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A recent wedding at the Cleddau Bridge Hotel

Beach Wedding photos at Freshwater West

David Purslow is a national wedding photographer based in Worcestershire in the West Midlands, However David shoot around 15 weddings each year in his beloved Pembrokeshire in West Wales.  Originally from the Haverfordwest area of Pembrokeshire each time David gets a booking for Pembrokeshire its like returning home.

David has very strong ties to the local area and with lots of friends and family in the area it really is like David is a Pembrokeshire wedding photogarpher.

The photos below are the kind of work you can expect to receive when choosing David to photograph your wedding.

This wedding took place at the Beautiful Cleddau Bridge Hotel in Pembroke Dock in Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire Wedding Photographer

After a beer or two, the boys sat down for a nice big cooked breakfast

After a breakfast and a few photos I headed off to meet up with the bride (Emily)

The week before Emily had told me her wedding was an Ian Stuart, my favorite wedding dress designer. When I got to Emily’s mum’s house I had a good look around for the best place to photograph the dress however after hunting around I felt there was no where that did the dress justice, so I asked if she minded if I take it outside for a few photos, I have a penchant for beautiful wedding dress photos and I think Emily’s is one of my favorite of all time – Everything was perfect, the weather, the location, the placement of the sun and the perfect place to hang it from.

beautiful ian stuart wedding dress

and here is the beautiful bride to be admiring her dress

Ian stuart wedding dress pembrokeshire

While the girls were doing the makeup and so on, I concentrated on a few detail shots and also a few shots of the boys, Emily’s day and so on who also happened to be at the house getting ready.

Wedding Ring close up photo

father of the bride and groomsmen
Then it was time for Emily to get dresses, HALF joking (honest) I suggest she get dressed in the garden since we had already shot the dress shot there, I was bowled over when she said okay, so there we were in the garden, the girls holding this beautiful dress up in the air for Emily to climb into

Bride putting on Ian Stuart Wedding Dress

Beautiful bridal portrait

Fine Art Wedding Photography

West Wales wedding photography

From here we jump forward a little, there are so many great photos to share with you and not enough time so its right off to the wedding itself, well a couple of grab shots from the wedding at least.

During a break in the ceremony, just before a reading, I noticed that the bride and groom where holding hands and smiling at each other, I got ready because the hairs on the back of my neck (yes no hair on my head but a few on my neck) I just had a feeling something special was going to happen – then Nick just gave Emily a tender little kiss on her hand, I think this is a beautiful photo – I just love the intimacy of this picture, I think it captures the love these guys share with each other so much.

cleddau bridge wedding photography

Helen my assistant was at the back of the room and while she was scanning for someone to grab, she saw this young man looking a little board and trying to watch her – Great capture and one of the reasons I love working with an assistant.

cleddau bridge pembrokeshire wedding venue

Then in the blink of an eye, the wedding was over and it was time for a quick few signing photos before we all headed outside.

Beach Wedding Photography

David is famous for his Beach wedding photos and often takes couples off for an hour to produce some amazing photos that most couples choose as dramatic wall art for their homes.

This session lasted less than 30 minutes but produced over 100 amazing wedding photos the couple fell in love with.

pembrokeshire beach wedding photos

beach wedding photography pembrokeshire

getting married on the beach wales

newlyweds on the beach at freshwater west Pembrokeshire

Then Emily decided it was play time !

beautiful bridal beach portrait pembrokeshire west wales

and then Nick came back in, took Emily in his arms, gave her a big kiss and cuddle

Kissing couple on beach

west wales wedding photography on the beach

creative wedding photography

Then before we knew it, it was time to leave the beach and head back, naturally I got a few more shots as the happy couple made their way back up the beach

I am actually going to mix up timings just a little here, because after the beach it was straight back to the Cleddau Bridge Hotel then they pretty much went right into the wedding breakfast and speeches followed by a few more photos outside, but I want to end at the Cleddau Bridge so lets start off with a few pics taken after dinner.

Everyone !

wedding photos cleddau bridge hotel

The Boys

wedding photos at the cleddau bridge hotel

Nick and his Mum

wedding photos at the cleddau bridge

and here Emily is spending a little quality time with one of the younger guests on the day, Nick better watch out, Emily loves children and it was so evident in the care and attention she gave them all day – beautiful to see and I am sure in years to come these will be special photos for these youngsters.

wedding photography at the Cleddau Bridge Hotel Pembrokeshire

And one final one before we head inside for the speeches photos

Nick and Emilys Wedding at the Cleddau Bridge Hotel

In a little break from tradition Emily gave a speech which had the bridesmaids in tears and the guests in fits of laughter, whilst this was going on, like a Ninja I crept around the room snapping away to capture some of the emotion and fun of the day.

Emily and Nicks wedding photos

crying bridesmaids

and while Nick was giving his speach, Emily and his new Mother In Law keep a close eye on him 🙂

Then after the speeches it was time for the cutting of the cake, I held back as we had taken one earlier in the day, and I wanted to mix it up a little – with around 110 people gathered around its probably a good job

Once that was over, it was time for the night time to get into full swing, so the couple took to the dance floor for their first dance during which time I played with getting some different and unusual first dance photos – naturally I took the standard ones as well but I always like to try different things, to mix it up a little, and from time to time when you do you get a few shots like this……

Well at this stage we had been there for around 14 hours or so – we started to pack away our gear, Helen went to grab the car and when she came back in she mentioned it was a great sunset – I quickly dumped all the gear in the car and Helen ran off to find the bride and groom – we took them to over look the water so the sun would be behind them and managed to grab the last two photos of the day.

sunset wedding photography

sunset at the cleddau bridge hotel pembrokeshire

Congratulations to Emily and Nick on an amazing wedding day, we could easily have stayed all day it was one of those kinds of weddings – totally amazing !

Hope you have enjoed this look at the wedding of Emily and Nick.

Take care,

more soon



David Purslow
Wedding Photographer
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A really nice wedding testimonial from Phil and Orinda

Just a very quick note here, last night I was up till almost 3am working on getting the wedding story of Phil and Orinda online – the guys are on honeymoon and I had promised them a sneak peek but once I started looking at their photos, I found it so hard just to pick out a couple of photos so decided to do the whole wedding story – mainly because their day was pretty special and different to most of my recent weddings.

Then this morning I received this from the the guys – and hits comments like this from my clients that put a huge smile on my face

Thanks for doing a fantastic job, you’ve captured our day to perfection. We like the combination of natural and detailed shots and priceless moments, such as my eagerness to say ‘I will’!

We also like your personality and the way you put our guests at ease throughout the day, which shows through in the blog.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos on our return from honeymoon


Mr & Mrs R………

Now I know your thinking I wrote that myself with the ciao ending but the guys are in Italy at the moment 🙂

Thanks Phil, Thanks Orinda.

You can see the whole story of the day by clicking here if you like



Phil and Orinda’s Wedding – not a sneak peek !

Hello there, David here from I always start these by saying if you found this page via a search engine then why not visit my actual website at – I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in West Wales but I cover all of Wales and the UK

**** NEW FOR THIS POST **** Please note from now on, I am going to only be putting up a couple of photos and then a LINK THAT YOU NEED TO CLICK to view the rest of the photos – The reason for this is to speed up the loading of the blog since most posts have between 20 and 50 images – I want YOU to enjoy your time on my blog as much as possible so this is aimed at speeding up the page loads for you !!!!

Enjoy !

Okay from the moment Phil and Orinda turned up a couple of weeks before the wedding I knew this was going to be different, just listening to Orinda speaking about the plans for her big day was fantastic. Immediately following the wedding there was going to be an old fashioned tea party !! yep the kind you would see a mad hatter and a giant rabbit at – fine china, lots of cakes etc – and if that was not good enough in itself the details just got better and better.

If your a bit of a blog stalker you will know I am not your traditional type of photographer, I like things that are just that little bit different so for 2 weeks I was all excited and could not wait.

I also knew from that meeting that attention to detail was very high on Phil & Orinda’s list of priorities – The hand drawn map Orinda had painstakingly drawn just highlighted it – so with all this in mind, I arrived at St Llawddog’s Church to be met by a beaming groom looking all excited to be getting married in around an hours time.


and soon after four of the cutest flower girls you ever did see arrived each looking like little princesses and all showing signs of being very excited.



Phil & OrindaAugust 4, 2009 - 10:29 am

Hi David,

Thanks for doing a fantastic job, you’ve captured our day to perfection. We like the combination of natural and detailed shots and priceless moments, such as my eagerness to say ‘I will’!

We also like your personality and the way you put our guests at ease throughout the day, which shows through in the blog.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos on our return from honeymoon


Mr & Mrs Roberts

WANTED brides to be or past with a little bit of a daring nature…..

UPDATE – To view samples of what bridal boudoir click visit this recent post of on my blog   Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

Hey there,  David here from – I always start off my blog posts by saying this as lots of you find me by the search engines. – I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in West Wales however I COVER THE WHOLE OF WALES AND THE UK !!!!!

Recently I posted a WANTED BRIDES post for a few trash the dress shoots and I got a great response and have started shooting a few of them – so watch this blog for more images soon.

But I am now looking for brides to be, brides past or just girls who want some amazing photos done and who also have a little bit of a daring nature to themselves.

NEW for the  2010 wedding season I am going to be offering Boudoir photo shoots for brides to be – These are sexy but NON NUDE shoots aimed at giving your fiance a nice little surprise the night before you wedding, a box of sexy photos or an album of sexy photos to remind him just how luck he is to be marrying you tomorrow.  I will also offer this as a portrait shoot option as they are popular around valentines day, Christmas etc.

To see what I am talking about visit this site – Its Elementz of Foto – run by an amazing photographer based in the states – CLICK HERE TO SEE HER WORK

I am either looking for girls who want to do some great bikini shots on one of the many spectacular beaches we have in and around Pembrokeshire so this is not for the shy girls out there – or girls who would like to do lingerie shots etc.

I WILL BE USING THESE PHOTOS FOR ADVERTISING so I will require a model release be signed and they will appear on my website, in magazines and on flyers etc so again please keep this in mind.

I will PAY for professional Hair and Makeup to be carried out before the shoot.

For your hard work and for allowing me to shoot you and use your photos in this way I will offer you in return

1 x 12×18 photo
5 x 8×12 photos
10 5×7 photos
and an online gallery where you can see the photos – if you wish to buy any more of the photos I will give you a generous discount.

During the shoot your more than welcome to bring a GIRLFRIEND with you for moral support.

If  you are interested then please either………

Drop me an email to and attach a couple of RECENT photos of yourself


Call me on 01437 779412 or 0759 0076666

Because this will ultimately be aimed at my regular wedding clientele, I am looking for girls aged between 20 & 40 years of age, looks and weight is unimportant because each bride is different and each if I wanted models I would just hire them – that would be too easy 🙂

Thanks for reading, take care,


David Purslow
01437 779412
0759 007 6666

Family Portraits – Wall Art – Family Photo Albums or Engagement shoot – you decide

Hello there, david here from – I always start my blog entries like this just incase you found me via the search engines and didnt have a clue how I am.  I am wedding and portrait photographer based in west wales but I cover the whole of South Wales, West Wales and Pembrokeshire.  My website is loated at

Okay, just a quick post today, these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago and were taken for a wedding client of mine who’s wedding is coming up in August.  I am really looking forward to this wedding as its the first of my weddings at Margam Park for 2009.  An engagement shoot was included in the package the guys went with  and since my clients can have pretty much anything in my power to give them we turned the engagement shoot into a family portrait day, a kids portrait day and a pet portrait day as well – We had a great time at Margam park and I cant wait for the wedding now.

Typically like my wedding photography my portrait photography is a little different also, I like to create environmental portraits – I let my clients choose places that have meaning to them or that are special – it could just be the back garden, the beach, a local park, the grounds of your estate or it could be the place you proposed to your future wife – The reason I like doing it this way is the pictures then have EXTRA special meaning to you rather than just a bunch of photos in a studio somewhere.

Most of my portrait clients end up ordering 1 or more canvas wall prints or large format mounted and framed photos as well as a few other sizes of prints – I have started to offer album’s for portrait clients and this has gone down really well, people love an album of stunning photos especially if they are somewhere that has a great sentimental meaning to them.

I am going to be posting more portrait and pet portrait photos over the next few weeks as the portrait side of my photography has really taken off in recent months and to celebrate this I am currently running a special offer for portraits that saves you £100.00 off the normal price of £150.00 and am offering portrait sessions at the moment for only £50.00 which includes 2 free prints. – this offer is limited and is due to end by the end on the 14th of August – so if your interested in a portrait session give me a yell – 01437 779412 or 0759 007 6666 or drop me an email to – the portrait can take place anytime in 2009 but if you want the photos for Christmas you need to have the shoot before December 1st 2009

So here are a few pics from The session