A Recent Wedding Album

Hi there,

A busy day for me today, I have just had the go ahead to get my latest album printed.  I am really excited by this album as its a MONSTER 80 page / 40 Double page spread album.

This was the amazing wedding of Louise and Gareth that took place at Buckland Hall in the Brecon Beacons – you can view my blog story this Buckland Hall Weddings Here

I think the size and the number of images used in this album design really help to tell the story of the day – and what a fantastic day it was.

There is a thank you at the end of the slideshow for Gareth and Louise but I would like to pop one here

Thanks for choosing me, I know choosing a wedding photographer is a very hard decision and I am very honored that you decided upon me.

Thanks guys.

So here is it

I hope you enjoy – sorry about the white stuff around it, I just pinched the files from the DVD version I created for the guys – it made it quicker for me to get it up on the web for you !

Bye for now


David Purslow
Reportage Wedding Photographer

Covering England and Wales
Website: www.davidpurslow.com
Phone: 0845 269 8912 / 01437 779412 / 0759 007 6666
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Geraint HughesJanuary 8, 2010 - 1:00 pm

nice work mate, ive popped over here to check it out from facebook, and glad i did. Nice slideshow. !!

[…] All this would normally cost £3100.00 via my normal prices however for the first 3 couples who book me now I have moved I am making this available for only £1600.00  thats a saving of £1500.00 – The album is an 8×12 inch story book wedding album – you can see exactly what it looks like by visiting my Albums page on my website and you can also view a slide show of an 80 page album by clicking here. […]

[…] All this would normally cost £3100.00 via my normal prices however for the first 3 couples who book me now I have moved I am making this available for only £1600.00 thats a saving of £1500.00 – The album is an 8×12 inch story book wedding album – you can see exactly what it looks like by visiting my Albums page on my website and you can also view a slide show of an 80 page album by clicking here. […]

Lovley Comments from upcoming bride and groom – reportage wedding photography

Hello there,

One of the things I like most about the job I do is that I tend to make lots of friends – these are not the kind of jump infront of a bullet for you friends but these are great people who whenver you meet up say hi and have a good chitchat or who add you as facebook friends and keep in touch.  This is really nice because when your not well you get lots of hope your feeling better comments etc and it really does make you feel better – when I post a photo of Joshua, Soukie or Nikki or talk about my latest wedding etc – all my friends comment on them.

Well one such friend actually two friends are Imogen and Stephen – These guys are a couple whos wedding I am shooting in 2010.  Like many of the couples getting married these days they have embraced modern technology and have put up their own website and Imogen sent me a link to it and pointed me at a certain portion of the site – the portion that talked about their wedding photographer – that would be me………..

Here is an extract 🙂    I love reading this it gives me goosebumps all over.

Ever get that feeling, when someone tells you how much something is going to cost, that someone just switched off the gravity? That’s roughly the sense that I (Stephen) had when we found out what a decent wedding photographer was going to cost us.

Actually, to be fair, that is how I felt when I discovered what an indifferent wedding photographer was going to cost; when I found out what the cost of a really good one – one like David Purslow, for example – was going to be, I think I passed through the storm of panic and into the still waters beyond.

But then you only have to look at the work to realise one thing for sure: you don’t want an indifferent photographer. To our jaded tastes, as we went round wedding fair after wedding fair, it became easier and easier to spot the indifferent ones: the same tacky camera angles, the same – frankly – hackneyed poses, and so on, to the point where just a glance was enough to tell you most of what you needed to know. Which means that when you look at something that’s just that bit different, it’s hard to miss, as it just jumps out at you.

And David’s photographs do just that.

There’s no doubt about it, as well as being very good indeed, he’s also a relentless self-publicist! His customer relationship stuff is second to none – he has a Facebook presence, as well as an excellently designed website, with his own blog, and gallery of wedding photos. Sure, lots of photographers do that, but the impression you get of David’s work is that this is a man with a following. Prospective and past customers alike respond to his updates as they give us a hint of the life of the professional wedding photographer, and what’s even nicer is that he responds back. This is clearly someone who cares about his customers long after the cheque’s cleared in the bank and the last mother-in-law’s family group print has been posted off.

Thanks guys, Glad you feel that way.


David Purslow
Reportage Wedding Photographer
Covering The Midlands & West Wales
01437 779412 / 0846 2698912


Local Wedding Photographer – Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Oxfordshire, Birmingham, Wales

Hello there, Welcome to my blog, first off I wanted to wish you a happy new year and share some fantastic news with you that Nikki and I are really excited about.

If your a regular visitor  to my blog you will know that I ‘USED‘ to mainly work in West Wales, I have always shot weddings all over the UK but have never really publicized the fact.  In 2009 I shot weddings in Northumberland, Worcestershire, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire and of course my beloved Pembrokeshire as well as Swansea and Cardiff.

With this in mind I have twisted my sisters arm who lives in Worcestershire and have arranged a base for myself with her,  – I will splitting my time between Pembrokeshire and Worcestershire throughout 2010 and beyond.

As a full time professional wedding photographer taking the next step to becoming a National wedding photographer is the natural progression.  You either settle into a comfort zone and just carry on doing what you do or you challenge yourself  to grow as a person and as a photographer so this iw what I have decided to do.

With that in mind I have opted for a National Rate Phone Number – If your on BT it should be totally FREE to call me now. My new phone number is 0845 269 8912 or you can always call me on my cell phone on 0759 007 6666 – naturally email always works – my email address is david@davidpurslow.com

What this means is that I am now available to cover wedding without having to charge for traveling costs for

  • Wedding Photography in Worcestershire
  • Wedding Photography in Birmingham
  • Wedding Photography in Solihull
  • Wedding Photography in Staffordshire
  • Wedding Photography in The West Midlands
  • Wedding Photography in Avon
  • Wedding Photography in Bristol
  • Wedding Photography in Warwickshire
  • Wedding Photography in Oxfordshire
  • Wedding Photography in Cheltneham
  • Wedding Photography in Herefordshire
  • Wedding Photography in Gloucestershire
  • Wedding Photography in Bath
  • Wedding Photography in Shropshire
  • Wedding Photography in Pembrokeshire
  • Wedding Photography in Carmarthenshire
  • Wedding Photography in Swansea
  • Wedding Photography in Cardiff

I am also happy to cover weddings ANYWHERE in England without charging travel costs however depending on the location I may ask for hotel expenses to make sure I a fully refreshed for your wedding.

This truly makes me a Local wedding photographer if you happen to live in any of the areas listed.

If your new to me, here are a few things you should know – again I will bullet point it to make it easy to see exactly what is I do.

When booking me as your wedding photographer these are part of my normal service – included in ALL weddings.

  • A pre booking consultation and portfolio viewing
  • Venue visit where I accompany you  so we can choose the best photo locations and I get the lay of the land
  • A choice of magnificent story book wedding albums – from England and The United States
  • The option to upgrade to a stunning Australian hand made matted album in an amazing array of cover choices
  • An online Gallery for 90 days to show off your wedding photos to friend and family
  • Thank you cards featuring your favorite wedding photo
  • DVD slide show of your wedding album set to your first dance song
  • I offer either 1/2 day or full day wedding photography
  • A 1/2 day covers from bridal preparations until your sit down wedding breakfast  (typically between 5 & 6 Hours)
  • A Full day covers from bridal preparations until the end of your your first dance or fireworks / Chinese lanterns if applicable
  • A beautiful Blog story of your wedding (normally online within 10 days of your wedding to view while on honeymoon)
  • A fully Insured and bonded / CRB checked photographer using only the very best professional equipment available
  • Memories to last a lifetime

My style of wedding photography is described as Documentary story telling – or more commonly known as Reportage wedding photography.  I do include a few formals however if you are looking for a more traditional wedding photographer then I am not your man ! – I suggest we arrange no more than around a dozen family formal photos –  Also with the advent of my new Photo Booth – Click here for details – there really is no need for lots and lots of formals as they get covered anways.

Over the past few years I have built a reputation for being selected as the wedding photographer of choice for couples whos weddings is just that little bit different, it could be that its a very small and intimate and private wedding – last year I shot weddings for couples who had  Four guests, 11 Guests, 14 Guests, 16 Guests, 22 Guests – I also naturally shoot larger weddings, my largest in 2009 was 167 guests.

I also specialize in taking the couples off and shooting some really fun and funky shots – Lots of couples choose me for my beach wedding photography – a few photos are below as examples.





My philosophy is very simple – I am being paid by you to work for you – its your wedding day and its all about YOU.

Whatever you want to do on your wedding day, whatever direction you would like your wedding album to go is what we shoot.  As the professional its my job to make it work, we will discuss all of this before you wedding but if you want to climb trees in your wedding dress, climb rocks in your wedding dress or pop to McDonnalds in your wedding dress – thats exactly what we will do 🙂

Lots of people are worried about the cost of wedding photography so lets clear that up right away – My wedding photography prices  start from only  £1495.00 – and that includes everything listed above – a stunning story book wedding album, thank you cards, venue visits etc, etc, etc.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating my website bit by bit – you (if your a regular visitor) notice small changes happening already.

I have already updated my gallery page with a fantastic collection of wedding photos from 2009 – this slides show contains images from wedding in Staffordshire, Northumberland, Worcestershire, The west Midlands and Wales – to see this slide show click this link – Reportage Wedding Photography Portfolio

Well apart from whats below, thats all from me for now – I hope you exited by this news, Nikki and I are both looking forward to a fantastic 2010 and all that it brings, lots of new friends, lots of challenges etc but thats what makes life fun.

Oh – can I leave you with this thought – its from the famous painter James Whistler (who most of us will know from the Mr Bean film )

An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision – James Whistler

Last but not least I will end this short but exciting update with a few words from some of my 2009 clients

From Trudi after seeing my best of 2009 Slideshow

Oh!! I’ve come over all emotional! What a stunning collection! Beautiful photos of beautiful people shining on their special day. I’m honoured that we were a part of it.

Thank you . X

From Lisa after seeing her photos on my best of 2009 Slideshow

David, such beautiful pictures of treasured memories…our wedding and our fantastic album have been the highlights of 2009. Thank you for including our pictures in your slideshow…I’m also hounoured.

xx  Lisa

From Gareth and Louise

Wow! Wow! and Wow! again!

The pics of our wedding day are all we ever hoped for and more. You captured all the special moments of our day and brought it to life through your fantastic shots. These really are photographs that we will treasure forever.

David you were a star on the day – a true professional! Many of our family, friends and Martin (owner of Buckland Hall) commented on how marvellous you were and we agree! Many, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts, we are very happy 🙂

Gareth and Louise x

From Carrie (who you can see walking thru the water above)

Thank you for the fabulous photos and wonderful memories you have given us. You were a complete professional, a gentleman and a good laugh to boot! I would highly recommend you to any couple getting married! If we could do it again you would be my first phone call 🙂

From Phil and Orinda

Thanks for doing a fantastic job, you’ve captured our day to perfection. We like the combination of natural and detailed shots and priceless moments, such as my eagerness to say ‘I will’!

We also like your personality and the way you put our guests at ease throughout the day, which shows through in the blog.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos on our return from honeymoon

and last but not lease a very touching testimonial that is bittersweet

From Sian and Simon


Well….i couldnt wait! Im surprised ive lasted as long as i have……

I went and took the wedding photos to my mum…..And she absolutly loved them!

Now my mum is a very crictal person
But not a bad word or remark …..she couldnt find anything wrong with any of the photos!

I did say to you, that we wanted to enjoy our wedding photos, without family barging through the front door to look at them…but i couldnt resist!
I had to show someone…..!! So i took them to my mum then my sister…and so on….

The photo of me standing on the stair well at beggars reach was one omf my mums favourites, she said that it looks like something you would see in ”Hello” magazine! WOW!

And the one of me lying on the bed…she loves that too….so do i…..!! I love them all….

I can pick which is our favourite, which is the one with Simon kissing my chest….now as elegant as it may look, my back was killing me (i suffer from a bad back anyway) Simon was stood on my shoes AND my dress….and all simon was saying was im gonna fall and drop you…..So from me through gritted teeth telling simon to get off my dress….came this gorgeous stunning photograph. We didnt think it would be that good.Till you shown me on the camera what it looked like….
It’s something you think you would only see in magazines…. FANTASTIC.

I love looking at them, i love sitting there watching people flicking through the photos and see there face go into a big grin and then “oh my god you look like something from a magazine.”

Now i know why you love to see the brides face!

And as you know, my dad suddenly and shockingly passed away 2months after we married at the age of 43, and right at the end was a big picture of my dad standing there doing his speach (which he was making up as he went along!)…..Now that is most certainly something i will always treasure – who knew that, that day you would capture our last ever family photos, with my mum 2 sisters and brother.

So just that one photograph in itself would of been enough! So David i really am truly grateful for your fantastic photography.

The other photo was when dad was leading me into the ceremony, where he has his arm out and a perfect picture of how(im my mums words) proud he looks to be walking me down the aisle……

So not only have you provided me and simon with a perfect reminder of our fantastic wedding day, you have also given us (especailly me) from just one day ,a life time of memories……and im getting all teary now!

Thankyou sssoooooo soooo much for photographing our very special day. We couldnt of gotten a better nicer man than you to have done them

I could give you a huge hug right now!!

Thankyou (again and a million times more)

Sian ans Simon.


Ciao for now



Happy New year – a look back at 2009

Hello there, first off Happy New Year.  I want to thanks each and every one of my couples this year for allowing me to do what I enjoy and for choosing me to be a part of their day.

The side show below contains 117 photographs – it took me hours upon hours to get the number down to 117 – In 2009 I took a grand total of 23,843 wedding photographs – I managed to get that number down to around 350 that I wanted to put into a slide show but it just wouldn’t happen.  I have decided to create the slide show of some of my favorites – they are not all my favorites but are amongst the top 350 – I just had such a hard time cutting images down – I also decided I wanted to kind of show a whole wedding but by using photos from several weddings if you know what I mean.  I shot 30 brides in 2009 and have used less than 12 here, if I missed you I am sorry its just I was pretty pushed to get the side show done and used lots of the images that I had already processed for my blog.

I am going to be updating my site in the next few weeks and when I do I will be putting all 350 photographs that I originally picked into a gallery for you to look at – but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite photographs of 2009 – Good bless and I hope 2010 is everything you want it to be and more.

For those of you who dont know me, I am a wedding photographer that covers The West Midlands, Birmingham, Worcestershire as well as South Wales and West Wales. I love wedding photography and weddings in general and love to photograph weddings more than any other kind of photography.

I am not your normal stand here and smile at the camera kind of photographer.

I truly believe in the great quote by the famous painter James Whistler – An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision

I hope 2010 brings you all you want it to and you have a great and happy year

David. xx

Trudi SullyJanuary 2, 2010 - 12:11 pm

Oh!! I’ve come over all emotional! What a stunning collection! Beautiful photos of beautiful people shining on their special day. I’m honoured that we were a part of it. Thank you . X

lisa sullivanJanuary 2, 2010 - 4:13 pm

David, such beautiful pictures of treasured memories…our wedding and our fantastic album have been the highlights of 2009. Thank you for including our pictures in your slideshow…I’m also hounoured.xx

Merry Christmas

We are just starting out Christmas day but naturally I am taking a few photos – more soon, but I wanted to wish you ALL a very merry Christmas and I hope you have a fantastic time with your friends and family.

On behalf of the entire Purslow family – Merry Christmas

Just a couple of quick pics – more later after the turkey 🙂