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Sneak Peek – The wedding of Simonie and Mitchell

Hi there, short and sweet from me tonight, this is just a sneak peek – Just 6 photos from the amazing wedding of Simonie and Mitchell.  The full blog story will be up in around 10 days time and then I will fill you in on all the details etc – but this was another wedding for a couple from outside the UK – Simonie and Mitchell are from Australia so Simonie was planning a wedding in England from the other side of the world !

I remember when meeting up with Simonie on one of her vists to the UK when she  first time they told me they were getting married at St Mary’s Church in Lapworth, it was not a Church I was familiar with so I had to do a drive by – I was so excited from that moment on – the church up on the bank looked amazing and I knew it would make for great photos – little did I know just how good it would really be.

Anyway, as I said this is just a sneak peek – I have picked 5 of my favorite shots from the day all for various reasons so enjoy.

warwickshire wedding photography

The rest of the photos are on a white background – I am moving over to a white background but have not done the portrait (vertical ones yet)

henley in arden wedding photography

getting married at st marys lapworth warwickshire

wedding photographers henley in arden

getting married at hamptom manor

wedding photographers warwickshire

Okay, off to bed now, Yesterday was a long day, I shot for over 13 hours ! but enjoyed every second of it.

I would also just quickly like to think Paul from Paul Goode Photography – http://www.paulgoodephotography.co.uk for assisting me on the day.  I have known Paul for about a year now, he is a very talented photographer from the Sutton Coldfield area.  Paul stepped in for Helen who could not make this wedding.  Thanks Paul for all your hard work and amazing photos.



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Cheshire wedding photographerMay 19, 2011 - 11:12 am

Very nice photographys, lovely lighting and composition

London Wedding PhotographerMay 19, 2011 - 5:47 pm

Love the ring shot David… love the colours as well.

Simonie BurnJune 10, 2011 - 7:33 am

Thank you David!

It was fantastic to see some photos of our big day on your website before we headed off on our honeymoon and where able to relive the day. It’s also been great to see the slideshow, bringing back wonderful memories….

I love all the photos above but I’m biased and love the photo with my dog! She didn’t want to miss being a part of the big day… Thank you for capturing it.

Can’t wait for the photo album!

Simonie & Mitch

Who said wedding photography was all about cameras……


Just a quick post today,

I started going to the photos from last weekends amazing wedding of Laura and Matt

Well it was very early in the day and I was up in the room while the girls were having hair and makeup done and as I turned around I saw the bride taking my photo, I quickly snapped a camera of Laura snapping me !

wedding photography

Naturally I couldnt post a photo of Laura without posting one of Matt – this one was taken about half an hour before the wedding,  Laura was worried that Matt was feeling stressed – well that was not the case – he was living it large for the camera at the time !

Matt being ultra cool


Right its party time in the Purslow household as its our Daughters 2nd birthday today, so enough work – off to party !



Mrs HicksMay 13, 2011 - 9:20 am

love these david they are brilliant!
cant wait to the rest 🙂
thank u so much for making our day so special xx

Getting married at Gellifawr Pembrokeshire

The Wedding of Tree and Tom

Hi there,

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Teresa (Tree) and Tom – I had first spoken to the couple via Skype while they were in Texas (USA) and they booked me on the spot.  So it was not until the day of the wedding that I first met Tree and Tom.  You might thing that strange but I actually only meet around 50 % of my clients before the actual wedding.

Tree and Tom had expressed exactly what they were looking for and I had a few secret emails with Tree about the dress etc – I got ever excited when i knew that Tree would be wearing a deep red wedding dress – I  knew this would make for great photos, then I heard that they wanted to go up to Pentre Ifan and shoot some similar photos those I shot at the wedding of Liz and Hayden.

Well I turned up to Gellifawr which is a GREAT place for a wedding with lots of amazing photo opportunities, no mobile phone signal so no distractions and the most friendly and efficient staff you could ever wish to find.  I shoot a lot of weddings in Pembrokeshire since I lived there for 7  years and Gellifawr is one of my favorite venues.

gellifawr hotel pembrokeshire

From the second I arrived I knew the theme of the day would be flowers, butterflies and bows – and I have never seen the inside of the hotel looking so good – The ceiling was dressed –  this was the first time I had seen this at this venue

getting married at gellifawr

chair covers pembrokeshire

and talking of butterflies, there were amazing ones hanging from the ceiling

pembrokeshire wedding photography

and did I mention flowers ?  well these had butterflies as well 🙂

and I decided to use these for the ring shot

wedding ring photos

and since I am doing the flowers at this time, here is a beautiful wand that the young bridesmaid carried – I saw it sitting on a window sill next to it was the buttonholes

bridesmaid want with red rose

white button hole

so after we shot all the detail shots etc, we took a trip to the brides room to photograph the wedding dress – it was breathtaking – there is something magical about red wedding dresses (maybe it could be because Nikki my wife wore one on at our wedding)

red wedding dress

I knew the second I saw the dress it was going to look spectacular on and couldnt wait to get the couple outside for a few ‘signature style photos’

While Tree got dressed Tom got a special gift – it was beautiful, and it came in a very special little blue box

shortly after this Tree was ready and made her way over to the main hotel building for the wedding service, naturally I used this time to grab a few shots

bride in red wedding dress

and a closeup of the beautiful Tree in her amazing wedding dress

and then the moment all brides dream about – walking down the aisle

and looking at Tree walking down the aisle was Tom – this photo gave Tom huge kudos with all the girls at the wedding, if he hadnt just got married……..  well lets say he let is softer side show !

emotional groom reportage photo

and the happy couple got married !

bit wedding kiss

and the exchange of rings

and then as man and wife they walked down the aisle together

at this stage I let the couple have a mad 10 minutes with their guests before starting to shoot the formals

The big group shot

group shot at gellifawr

while we were outside the staff turned over the room and dressed it for the wedding breakfast – again tons of detail went into this and it looked amazing

wedding room photo gellifawr

table setup at gellifawr

wedding cake

Then while the guests were being seated for the wedding breakfast I took the couple off for 15 minutes for a few of my signature style images – these are the more artistic, staged images.

beautiful wedding photo

artistic wedding photography

stunning wedding portrait

amazing wedding photography

creative wedding photography

reportage wedding photography pembrokeshire

Then it was back inside for the wedding breakfast, after this were the speeches and I shot this pretty much in a photo journalistic way (raportage style) – around 2/3rds of my coverage is shot this way I dont often put too many of them on the blog as I like to get in the details, the wedding and the other shots but today decided to give you a small selection.

reportage wedding photography

documentary wedding photography

This one got a good chuckle during the slideshow

reportage wedding photography pembrokeshire

candid wedding photography

documentary wedding photo

west wales wedding photography

and I am a sucker for little babies and black and whites so when you get a shot like this its just magical

black and white reportage wedding photography

*** ooops I suddenly realised that I forgot to show you a photo of the brides bouquet, I know its out of order but its such a stunning arrangement that I have just got to pop it here

bridal bouquet

Then after dinner it was time for the first dance, and here is quick one from that

Normally after the first dance is where the photos stop, however Tree and Tom had requested a sunset trip to Pentre Ifan – its a burial chamber that kind of looks like a mini Stone Henge and it makes for great photos.

wedding photography pentreifan

pentre ifan wedding photo

wedding photography west wales

What an amazing day – I cant say a big enough thanks to Tree and Tom for choosing me to be part of their big day, I had the time of my life it was a great wedding and I am delighted with the results.  I know Tree and Tom are due back from Honeymoon today so have put the photos up for their return.  I wish them all the very best in the world and hope that the joy and the happiness they experienced on that day lasts their lifetime.

Congratulations guys,



David Purslow
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bycostelloMay 10, 2011 - 1:25 pm

beautiful pics & couple… love the attention to the details…


TheresaMay 11, 2011 - 3:55 pm

Tree and Tom’s wedding photo’s are amazing!

Berkshire Wedding PhotographyMay 30, 2011 - 4:38 pm

Wow David,

That’s one stunning set of wedding pictures you have crafted here. It does help that you have a couple who are up for getting out into the landscape and spending the time. But both creatively and technically, the results are stunning. I also enjoyed the use of the claret armchair as a prop.

Got some great inspiration out of these shots

Keep up the good work and all the best


Laura and Matt’s Pembrokeshire Wedding

Hi there,

Very quick post from me this morning, I am still on the road but found some internet access.

Yesterday saw me shooting the wedding of Laura and Matthew in beautiful Pembrokeshire.  Matt and Laura are good friends so it was a special wedding.  Laura has asked if we could pop to the beach and shoot some arty shots – naturally the weather was not playing  ball and it was windy as hell ! but that wouldnt stop me or Laura and Matt !

Here is a quick one we snagged on the beach – this is unedited as I am on my laptop but wanted to share – the veil is blowing in the wind – LOVE it !

pembrokeshire wedding photography temby

more later

heading home in a bit taking the kids to a park or the beach first,



David Purslow
Wedding Photographer


Mrs HicksMay 13, 2011 - 9:24 am

love it! x

David PurslowMay 13, 2011 - 9:31 am

Yes Mrs Hicks, you were a trooper, I know it was cold and about ready to rain but well worth it. – I love this one too xx

Fun Wedding Photos

Something to add a bit of fun !

Hello there,

Short and sweet today as I packed up the car to head off for another wedding this weekend I found a bit of chalk – then I wondered if I had posted any pictures of one of my new toys ?

A couple of weeks ago I was in Pembrokeshire for the Wedding of  Tree and Tom (Tree = Teresa)  It was an amazing wedding and ended up with lots and lots of great photos

At one stage we pulled out our chalkboard – this is something we keep in the car for quite times 🙂  it adds a lot of fun – The idea is simple, a nice black board, chalk and wedding guests – they write a message to the bride and groom – its simple.  The funny thing is everyone really wants to have a go and the competition for the best drawings or messages really gets going – creating for even more fun at your wedding.

Definitely not your traditional wedding photos but then thats me – I dont do traditional !

So here you go, a few from Tree and Tom’s wedding for you to take a peek at


Here you can see guests filling it and and people watching the artists at work !

worcestershire wedding photography

And the restult

message blackboard at weddings

worcester wedding photographer

fun wedding photography

contemporary wedding photography

wedding photography outside the box

and dont you get to see some funny messages !!!!!!

pembrokeshire wedding photography

Just thought I would share a few,

Take care,