Haverfordwest County Show photos – not a lot of people know that…….

Hey guys,

Just thought I would update you a little on my week, this week the Haverfordwest County Show is on at the Withybush showground in Haverfordwest.  Radio Pembrokeshire have asked me to be their official photographer and cover the show for them for the whole 3 days so this week I am going back to my old roots – A press photographer !!!!!

This is my second round of being a Wedding and Portrait photographer, years ago I shot weddings for about 6 years  back in the 90’s but gave it up to concentrate on becoming a press photographer, I covered mainly sports, spot news (breaking stories) and concerts.  Since moving to West Wales I have formed a strong relationship with Radio Pembrokeshire mainly covering Charity events for them.  Radio Pembrokeshire is a very strong local station and is all about the community and does lots of charity events or charity sponsored events which I am always willing to help out with at no cost, its one of the  ways I can give back something using the skills I am lucky enough to have.

Since my love is weddings and portraits the press side is something I have been keeping to a minimum  (I do get a lot of requests to cover various press events as I am still listed as a freelance press photographer covering south wales and west wales however unless its a high ranking royal visit or something else very special I prefer to decline the work and concentrate on my love – Weddings and Portraits.

So when a few weeks ago I was asked to cover the show for them, I surprised myself by saying yes – I decided why the hell not, after all I would get to shoot show jumping and the Radio Pembrokeshire Talent Show – two areas that I really  enjoyed as a press photographer, sports and concert  photography.   It’s only a 3 day gig and is a little bit of an escape from weddings which is CRAZY each and every August,  for example this year I am shooting 11 weddings this month ! – Next year is filling up fast for August already.

So today I was picked up by Wayne from Explosive Production on his new super duper quad bike (never been on one before) and we headed off to the show.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from day 1 – just a little bit of the robot, show jumping and the talent show – that and me following Jim from Radio Pembrokeshire around while he interviewed people live on the radio.


Naturally with my love of food I loved this stand


Here Jim is interviewing Welsh Assembly Government Minister Elin Jones,  Minister for Rural Affairs


The Robot



Show jumping







The Talent Show




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Mike PattersonAugust 18, 2009 - 9:34 pm

I defo want one of those robots, do they come in any other shade of colour?? hahaha

Lorraine and Mark – Sneak Peek – Laugharne Wedding – Plas Hyfryd Reception

Hey there dp here from www.davidpurslow.com – Hi end wedding and portrait photographer for south wales and west wales  – 0759 007 6666

Okay, this is sort of a sneak peek / blog entry – I will add words early next week but I am away tomorrow with Mrs P so need to help pack etc for a mad dash to the midlands !

Today I had a fun and challenging wedding all in one – It was the wedding of a fantastic couple called Mark and Lorraine – they were so laid back and wanted so few formals that I got time to play with some more creative shots.  The challenging bit was the weather, it was pretty windy and it rained on and off however the raid did nothing to spoil Lorraine and Mark’s day – the guys were troopers.

I should also send out a special thanks to the three gorgeous bridesmaids who took fantastic care of Lorraine’s dress when I had her marching across muddy fields in the raid. – Girls thanks so much for being you !

Okay, very brief words tonight more soon.

Lorraine had kept the dress totally secret from even the bridesmaids, dad, Mark and eveyrone apart from Mum.

Dad’s Reaction to seeing it for the first time


and the girls with dad


TO SEE MORE PICTURES CLICK ON THE WORK MORE (on the main page of the blog only) if you see another picture below this you dont need to click it !!!


Lisa and Liam’s Wedding – intimate wedding in St Davids

Hey guys, David here from www.davidpurslow.com – I am a specialist wedding and portrait photographer based in West Wales however I do cover the whole of wales especially South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol – I even travel to Scotland and Ireland 🙂 – I specialize in relaxed, informal, modern, stylish photography with a touch of fashion and a lot of flair !

Today I had the GREAT pleasure of shooting one of the funnest weddings I have shot for a long time.  Lisa and Liam first came to visit me several months back and we just connected – I really like it when I have a connection with my clients as I know we are both thinking the same things and our joint goal is the couple getting some fantastic wedding photos.

This was a small intimate wedding and I only spent a few hours with the couple however in that time I feel I have managed to capture the real spirit of the day and the excitement and love the couple share for each other.

Okay lets start, this story is a little different to most, for starters I visited with Liam for a few pics of him getting ready, what made this fun was the fact that Liam was staying on one of St Davids magnificent caravan sites and was getting ready in a caravan – a first for me.  The light inside the caravan was fantastic from my point of view so I set about shooting a few pics.


as you can see from the following picture Liam was pretty chilled and I could tell from the clothes that this was going to be quite a laid back day but one that would make for nice light and airy photos.




Lisa and LiamAugust 13, 2009 - 8:59 am

Morning David,
Just had a look at the pictures you took of our special day.
They are ammmmazzzzing!!
Thank you so much for catching the mood and the moment so brilliantly.
Thanks also for your laid back and very professional handling of the wedding day.
We will be recommending you to everyone!!!
You rock also!!

Speak soon
Lisa and Liam Sullivan!!

Alex DentonAugust 13, 2009 - 6:13 pm

What wonderful pictures. With a bride as beautiful as Lisa, Liam must be as proud as punch. They are a fantastic couple as you showed. Im honoured to know Lisa and cant wait to find out how their fairtale progresses.

Congrats both im soooo happy for you,xXx

Alex Jason and girls

Win &AubreySullivan,August 13, 2009 - 8:13 pm

Having watched you at work, your professionalism and manner, putting everyone at their ease plus the quality of your images deserves maximum praise.

Brendan & MarjorieAugust 14, 2009 - 2:50 am

Looks like a great day. Very much enjoyed the pictures and narration that helped us be there.

Kyra sullivanAugust 15, 2009 - 9:50 am

I love the pictures. The camera is amazing, its so clear!!
Lisa and daddy looked really nice in the pictures. 🙂

Jackie MorganAugust 16, 2009 - 4:16 pm

Wonderful photographs of my beautiful cousin Lisa and her Liam.
Wishing them all the happiness in the world

Becky HuntleyAugust 16, 2009 - 8:17 pm

Looks like a wonderful day caught in these amazing photos.After knowing Lisa for a long time, it’s lovely to see her looking so happy (and stunningly beautiful) – brought a huge lump to my throat. Bec and Sophie xxx

rachel rawickiAugust 18, 2009 - 7:13 am

Wow , these are THE best wedding photos I have ever seen , so relaxed . Looks like a wonderful day , best wishes to all .

molly (kyra's friendAugust 20, 2009 - 6:32 pm

congragulations!! love the pics. you 2 look lovely. Molly.

Just had to post this testimonial before I went to bed.

Hey guys, dp here just wanting to share some personal thoughts with you before I tootle off to bed.

Things are really hotting up right now for me, August is always a very busy month but its going crazy right now in a GREAT way. I have booked 4 weddings this past week, 3 for later this year and 1 for next year. I have two outstanding enquirers also that have come in today as well, 1 for later this year and 1 for early next year.

So in a rare moment of self indulgence, I took the night off and me and Mrs P had a take away and sat down together and watched the Cirque Du Solie’s Alegria DVD – Its AMAZING and if you have not seen it please look it up and watch it – its one of the things that spurred me on in my wedding photography but more about that another day.  It’s special for Nikki and I because we had the great pleasure of going to see the show at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago and had ring side seats. I have seen shows all over the world from Phantom on Broadway to Blueman in Boston from Madonna in Madison Square Garden to Tony Bennet in Jersey but nothing compares to Cirque in my humble opinion and having seen a few of their shows Alegria is by a country mile the best bar none.

Anyway what has this to do with a testimonial ? – well after the show Mrs P when up to bed and I ‘quickly’ checked my email one last time – its a bad habbit I know, and there was the most amazing testimonial from Carrie from the Carrie and Alex wedding I blogged the other day.

I was already on a high from watching the DVD and from just chillin totally for a couple of hours but this has really humbled me and I wanted to share.

I TRULY know just how LUCKY I am to be doing the job I love and want to do more than any other.  Its  all thanks to my clients who choose me to be a part of their day and who allow me to pursue my goals, ambitions and dreams through my photography.

So to Carrie & Alex and all my other clients THANK YOU SO MUCH

Carrie really did humble me with this one xxx dp

Carrie Said the following…..

“Thank you for the fabulous photos and wonderful memories you have given us. You were a complete professional, a gentleman and a good laugh to boot! I would highly recommend you to any couple getting married! If we could do it again you would be my first phone call 🙂 “

You can see the Carrie and Alex wedding story on my blog by clicking HERE and you can read Carrie’s comments for yourself at the bottom of the blog entry in the comments.

Right off to bed now feeling very all warm and fuzzy all over.

Night night



Story book wedding album preview – Mandy & Alan’s Wedding

Hey there, dp here, just wanted to share something with you.

Last year I had the great pleasure of shooting a fantastic wedding in Worcester, Worcestershire. The reception was at the Worcester Rugby Club and the bride looked amazing and her husband cut a dashing figure in his stunning military uniform.

The whole day was a fairly relaxed event and I created an easy on the eye, nice flowing wedding album to tell the story. The album is a storybook or coffee table style of wedding album – its a mixture of black and white photos, sepia toned photos and magnificent colour photos all mixed together.

The album really flows great, the web photos just dont do it justice. I have a copy of this that I use as a show album and the clarity of the images always makes people comment.

I thought you might like to see it, so here it is with the kind permission of the beautiful bride.

Thanks Mandy

Hope you enjoyed this,

Although I am based in West Wales and am classed as a west wales wedding photographer or south wales wedding photographer based upon your geography I just wanted to let you know I cover the whole of the UK

take care,



David Purslow
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