Ty Hafan Butterfly Ball – Photo booth – Event Photography Cardiff

Hello there everyone, dp here.

Yesterday saw a very special taking out of the David Purslow Photo Booth – The photo booth is incredibly popular at weddings, parties, proms  and charity events.  I also have an events photography company called Event Photography Specialists which is located on the web at http://www.epsphoto.co.uk

The photo booth came into existence mainly for the event photography specialists business.  It offers onsite photography and printing of photos at events, these are proper lab quality photographs and are delivered in 60 seconds.

I started offering it for Weddings and it went down a storm.  The main selling point of the photo booth is the ability to go from pressing the shutter release button on the camera to producing lab quality photos that the customer takes away within 60 seconds, matted and bagged ready to go which is hugely popular with all kinds of events.

Last night saw the 10 anniversary of the Ty Hafan Butterfly Ball – A very special charity event which raises money for the Ty Hafan Charity.  I have worked with Ty Hafan on various balls and events almost 4 years now and honestly feel great about giving something back.  Ty Hafan is children s hospice for the terminally ill,  What really strikes you when you see the work that Ty Hafen does is that none of these kids will reach adulthood.  Ty Hafan is fully funded by charity donations only and it takes millions of pounds each year to run.  Ty Hafan Patron is HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales.  If you would like to know more about the amazing work Ty Hafan does or would be interested in making a donation or attending one of the Ty Hafan events (which really does give you a warm fuzzy feeling) then please visit their website at http://www.tyhafan.org

So as I said last night saw the 10th anniversary of the Butterfly Ball which was held at the brand new Cardiff City Football Club ground in Cardiff.  I was assisted by Gayle  who operated the printing station and who was responsible for collecting the money, printing the photos, smoozing the customers and delivering the final product to the customer – Gail did an amazing job so a big shout out to her for helping out last night, and (as you  will see from the photos)  she looked amazing in her ball gown.  I remember looking over towards the print station at one point in the evening and seeing around 25 people all excitedly gathered around Gayle

David Purslow Photography donated a family portrait photo session anywhere in Wales and a 4 ft x 3 ft fine art canvas wrap.  We raised £500.00 from the auction alone for Ty Hafen last night so we are very happy.  We also attended for free as we have done for all the Ty Hafan events and will continue to do so – Its really a great and worthwhile charity.

The guests who attended last night had a fantastic night, If ever you get the chance to attend one of the Ty Hafan balls or events you should go.  The food was to die for and the evening was hosted by the very lovely Sian Lloyd from ITV  We managed to get Sian onto the photo booth for a couple of photos.



Following the meal the guests were treated to a fantastic acoustic set from Wales’s very own Cerys Matthews





And another Celebrity guest and another Sian Lloyd – This Sian is an old acquaintance of mine, I have worked with Sian on many of  the BBC Wales’s roadshows and bumped into her several times at Broadcasting House in Llandaff while covering events for the BBC in my press days.



A few of the guests




and last but not least my stunning assistant for the eventing – thanks Gayle!



We didnt get home till almost 2 AM this morning but we had a GREAT time met up with some old friends from Ty Hafan, raised some seriously needed money for the charity and felt like we actually made a difference, we saw Cerys Matthews sing and got to see the new Cardiff City Football Club Ground (which is amazing) so all in all what a great night !

I would just like to say that if you are having a large charity event and think David Purslow Photography or Event Photography Specialists could assist you in any way please feel free to give us a call on 0759 007 6666 or by dropping us a line at charity@daivdpurslow.com


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Sami & Matt Engagement Session at Saundersfoot Beach.

Hey there, this is David Purslow (dp) a Wedding and Portrait Photographer covering West Wales, Carmarthen & Carmarthenshire and South Wales – I always pop this little plug in as I know lots of you find me for the first time via the search engines – You can view my website at  www.davidpurslow.com and if you do, make sure you check out my blog !!!!!

This is just a sneak peek of a fantastic shoot I had yesterday with Matt and Sami.

Sami and Matt are getting married Next May, they booked me way back in February or March this year when the weather was pretty crappy etc, at the meeting I mentioned shooting an engagement session for them since at that time I didnt really shoot them and wanted some cracking pictures to be able to show other couples.  Well yesterday we met down at Saundersfoot for an engagement shoot, the guys had asked me if they could bring their little one along and get a few funky family shots as well – since I love photographing kids naturally I said yes – parents and grandparents love buying pics of the kids 🙂

So we shot a few photos of the 3 of them and then headed off to shoot some nice romantic shots that can be used for a signing frame or a guest book or just some nice pics to say have of just  the two of them.

One thing I always tell couples for engagement shoots is dress samey, you dont have to wear the exact same clothes but if your in like colours etc the photos will look much more pleasing to the eye, well Matt and Sami listened and did just that – I think you have to agree it made a huge difference in the pics.

an engagement shoots is included in a lot of my packages such as the Barcelona Collection or as an  option on lots of my smaller packages starting for only £300.00

To view my wedding photography prices please visit my Prices and Products page on my website.

Anyway, here is the sneak peek at the photos.










I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek – there are over 100 photos in this series so Matt and Sami are going to have a hard time choosing the ones they want !!!!

If you like what you see, why not make a comment in the box below

Take care,



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***BREAKING NEWS – Radio Pembrokeshire Wedding Fair coming soon !!!!! ****

Hello there everyone, just a very quick sticky to let you know that Radio Pembrokeshire is going to be holding its own wedding fair in central Pembrokeshire soon – details to be announced later this week but as the official Radio Pembrokeshire Photographer I will be there – Radio Pembrokeshire will be selective as to who can have a stand at the show so you will be guaranteed of only seeing the best ! – Watch this space for more details soon – dp.

Sneak Peek – Steph & Andy’s at Hwest & Lamphey Court Hotel

Hey everyone, just  a quick sneak peek of my wedding today.  More in around a week or so but here are a couple quickly

This was the first of my weddings at St Thomas’s Church in Haverfordwest then onto Lamphey Court Hotel nr Tenby, we stopped off at a local beach for a few photos on the way.  The bride looked amazing in an Ian Stuart wedding dress and Andy looked so happy and proud.










Hope you liked the sneak peek



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Quick Peek – The wedding of Suzanne & Richard

Hello there David here from www.davidpurslow.com – I am a wedding and portrait photographer for Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, South Wales, West Wales and the whole of the UK.

This is a very quick sneak peek of the wedding of Suzanne and Richard – This was my ‘secret’ wedding for 2009 – Richard and Suzanne had not told anyone when they were getting married, it was so secret that they were even struggling for witnesses so  Nikki (my wife) and I ended up as the couples witnesses.

This was such a fun day following the wedding at the Haverfordwest Registry Office we went back to the couples Hotel – the stunning Boulston Manor then we went to Saundersfoot and did some pics on the beach and then I brought the couple a hot cup of coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops in Saundersfoot.

Here are a few random pictures.

The actual wedding, Nikki and Soukie in the background, Suzanne looked amazing and Richard was as proud as punch


Back at Boulston Manor


The Drawing Room


The couple taking a quick 5 minutes



Richard opens the champaign and it popped a little early


Down on Saundersfoot Beach


Then to the Shoreline Coffee shop for a warm up and a really nice cup of coffee – I had the hot chocolate with marshmallows – probably the best in the area imho – Yummy !

This is an outtake shot, I like this place especially for photos because of the light that spills thru the windows that and the staff are never flustered even when you walk in with huge cameras and a bride and groom !


Suzanne lit by all that natural light


Just before I ran off to grab the drinks – and as always you do get a few funny looks from people walking by


the last of the sneak peek – just playing with the mirrors in the shop


Okay, sneak peek over,

Congratulations to Suzanne and Richard and thanks for choosing me to be your Wedding photographer, Witness and Chauffeur for the day 🙂

See you soon,



David Purslow
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tina wilsonSeptember 13, 2009 - 4:38 pm

thankyou so much david you have done a wonderful job the photo,s of my niece suzanne and her now husband (richard)are fantastic i;m so pleased ……….may they have a long and happy life together

corrine richardsonSeptember 14, 2009 - 12:20 pm

hi david and nikki i am suzannes mum and i would like to say a big thankyou to you both for making there day such a special one the photos are fantastic