WANTED – Married Brides with a really nice dress !!!

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Trash the dress sample images from a live trass the dress session in Swansea, South Wales

Okay, this is a bit of a strange request – I am URGENTLY seeking a couple of  adventurous recently married brides who have amazing dresses that are up for a bit of TTD – Thats Trash The Dress – and yes thats what will end up happening.

The idea behind Trash The Dress is that your wedding dress gets worn once – you then put it away and keep it forever (I konw Nikki has hers safely tucked away upstairs)

WHAT A WASTE of the most amazing dress you will ever wear ! – What I am looking to do is take you out for a days photography in your dress – the location is in and around the Cardiff Area (Wales UK) First off we will shoot some really nice high fashion shots in and around the city centre etc, we may visit some cafe’s etc or just stop traffic by doing a photoshoot right in the middle of the main road ! – then we will head off to the beach where we will shoot some amazing photos of you (and if he’s up to it – your partner) in the sea, on the beach, on the rocks etc.  Your dress will end up ‘Trashed’

HOWEVER you will also end up with a collection of amazing photos (WORKS OF ART) that will show off your dress much more than keeping it in a box in the Atic.

In return for your time, I will provide you with

  1. DVD of all the key photos from the shoot fully touched up and made to look amazing – set to Music
  2. 1 x 16×20 inch print of your choice
  3. 10 8×10 or 8×12 inch or A4 photos
  4. CD of websized images suitable for the likes of Facebook etc or just to email around

I will also provide all the transportation needs (I am looking for brides in Wales or the Bristol area), feed you and ply you with tea, coffee and a huge drink after its all over.

To see examples of the kind of images I want to shoot on the beach etc, visit this online gallery from lots of different amazing photographers This will open in a new window for you.

The two image below is a typical example of what I am looking to shoot in the city center, they were  shot during my recent trip to Venice where I attended the Yervant Workshop on creating beautiful bridal portraits.


If this sounds interesting to you and you want to create some amazing art with your wedding dress, works that will hang on your walls for all to see day after day then drop me an email – my email address is David@davidpurslow.com – you can do that by clicking here if you like

Please include some of your wedding photographs so I can see your dress.

Hope to be shooting you soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – I have an AMAZING LOCATION picked out already all I need now is an ‘up for it’ bride and groom (groom optional 🙂

Take care, thanks for stopping by –



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My favorite page is the new gallery, something I worked on for days to get right, I hope you enjoy.

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Lynne (the make-up lady)March 7, 2009 - 3:29 pm

David, this is the most fantastic gallery. I loved the music with the photographs. They brought a lump to my throat and tear to my eye. Look forward to peeking in at your work regularly. Brilliant. Congratulations on a great website.

Joshua’s First time playing in the Snow

Hello there, I know I have not updated in a while, I have been really busy with the Tax Return and finihsing off last years albums – just 2 to go now ! – Had a great meeting today with a prospective bride for 2010 and had time to play today.

Getting snow pictures just right is pretty hard, I shot the following pictures in manual mode after metering the light with a light meter – I use the Sekonic 758D, its a little on the expensive side at around £420.00 but for tricky lighting situations its MUCH better than in camera metering.

If you look at the pictures below and you find that you cant see detail in the snow its probably the fact your monitor is too bright.  My digital workflow is colour calibrated and my monitors are checked each week to make sure the images I work on are exactly they way I see them.

Generally when you shoot a snowy photo on a ‘point and shoot’ camera or if you use a digital SLR (DSLR) there built in meter compensates for the snow and under exposes the photo, you can pull it back but shooting it right produces more more pleasing results.

So his morning we awoke to find snow on the ground – at 8 am we were out playing in it ! – what you may also find strange is that I used off camera flash to light these photos – if you look at number 5 you can see a shadow where I caught Joshua’s hand mid flight – by using additional light (off camera) you can define your photos, you can create shape and depth to them and make them look much better than just snapshots.

Here is a pic, there are 10 in total – to see them all, follow the link below this picture



Hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed making them.

Remember I am available for Lifestyle Portraits right across Wales as well as weddings with portraits sittings from only £75.00

Talk soon,



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MEApril 20, 2009 - 2:13 pm

my how he grows aand to think he will soon be big bruvver

What a perfect start to the day!

Hello there, dp here from www.davidpurslow.com

There is something very special about being a wedding photographer especially in a small community like Pembrokeshire, I constantly bump into people I met at this wedding or that wedding and people always stop me and say hi, its great.

Then there are the weddings from couples further afield, in 2008 I shot 30 weddings and of those 40 % were for brides who live outside of Pembrokeshire and over 30 % were for brides that live in England.  Lots of brides return to Pembrokeshire to get married, it is a special part of the country and makes for amazing memories and fantastic photos.

So what made today so special ?  Well when I got to my computer this morning there was a great email from one of my couples from last year.  The email was from Matt and Anna who live London way but who got married this way.  I only met then a few days before the wedding and everything was done online which is pretty normal for me with brides from further afield.  Well the email is below but it just made for the perfect start to the day and reminded me why I do this.

Wedding photography is MUCH more than just a job for me, I am very passionate about it and make connections with my couples, some are stronger than others but generally I end up making friends with my clients rather than just getting paid and being on my way.

So shortly before I sent off Matt and Anna’s album I heard she had has a baby,  I knew we had to send them a little something for the baby, Nikki went out and got a lovely little outfit for Sophie and we put it in with the album and sent it off.

Now at this stage I would like to point out –  these guys live a million miles away from me in London or about 5 hours away  – so I dont think they will ever be baby portrait clients, I dont think they will be getting married again and I dont think family portraits are on the cards so why send them something ?   Some of my photographer friends ask me from time to time why I do things like that, they see it as wasted marketing  – I tell them I dont do it as marketing I do it because its nice ! – it makes me feel good, I really liked the couple and well its what nice people do.

Here is the letter –

Hi David

I’m really sorry we’ve been so rubbish at getting back to you. The intention is to send a proper thankyou card, but life with a baby is delaying things!

We are SO pleased with our album.It is perfect, and I keep looking at it and thinking what a great day it was and what a great record of it to look at in years to come.I’m glad we went for the coffee-table style album. I’ve shown it to lots of people and they all agree it’s brilliant. Thankyou SO much. The choice of photos is fab and the colours too …what more can I say?! Tomorrow I’m even going to take it to show my hairdresser as my hairstyle looks good, especially the ones showing the back of my head!

We were also really touched  that you sent a present for Sophie.She will definitely be wearing it soon as she’s growing fast. After an awful labour, we have been given a really good baby! Phew! I’m not too sleep deprived and enjoying spending time with her and watching her change …it’s really amazing.Matt is a fantastic Dad and Sophie is really his little girl. I attach two photos taken ten days ago.She’s a cutie!

I think we owe you some money and we’ll get back to you about ordering some separate photos.

I hope your wife’s pregnancy is proceeding smoothly and that you are all well.

Will be in touch and thankyou SO much again!!! We are very happy that we chose you to photograph our wedding day.

Lots of love Anna x Matt and Sophie!

Thanks guys, thanks much.

Baby Alex

Hello peeps, David here from www.davidpurlsow.com

As you may know if you stalk my blog, a few weeks ago my wife threw a little party for Christmas for a few of Joshua’s friends.  Naturally I took a few pictures and posted them up here.  I also put all the pics up on a password protected gallery (as I do for all my clients) and let the mothers & fathers choose pics for xmas presents on Nikki and I

I have just been working on the files for the lab but wanted to share one with you, this is Baby Alex, a few week old.  The picture itself was the most simple of pictures to take, the only ‘photographer’ thing I had to do was position Mum (the shoulder you can see in the pic) in the right light.  In our dining room we have HUGE patio windows that face south (north would be better) but on this day it was cloudy and overcast so the light coming in thru these windows was great.  I asked ‘mum’ to stand about 2 feet from the window with her facing away away from the light but with the soft natural light falling on baby Alex.  I shot this image  using a Nikon 50mm F1.4 lens at F2.0  I was about 1.5 meters away from them at baby Alex’s head height.  To focus, I focused on his eye and then recomposed the shot. – Converted to Black and white using Adobe Photoshop and Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro plugin.


Ciao  dp


As you can see I am still working out the best size and way to brand images, I will clean up the blog soon – honest !


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