Worcestershire & Birmingham Pregnancy Portraits

Portrait Photography – Pregnancy

Hello there,

Today saw me shooting at the Studio ! – Whats that I hear you ask, the studio ?

Shhhhh dont tell anyone – I am in the process of opening a portrait studio / Client meeting space, and production area – this will be GREAT as it will get me out of the house which will make more far more productive as my own little rug rats are starting to come and want to play on daddys computers all the time, whats worse is they want to skype video conference with ‘uncle Tim’ – I end up having to call him about 5 times a week just to keep the kids happy.  The studio is a long term project but will be a portrait studio providing family portraits for Kidderminster, Stourport, Bewdley, Worcestershire and Birmingham – The studio is going to offer specialist family portraits, newborn portraits, pregnancy portraits as well as make overs for ladies, Boudoir for ladies (as gifts for their partners) – When its eventually ready to open it will have its very own website as I plan on keeping the Wedding Photography and the Portrait photography separate.

Anyways back to Pregnancy Portraits – I was visited today by glowing mum to be called Roxanne, Roxanne is 33 weeks pregnant and wanted a few pregnancy portraits shot of her bump – She had her first baby a few weeks early so rather have her wait till the studio is totally finished she visited me today and we spent a few hours shooting both inside and outside the studio.

The shots in the studio are more bump focused so I am keeping those private for the time being – Roxanne has said I can put a few up on the site but I want to wait till the studio is ready to rock and roll before creating any more interest ! – After all its coming in to wedding season.

Around the grounds where the studio is located (5 minutes outside of Kiddermisnter) are some beautiful grounds and thats where we went today.

Here are a few from the day.

The glowing Roxanne

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Hope you like,



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Hey – Its Me !

Hello there,

I LOVE taking photos but I HATE having the camera turned on myself !

I often hear people say to me, Oh I dont like  having my photo taken and I can relate to that – I think thats why I enjoy the Documentary and reportage style of photography.

So I was shooting the wedding of Claire and Nick and Nikki (My Wife) was my assistant for the day – well whenever we work together she always manages to grab a photo of me.

So if you wondered what I look like – wonder no more, here I am.

Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Told you it was scary pic time !

Mr hicksMay 12, 2011 - 9:10 pm

looking cool Mr P

Mrs HicksMay 13, 2011 - 6:19 pm

Looking ur usual lovely self Mr P x

Engagement Shoot: Freya and Nick

Getting married in Pembrokeshire


Last weekend I was in Pembrokeshire for a wedding, the next day I got up really early to meet Freya and Nick on the beautiful Newport Pemb’s Beach before flying up the motorway for an easter egg hunt with the kids.

Freya and Nick chose Newport Pembs Beach and somewhere down near Strumble head and one of the requests was to include their camper / conversion van – naturally this made me happy due to the fantastic reflections the windows gave off !

Here are a random few photos from  the day.

Newport Pembs Beach – Pembrokeshire.

pembrokeshire wedding photographer

wedding photography pembrokeshire

pembrokeshire beach wedding photography

reflection photos

Then we went to Strumble Head

Congratulations to Freya and Nick – what an amazing morning it was,

Cant wait till the wedding – there are surprises in store at this wedding that I cant wait to blog about – its going to be GREAT



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Engagement Photo Shoot – Sneak Peek

Hi there,

This weekend I was in Pembrokeshire shooting a wedding, I used that as a good excuse to photograph the engagement session of Freya and Nick who’s wedding I will be photographing later in the year.

This is just a sneak peek so only a couple of photos today, I should have the rest done in the next few days, I came down with a little cold Monday and am just getting over it now.

Freya and Nick have a fab camper van and wanted photos with it on the beach – naturally this mixed lots of my favorite things tho photograph in one place – happy couple in love, the beach, sunny weather, reflections (water and off the camper windows etc)

So here are just a couple – more very soon……….

pembrokeshire wedding photography engagement shoot

wedding photogaphy pembrokeshire

more soon,



Gellifawr Wedding – Tree and Tom!

Quick Sneak Peek


Hi there,

This is not the full wedding photo blog story of the wedding of Teresa and Tom which took place at the stunningly beautiful Gellifawr in Pembrokeshire this weekend but is just a quick sneak peek as I have had a crazy busy week and have had a little cold as well. – I am back to fighting fit and ready to rock and roll again.

So since I know the couple are away for a couple of weeks, I will get the blog story sorted out in the next few days but until then I just wanted to share a couple from the couples bridal portrait sessions.

The couple gave me 20 minutes between the wedding and the sit down meal and then another 30 minutes later in the evening to ‘create’ some of my more stylized / fashion inspired images – these typically make great full page spread images in the album or look amazing as big framed prints on your walls.

Here are a few from those sessions.

gellifawr wedding

couple getting married at gellifawr

wedding photos at pentre ifan

More soon but just wanted to give you a sneak peek !


Tree & TomApril 28, 2011 - 2:50 pm

Hi David,
Thought we would just check in to see if the photos had made it up. They look absolutely stunning. Thank you so much, we cannot wait to see the rest.

Speak to you soon
Tree & Tom