The Wedding of Eva and Rhys

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Last Saturday I had the the honor to photograph the wedding of Eva and Rhys.  Evan and Rhys had visited me a few days before and we went thru exactly what they wanted and worked out a plan of action for the day especially if the weather turned bad – lucky for us we just managed to get all the photos done just before the rains started.

This was my the first of my weddings at Tyglyn Aeron Hotel which is only 5 minutes from Aberaeron in the heart of Ceredigion, Ceredigionshire this year and its a great location for weddings with tons of space and great grounds in which to shoot photos.


Normally its not till after the couples have recevied their photos etc that you start to get recomendations from them, however about 3 weeks ago I booked another wedding for another great couple who were recommended to me by Eva and Rhys – Thanks guys.

I turned up early to shoot the establishing shots of the venue.  Following this I headed up to the Brides room to shoot the bridal preparation shots.  Bridal prep photos are some of my favorites as its pretty good fun watching the bride suddenly realize she is getting married in a short while, it always happens and its great to photograph.

Here are a few of Eva getting ready.



Part of the fun of the bridal preperation is people watching – Bridesmaids always seem transfixed watching the bride going through her transformation, here a couple of Eva’s bridesmaids are watching Eva from a distance – I snagged these shots using a longer lens which allows me to stand off from the action and just capture what is happening around.


In the following few shots, Eva and her mum are both having their hair done.



Details are always important to photograph when your shooting a wedding.  The following couple of shots help tell the story of the morning, the makeup all over the floor tells its own story while the picture of the beautiful little bridesmaids dress is so cute.


I was lucky at this wedding that the groom (Rhys) was getting ready just a few doors down the hallway.  Here are a few pictures of the groom and his two best men chillin just before they headed off downstairs for the wedding.





Then I rushed back to get a few shots of the bride getting her wedding dress on, naturally these shots are for the couple only but here are a few shots just after Eva climbed into her dress – Pic 1 the back of the dress is being tied – pic 2 is mum just adding the finishing touches.



From here we jump right to the wedding, in the next couple of shots Eva is being walked down the isle by her dad and I snag a shot of the back of the dress.  – These were the last shots I was allowed to take using flash until after the service was completed.


The venue has a great location for the couples to get married in however it causes photographers a nightmare – the wedding takes place in a huge bay window – the problem is its south facing and with windows from floor to ceiling the couple is totally back lit causing silhouette – the only option for a photographer here is open up the f stop and allow the background to blow out but loose parts of the couple.  This is where a photographer starts to earn his money, these are the shots that matter, get them wrong and you loose the wedding photos.


Here Rhys is putting the ring on Eva’s finger


I LOVE THIS PHOTO – Eva lost it a little while saying her vows – priceless photo.


Eva’s sister giving a reading


Eva’s mum giving a reading

Following the wedding the couple signs the register (still in a backlit situation) but I am now allowed to use flash.  Here is a posed photo of the couple after the signing is over.


Then its outside for the confetti shot and the group photos,  Since there were a lot of group photos I have decided not to show any incase I miss someone out and piss someone off !


But I am going to post a photo of everyone !


The two best men helped me out with the group photos so its only fair I show a picture of my two new hero’s – here with Rhys


Since I was only at the wedding for a couple of hours, I set up a ‘artistic’ cutting of the cake photo – this sounds so much better than a fake cutting of the cake photo. – Again the cake was placed in the space where the wedding took place so was very heavily back lit.



Last but not least are a couple of photos of Eva and Rhys, we shots these while their guests were getting ready for the wedding breakfast.  We had about 10 minutes in which to shoot our bride and groom formals – it was just starting to spit with rain here but with cleaver use of the camera you can make a winters day look like a summer afternoon !



I just wish to say Congratulations to Eva and Rhys, and thanks for choosing me to be part of your day.  Hope you like your picutres and thanks for the dinner invite, I am only sorry I could not take you up on it.




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Quick sneek peak ! Eva & Rhys’s Wedding

Hello there,  david here, just a very quick update, will post full preview in the next few days – just wanted to share a couple with you from today wedding.

Today I shot the wedding Eva and Rhys, the weather today was not great but we pulled off some great shots outside and I am really please with the way they came out.  This was my first of my weddings at Tyglyn Aeron Hotel this year.  I am OVER the moon with the pictures of the actual service itself because its a really hard location to shoot at – the wedding takes place in a really nice bay window area however its very heavly backlit by the sun and today the only time the sun actually came out was during the actual wedding.  In the UK (for our American viewers) you are NOT allowed to use flash during the service so I had to shoot the whole service  with the couple standing against this really strong back light – I decided that I would open up the shutter and ‘blow out’ the background totally and yes I knew I would loose part of the bride and groom but there was nothing else I could do – the results however look amazing in my humble opinion.

In the shot, Eva was delivering her vows and got all emotional – here she is  wiping  a tear away……


And in this shot, we were outside just shooting a few of Rhys and Eva while the guests were getting ready for the wedding breakfast – it had just started to spit with rain, it was really cold and very windy – I love the way with careful use of the camera you can magic all that away and make it look like a perfect summers day 🙂


As I said before, I will post more in the next day or so, this was just a BREAKING FLASH – sneek peek



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Mothers Day Portrait with a difference

Hello there, David here from

On Mothers day I got up early to take care of ‘THE BOY’ while Nikki stayed in bed for a while to catch up on her beauty sleep.  Being all super organized and everything I had totally forgot to get Nikki a card or make one with Joshua – so at around 7am on mothers day the boy and me were downstairs pain in hand (actually on his hands) we made mummy a card.  About an hour later Nikki came downstairs and we had breakfast, following breakfast we went upstairs and stripped the bed – yes this is all leading somewhere……

Well the boy had a bath since he had blue hands etc and we were going to take mummy out for the day, following his bath I popped him on the bed wrapped in in his towel and put on Iggle Piggle on the TV for him – I left the room for a few minutes and when I got back  I almost fell over – The boy had made full use of the pillows and grabbed anything at hand was was looking like he was having the time of his life – I ran downstairs to grab my camera (yes the fat boy can run if he needs to) and snapped this picture before he saw me and the moment was lost.

Classic mothers day portrait


Just wanted to share



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TimApril 12, 2009 - 12:56 am

David – not viewed the blog for some weeks !! – Love the changes and some really great new pictures


Pembrokeshire Baby Portraits – Bronwyn by David Purslow

Hello there, David here from – As you may well know (unless you just found this post by a search engine) I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

This post is about why I shoot portraits the way I do as why I try to get what the family wants and what they dont ask for also – I have put in in the photo tips section to help others shooting family portraits or kids portraits and dont want to to come across as big headed but want it to be informational as well as a great story.

I actually shot these portraits a few weeks ago but was saving them till just after Mothers day for obvious reasons 😉  These baby portraits break one of the fundermental rules of baby portrait photography – the one about dont take photos of babies iwth fingers in their mouths.  The shoot is for a local couple who wanted 3 or 4 baby portraits to go alongside some portraits of their eldest which they had done years ago (not by me)

My brief was they wanted square portraits or shots that could be cropped square so I shot a lot of pictures in all sorts of different crops – The customer is always right in my eyes but I also think they may want something that they had not thought about.  Whenever I go for a portrait session, be it in Pembrokeshire, anywhere in West Wales or even as far away as Swansea, Cardiff ( south wales ) or Bristol,  I always make sure the very first thing I shoot is exactly   what the couple wants and has asked for.

With baby portraits time is one of the most important considerations as babies dont have a great attention span unless they are asleep.  I set up my lights, took a few test shots and made sure I was happy before the baby even saw the camera then we started shooting – total shoot time was less than 20 minutes and that included a change because the baby had been sick.

So going back to my brief :-

  • Baby Portraits – just the baby without siblings or parents
  • Square to fit into frame to match existing photos
  • Black and White or sepia tone
  • Mainly head shot style portraits
  • Natural in style

So this is the kind of stuff I shot first


Then once we were happy and we had the key shots I suggest we shoot a few in a little more ‘arty’ fashion and style.  As you can see the difference is minor, the light is a little more contrasty in the next two photos, we pull pack a little, get a little more free space around the scene and even try something in colour



Then came the magic……………..

As ‘dad’ picked up Bronwyn to move her, I persuaded dad to let me shoot ‘just a few pictures of him carrying the baby – total time to shoot this portion was less than 100 seconds – I switched to my favorite portrait lens – The Nikon 135mm F2.0 (amazing portrait lens) and shot a few ‘intimate portraits’ of a dad with his pride and joy.

So why is this the magic – the shot is priceless – It prefectally captures the tenderness of the baby and the strength of the dad – Dad looks great because he did not think he was going to be in any of the shots had not shaved and this adds to the photo.  Bronwyn had just looked right down the lens and the lights off the the left of the picture were picked up perfectly in her eyes.

This is the ‘MONEY SHOT’  This is a HUGE canvas print waiting to happen, this is the print every dad in the world would want and is probably my favorite of the day, mum and dad have already told me they fell in love with this photo and remember this is exactly the shot they had not asked for.

As a photograher you have to get the shots your clients ask for, as a professional portrait photographer you have to think a little outside of what they have asked for and first and foremost make sure you do exactly what they want before you start playing…………..remember if I had messed up all these shots, I would still have a happy client because they got square b/w portraits they asked for – they also got a huge bonus and love them.

Oh, here is the money shot.


Hope you like, if you do why not post a comment !

Take care



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A special Portrait – Julie by David Purslow

Hi there – David here from – Wedding and Portrait photographer covering South Wales, West Wales and Pembrokeshire.

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of shooting a very special portrait – Julie had called me and requested my services for a portrait of herself  for a very special occasion.  We met up a couple of days later and shot a whole host of shots on the grounds of Haverfordwest Castle.

Julie was delighted with her photos and ordered a copy of every single one on CD and also ordered 17 Prints – This is one of my favorites from the day

Thank you Julie




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