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Wedding Album Testimonial

Back in September 2009 I shot the wedding of Kayleigh & Martin.  Last week I delivered their wedding album and yesterday I received a fantastic testimonial.

You can see the original blog post for the wedding by clicking HERE

This is what Martin and Kayleigh had to say.

Hi David,

Just wanted to let you know how much we loved our wedding album, the cover, wow wow wow.

Looks absolutely amazing. Cant stop myself from keep looking through it.

We knew it was going to be good but it out did my expectations, there is such a difference from seeing the photos on a computer screen and actually seeing them there in front of you printed.

You’ve put so much work into it and its truly paid off and we are really grateful, looking through the album is like re-liveing the day. So thank you so much!!

P.S Thanks for the calander looks wicked, love how you did the pics. You go above and beyond. Thank you, Thank you Thank you a thousand times over!

Thanks guys, you guys ROCK !

You can see the cover by clicking HERE

Take care



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What a wonderful website

The Ultimate Wedding Photography Directory

Hello there, David here from

This post is just a quickie, its aimed at Wedding photographers but will be of interest to brides also.

Brides to be – forgive me if I rant on a little here, this post was originally aimed at my fellow wedding photographers but then like a bolt of lightening it hit me, this site is exactly what your looking for as well.

I just found this amazing website – Photographers for Weddings. –

If your anything like me you get dozens of requests and spam emails a week about this wedding gallery or that wedding gallery. You spend your time visiting them only to find them hard to navigate, hard to find what your looking for (which means your clients wont find what they are looking for either) and more interested in advertising themselves rather than you.

Well tonight I found the holy grail of wedding photography directory listing pages – they list photographers by area, town, type of photography, budget, and just about anything you care to mention.

While looking around the site I noticed that they list some of the top photographers in the UK so it must be good !

Hope this helps – I submitted my listing right away as I can see the value.

Oh, did I mention its got a really high page rank ! – that means very high listings and good traffic in return.

Whats even better, if you like you can join for free.

I know I sound like TV informercial but I am so sick to death of of phone calls and spam email from crappy sites that have nothing to offer me that this has me very excited

take care, off to bed now !



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Wedding Insurance Comparison

Wedding Insurance – Is it worth it ?

We are living in unusual times

Hello there, David here from

This post (although at the top of my blog today) is posted in the For Brides Section, this section of the site is not for selling my wedding services or anything like that, its just a bunch of posts about stuff I think would benefit potential brides.

So wedding insurance – whats it for, what does it cover and is it worth taking out ?

A couple of years ago if you had asked me that question I would have said ‘you dont need that’ – I have been a wedding photographer for well over 10 years now and until late last year I had never come across a bride personally or a bride of a fellow photographers that has had a major problem with the planning of their wedding.

Then around June or July last year while talking a a very good friend of mine from Scotland, an amazing wedding photographer called Nikki McLeod she happens to mention that a couple of very big venues up that way had either closed or changed hands – Some of the brides had not found out about this till a week or so before they were expecting to get married.  Lucky enough for Nikki this did not affect any of her couples but it did affect other photographers she knows.  Nikki and I got into a long discussion about wedding insurance and the pro’s and con’s of it.

I didn’t think too much of it till mid March this year when I visited a wedding fair after moving to The West Midlands – I wanted to check out who would be my local completion.  At the wedding fair there were several companies selling wedding insurance so I asked what it covered and was surprised that it actually sounds like you get very good coverage for a very little cost up front.

In the last 6 months I personally have known of a very upmarket wedding dress shop closing its doors, a wedding car hire business shutting down and several smaller wedding related business folding.  Whilst none of these would have the impact on your day as a venue folding each has the potential to totally ruin your wedding if your not covered.

I would like to point out at this point – I am not selling wedding insurance, I dont have any affiliations to anyone selling wedding insurance and I am not suggesting you take it out – however if I were getting married again I (especially while the UK economy is the way it is) I would take it out in a heart beat.

In recent years my profession, Wedding Photography has been a bit of a boom business in terms of growth with many many people joining the ranks of the ‘wedding photographer circuit’ – However with the recent dip in the economy there has been an almighty boom with the number of ‘Part Time Wedding Photographer’ who have joined the ranks.  This has caused a few major problems for brides as most part timers are uninsured  (I carry full public Liability insurance as well as professional indemnity insurance)  – In any given year I normally get 2 – 3 frantic calls from brides asking if I am available at very short notice because ‘my photographer has let me down’ – in 2010 I have had 6 of these calls already.

I did a very quick search on Google for ‘wedding insurance comparison’ and the first site I pulled up was and thats where I got my information from

Prices range from a mere £18.99 to a staggering £318.00 and give you all sorts of different levels of coverage. As a full time wedding photographer I was happy to see that the lowest price they had factored in for professional wedding photography was £1200.00 This should be a good indication of what you should be expecting to pay for your wedding photography and what the insurance industry see’s as the lowest price a professional photographer should be charging.

There are many other sites, many other companies offering wedding insurance and I would take half an hour to Google, Bing, Yahoo ‘wedding insurance’ & ‘wedding insurance comparisons’ it could just be the best £20.00 you spend on your wedding.

Whilst you can always wear a different dress, get uncle Bob to take your photos, have uncle Phil drive you to the church and have aunt Nikki knock you up a buffet without spoiling your wedding, if your wedding venue goes bump and you cant find another licensed and approved wedding venue you could be in deep doo doo.

I dont want to panic anyone but I felt that this is quite an important topic to blog about,

Take care, hope your wedding plans are going great,



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ImogenApril 5, 2010 - 1:22 pm

Taking out wedding insurance was one of the first things we did (after booking you, of course, David!) When we looked at all the things that MIGHT go wrong, and the cover that was offered – and thought about the sort of money we were spending on everything else – £20 seemed a very reasonable amount to pay for peace of mind!
With the Big Day fast approaching now, hopefully we won’t need to use it – but, like any other insurance, it’s nice to know it’s there!


Hello there David here,

While it is quite over the bank holiday weekend I am working on the blog – if you like the way its looking please leave me a comment so I know I am going in the right direction


ImogenApril 5, 2010 - 1:23 pm

Really liking the new layout – it looks dead professional!

Though I kinda liked the friendly laid-back appraoch of the old one too – maybe I am just easy to please! 🙂

Wow where did the last year go……….

Hi there, David here with a bit of a self indulgent post.

Its only a few weeks till Soukie turns 1 – this year has flown by.

When Joshua was born we had hunted high and low for a special baby grow – we found one that was a cross between a cow’s print and a Zebra print.  When Soukie was cooking we spent months looking for a special baby grow for her but somehow never managed to find one that floated our boat.

So when Soukie was born we decided her first outfit would be Joshua’s first outfit.

When Joshua was born I had a canvas made up of the following photos – its only the picture not the page – that is taken from his first year album.

So today I dug out Soukie’s first day photos and made up another canvas (being sent to the lab now) – We shot it in such a way that they will end up facing each other on the wall.

Here are the two photos.



Where does the time go ?