A few short words that make me very happy

Hey guys,

One of the best parts of my job actually comes once the photograhy is finished, sometimes days or weeks later.  This morning I received a very short  email from one of my brides from a couple of weeks ago. – The email was short and sweet but the impact of the words was the same, my heart was lifted and I have had a smile on my face all morning.

Here is the email which by the way is from Claire from the Claire and Philip wedding at Slebech Park that I posted yesterday – you can see the actual blog post by clicking here

Amazing, awesome, fantastic, you are a genius!! Needless to say I love the photos on the blog!!

Told you it was short and sweet but the effect is still the same



Trash the Dress or Simply Stunning Bridal Portraits ?

Morning guys,

I always love to get brides or clients comments and there is no better way to start a Monday Morning with a mailbox full of them.  I woke up after finally getting to bed last night at nearly 4 AM after working on some great wedding pictures for Claire and Philip.

So bleary eyed I sat down this morning and opened my email and found this.

Hi David

everyone we have shown the photos to just love them, my friends came over for lunch today and thought id been and done a shoot for a magazine! The one on the rocks and the sexy ones seem to be the favourites they are fantastic though.
look foward to seeing the finished piccies


So as I often do I wanted to see the work thru the eyes of my clients so went back and had another look – I soon found myself playing with one of Tina’s photo’s from her Trash the Dress session in Swansea South Wales and before I knew it I had created a little poster.

I thought I would share that with you


You can see more of Tina’s pictures by clicking HERE



The Wedding of Claire and Philip Steynton Church & Slebech Park

Hello there, David (dp)  here from www.davidpurslow.com – I always start these blog posts like this because so many of you find these via search engines and miss my website out ! – I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Wales but am available for weddings anywhere in the UK.

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of Claire and Philip.  Until the day before the wedding I had not met the couple but I was invited to a BBQ at Slebech Park – The venue for the reception following the wedding.  The couple and guests had taken over Slebech Park as its a great destination for remote weddings down here in the West of Wales.

Claire and Philip booked me over the internet and following a few conversations on the phone.  Attention to detail was high on Clair’s list 🙂 and they provided me with great information.  As I said before I would like to thank them both for the invite to the BBQ – apart from the great food, I got to meet lots of their friends which made the whole day go a lot smoother.

Okay onto the big day itself.  I arrived bright and early in the morning to get all the preparation shots.  I love bridal preparation shots as you will know if you are a blog stalker – I also love it when the groom is at the same location and I get to photograph the preparation of both parties, that way the groom does not feel left out.

Claire the bride (in the yellow top) was pretty cool all morning, I don’t think I have seen a bride so prepared and laid back (which her friends pointed out is not like Claire – with a smile on their face) – I don’t know about any of that but all I can say is she was totally chilled and a real pleasure to be around.


In this shot again from the bridal preparation you can see Claires dress in the background, I moved it to get a good shot of it as you will see in a second.


So not being able to get a decent shot of the dress where it was I ASKED if I could move it – I am not a photographer that likes to make things happen and I dont try to direct much of a wedding or orchestrate things to happen but when the need arises and its for something as important as a wedding dress photo, well you just have to bite the bullet sometimes and just do it.  Wall space was at a premium so the best location I could find was in a doorway – I locked the girls in their room and let them know NOT to come out or the dress would fall – these are all important little things because apart from the bride, groom and guests the dress is the next most precious thing on the day !



A break from reality – Tina & Mark TTD (trash the dress shoot)

Hello there, David here from www.davidpurslow.com

**** UPDATE ****

We have now moved to Hartlebury in Worcestershire.  We now offer Trash the Dress shoots in Birmingham, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, The Cotswolds and beyond……  We are still available for Pembrokeshire and West Wales.

Today I took a break from processing weddings from the past few months and spent the day with Tina, Mark and Wayne.  We spent the day in Swansea and just had fun shooting a few gentle trash the dress pictures – The guys got married a few weeks ago so today was all about creating some fantastic images and using Tina’s dress to help do this.

A few romantic shots



A few playful shots – the first one is in a different wedding dress – its a long story !



a few sexy ones




A few photos that had more than a few people watching us



A little bit arty



The last photo of the day, Tina holding up traffic !


last but not least, Wayne hard at work – its a tough job !


Looks like fun ?

Want to do one ?

Give me a bell or drop me an email, trash the dress shoots are amazing fun, it was a long day but we got loads in – I received this a little while ago from Tina and Mark

Thanks David they are all fantastic I hope youre pleased with what we created I know its only a few so far but what ive seen are fantastic I love them cant wait to see them all thanks for the preview had been waiting here eggarly for youre email. Thanks again David you certainly know how to create a superd photo and you are great at what you do, Im so glad I saw youre ad.

I would definitly recommend the trash the dress shoot to any bride post wedding.


Hope you enjoyed this little preview of what fun a trash the dress shoot can be.  Swansea, Cardiff, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, South Wales and West Wales are all great places for a trash the dress shoot – go on, try one for yourself.



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Tina BoulcottJuly 27, 2009 - 8:03 pm

David youre pictures are amazing, they are like looking at amagazine shoot, I just love them and its like looking at someone else thank you for making me look fantastic
Tina and mark Boulcott pembrokeshire

will recommend you to everyone I see!

Nice start to the day – lovely little testimonial

Hi there, David here from www.davidpurslow.com

Just received a fantastic little email from one of my brides.

Hi David

Hannah here, sorry it’s been so long to get in contact with you. Only just got back from our honeymoon last week.

We have looked at the photo’s and they truly are amazing we love them and so does everyone who has seen them, well done.

Where do we go from now? do we need to choose which images we would like and what kind of album we would like, do we need to meet up with you at all?

Speak soon


Here is a picture of Hannah and Jack in the church getting married.


You can see a few more of the pictures of their wedding by visiting this link



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