New Blog Sections – For Brides & For Photographers

Hello there guys,

As though I don’t have enough to do, over the next few weeks I am going to be totally making over my blog – I will be cutting a lot of the sections out and adding a couple of new ones.

The two new sections are going to be For Brides and For Photographers

For Brides

This section will be were I post interesting stuff for couples planning their weddings. Its going to be a wedding photography free section with no plugging of my services but will be a way to give back to the people who let me live the life I live and who have allowed me to follow my dreams – YOU – my clients.

To give you an idea of the kind of stuff I will be digging out for you to take a peek at, this is the kind of stuff I will find for you.

Personalized Coat Hangers – wait its not as boring as it sounds, How about something really special to hang your wedding dress on or even some really funky gifts for the best man, the father of the bride or just about anyone you can think of ……. take a peek



Pretty cool yeah ? – You can find out more about these hangers by CLICKING HERE – this link will take you to their website.

For Photographers

This section of the blog will be information for both people who just want to take better photos and want to learn how to use their cameras better as well as newer wedding photographers.  It will be a general information and technique section with detailed photoshop tips, advanced lighting tips using off camera lighting and using the Nikon CLS system.  I will also take you thru what its like to shoot a wedding, the process of the day and how I go about creating the slide show on the night kind of stuff.   I will also use this section to inform photographers about my off camera lighting courses that I run.

Stay tuned and over the next few weeks these sections will start to appear.

Take care,



David Purslow
Worcestershire Wedding Photographer
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Worcestershire Wedding Photographers :-)

Hello there,

David here from

If your new to me, welcome I will fill you in all about me in a moment- if your a regular visitor and I know there are dozens of you, welcome back.

Its official We have moved from Pembrokeshire to Hartlebury in Worcestershire.  We moved due to health issues with my mum, over Christmas Nikki and I made the heartbreaking (but easy to make) decision to leave Pembrokeshire and move up this way to be closer to the family.

I have over 20 weddings in Pembrokeshire in 2010 and will be traveling up and down to cover each one, I have talked to my brides and made them all aware of the situation.   I am also still accepting wedding in Pembrokeshire for 2010 and 2011 as I have plenty of places to stay and its only 3 hours away.

But that now means I am a……..

Worcestershire Wedding Photographer

Since we are located in Hartlebury in Worcestershire, between Kidderminster and Worcester to be exact, it means we are well placed to cover the whole of not only Worcestershire but Herefordshire, Birmingham, Solihull, Wolverhampton, Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Malvern, Worcester, Staffordshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds.

When people first view my work they describe it as  a mixture between contemporary and reportage wedding photography.  What I aim to do is tell the story of your wedding day as it unfolds.  My typical coverage provides you with photography coverage from  Bridal Preparations all the way through to your first dance as man and wife.

I produce beautiful story book wedding albums  – To mark our move from Pembrokeshire to Worcestershire we totally re-did our website so we have an all new Worcestershire Wedding Photography website located at On our website one of the new pages is the Wedding Albums Page – this page gives you a really good view of our Fine Art Story Book Wedding Albums, Photo Story Book Wedding Albums, Our Guest Signing Books, Traditional Matted Albums and a range of Modern Wedding Albums.

To give you an idea of what you will see there, here is a photo of some of the albums produce.

Another great new page on our website is the Why Book David page – this page has been in development for a while and really explains my shooting style and give you a great idea of what to expect.

The funny thing is I am originally a Worcestershire wedding photographer having grown up in Kidderminster.  Nikki and I moved 6 years ago as a result of being booked for a wedding down that way.  After a couple of weeks back in the Midlands its starting to feel like home again.  I remember lots of great wedding venues around Worcestershire and the West Midlands, places such as Grafton Manor, Hagley Hall, The Lygon Arms, The Abbey Hotel, The Curradine Barns, The Elms and the place Nikki and myself got married – The Lenchford Inn.

We offer an all inclusive wedding photography package which includes everything you could want and we DONT charge extra for traveling within Worcestershire, Herefordshire, The West Midlands, Birmingham, Staffordshire, Gloucestershire, Avon and Bristol, The Cotswolds, Warwickshire or pretty much anywhere in the UK.

Talking about wedding photography in Warwickshire, one of our favorite venues for to take photos at  is the Arrow Mill Hotel the grounds here are beautiful.

Warwickshire Wedding Photography

Over the next couple of Months we are going to offer ridiculous special offers on Wedding Photography so if your looking for a wedding photographers in Worcestershire, The Midlands, Herefordshire, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, Birmingham etc then give us a call.

Be sure to check out our wedding photography website to see all our prices and check often as our specials will change on a regular basis.

We are proud to be the newest wedding photographers in Worcestershire we think this makes us work harder for you as each new wedding is a way of us building up our reputation up this way.  Make no mistake, we are not new to wedding photography and we are not a part time wedding photography business – this is what we do full time, this is all we do.

Being heavily inspired by some of the best wedding photographers in the world means I dont stand still with my photography.  When I am not shooting wedding or engagement shoots, I am constantly taking courses and challenging myself to grow as a photographer.  I have been lucky enough to study with not 1 but 2 of the Top 10 Wedding photographers in the WORLD !!!!!

We also shoot Bridal Boudoir and we pride ourselves in the sensual quality of our Boudoir photography – Being masters of lighting makes our boudoir photos stand apart from the rest. – We dont often publish our boudoir photography photos  due to client confidentially however from time to time are are lucky enough to work with clients who allow us to show the kind of quality we produce.

We also LOVE shooting engagement sessions – this is a photo shoot for you and your fiance and one that produces some amazing results.

This photo was shot in Pembrokeshire and is of Sami and Matt whose wedding I am shooting later this year.  I am very eager to start shooting engagement sessions in Worcestershire and we will be including FREE engagement sessions for Worcestershire Weddings and giving away a few free prints also !!!!!!

A lot of my clients use their engagement session to produce a beautiful guest signing – story book wedding album that guests actually write messages in on their wedding day.

Here is a shot of what they look like

You can learn more about photo signing books on my story book wedding album page on my website at

Also on our new website we have put up 8 – that’s right 8 amazing wedding slide shows for you to watch.

The first two are ‘Best of’ slide shows – they show some of our favorite wedding photos from 2008 and 2009 – then there are 6 slide shows that show complete client wedding albums – there are a few story book wedding albums, one of our contemporary wedding albums and one from one of our traditional matted wedding albums. This gives you a great insight as to the kinds of albums we design and produce.

Our new Gallery page with all of these slide shows on for you to enjoy can be found at

So if your looking for a wedding photographer in Worcestershire, The Midlands or pretty much anywhere why not check us out by visiting my

Worcestershire Wedding Photography website –

To give you a good idea of the quality of our wedding photography and the kind of of slide shows we produce, below is the show we produced of our favorite wedding photos of 2009

Take care, talk to you soon – Remember you can always call us,  our phone number are Office 01299 250 114 or Mobile 0759 007 6666

You can also email us at

bye for now


Singers Portfolio – David looking cool – Strobist Lighing with Nikon CLS

Hello there, this one is for the ladies out there as I often get accused of focusing on the girls a little too much (with my camera)

Over the weekend I shot a few photos for my good friend Wayne from Explosive Productions – He is helping to organize a show at the Torch Theater in Milford Haven later next month.

One of Waynes good friends and a friend on mine also (sounds like the mafia – He’s a friend of ours………..)  Thats a guys joke girls……..

so back to David – David is an incredible professional singer and performer who sings songs from the likes of Frank Sinatra etc has been after getting a few photos done, well on Sunday after we finished over in Milford David and I popped over to the waterfront and shot a few pix – it was freezing cold but David managed to pull off the looking cool in the sun look !

We shot using the Nikon CLS lighting system and I used speedlights on stands triggered by the Nikon SU800 IR sender or a master SB900 flash if the SU800 struggled due to light and the distance.

Here are a few of the results, hope you like them








hope you like this little sneak peek



Bridal photo shoot at Hurst House

Hello there peep’s   dp here from – Phone 0845 269 8912

Yesterday saw me taking a break from album processing an marketing to shoot three stunning young ladies in amazing wedding dresses at the phenomenal Hurst House in Laugharne Carmarthenshire. Hurst house is in my humble opinion one of the very best secret wedding venues in West Wales – The decor is amazing and the whole place is a photographers dream – you can visit the Hurst House Website and find out about wedding at Hurst House here.

I was asked to do this shoot by Natalie from Courtneys Bridal in St Clears – Natalie a very good friend of ours runs this boutquie wedding dress shop and lots of my brides have visited her and have fallen in love with her dresses but more importantly with her attention to detail and going the extra mile for her brides – I know of one bride that has brought two wedding dresses from there for same wedding !

The theme of the shoot was something just a little bit different, not your normal run of the mill brides in dresses – so armed with only that information and a whole car full of Nikon Speedlights as I wanted to light this using the Nikon CLS (Creative Lighting System) & Video light (Lowell I-Light) off I went.

The staff at Hurst house were very welcoming which if your planning your wedding bears very well indeed – if they treat me (the hired help) that way just imagine what they would be like with you – We were met and provided with Coffee – A mug the size of a bucket and boy was it good coffee – I was bouncing off the walls shortly after.

I was introduced to Kate, Rachel and Katie – if that gets confusing then I shouldnt tell you we were being looked after by Katie from Hurst House (I think) as well and off we went to the aptly named Green Room – its a room and its green – we used it as our staging area and I left the girls to it – Rachel at this point (well when she arrived really still had her curlers in – that girls got style)

So I am only going to post a few pictures since They are for Natalie really but I just had to share a few with you.

First shots of the Day – Kate in the Penthouse


and another


Katie in the penthouse



Rachel in the big red chair



Kate again on the spiral stairs



Katie on the spiral stairs


Rachel in a hall way as we walked along, just spotted this out of the corner of my eye


The Pink Room !





I hope this gives you an idea of what a fab venue Hurst House is.

My thanks go to Kate, Katie, Katie, Rachel & Natalie from Courtneys for supplying the dresses and organizing the day  and special thanks to Hurst House itslef

a couple to leave you with 🙂






MarkJanuary 28, 2010 - 1:22 pm

Hello David, Great work, looks like you had a great day. The pink room images stand out very well. I am sure the models and Natalie will be very pleased.

kind regards


Bridal Boudoir or something special for Valentines Day – Boudoir Photography

Hello there, David here from – I always start my blog entries like this because so many of you (I get about 3000 people a month view my blog) come here from the search engines and dont know where my website is – if you want to visit my website then simply CLICK HERE

Okay, today I had the great pleasure of working for Courtneys wedding dress shop in Saint Clears in Carmarthenshire – I was shooting a new collection of dresses with 3 delightful models and Natalie from the shop – you can find Courtneys at

I had mentioned to Natalie that I wanted to start offering my brides the option of a Boudoir photography session prior to the wedding so the girls could present hubby to be with a box of special sexy but tasteful photos the night before the wedding just to remind him what a lucky fella he is for marring such a gorgeous gal.

I also offer the same shoot on the run up to Valentines day, Xmas or really any time you want to give hubby something special.

Well the girls today came armed with a selection of lingerie and after we had shot all the dress photos, we proceeded to shoot some ‘Boudoir Photos’ – The venue for todays shoot was Hurst House in Laugharne – you can visit the Hurst House website at

Here is the result of our Boudoir shoot…….. I hope you like them










and last but not least just something a little different……………..


Well I hope this gives you an idea of what to give that special person in your life for his birthday, valentines day, xmas or the night before you marry him and make all his dreams come true……………….

Thanks for checking out my blog, see you soon



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