to split the pages down, what that means is below the first two photos is a link where you have to click to see the rest of the photos, I am simply putting the blog entry on its own page. I will do this from now on as it makes it quicker for you guys to look around.

I am going to start off with one of the must have photos from all weddings – The dress shot.

and I am going to jump a little, the second photo is a shot I wanted to shoot as soon as I walked into the brides bedroom. On her wall was an amazing canvas photo of a rose opening up. I knew the contrast between the rose and the bride would make for a great photo and asked the bride just to look over her shoulder at the camera. I had a little light off to the left of me to light up the rose and the light on the bride was from the windows directly behind me. – I think this is a stunning bridal portrait shot.

As stated above – to see the rest of the images click here CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL POST