Very quick update !

Hello there,

It seems like I have been Missing in Action over the past 6 weeks, well I am still here and been shooting like a mad man.

I have been having major internet issues associated with moving into our NEW STUDIO !!!!! – this should all be sorted out tomorrow afternoon and I will start to catch up on the blog, so in the mean time, here are a few images from a few of my past weddings over the past 6 weeks.

The Wedding of Chris and Anushka – actually 2 weddings in one day !

The Wedding of Amber and Chris

The Wedding of Hannah and Dan

The Wedding of Emily and Nick

The Wedding of Stephanie and Chris

A Production Out take from the shot above – in this shot, Sarah my assistant shoots me holding the light she was holding in the above photo and showing how we get the veil flying

Dummy Run in the studio – I asked Top UK baby photographer Sarah Wilkes (Sarah Wilkes Photography – ) to come to the studio and show me how its done – I had a fantastic mentor session !

This is Baby James

Worcestershire Baby photographer portraits

As you can see I have been a busy boy – I will be posting full blog stories starting next week as with any luck my internet issues should be sorted out this week 🙂 – Oh well I cant drink yet another cup of this McDonnalds coffee so better run – see you all soon,



Rosie and Jason’s Engagement Shoot at Witley Court

Rosie and Jason are getting married in a few weeks in Droitwich with a wedding reception at the magnificent Elms Hotel in Worcestershire.

A few weeks ago I met up with Rosie and Jason for an engagement shoot at Witley Court in Worcestershire.  Witley court is a truly spectacular venue for this kind of photo shoot – you need to buy a license to use it commercially but its money well spent – even in the poring rain which we had  all day.

We started off in the church next to Witley Court hoping the rain would hold off, but alas it did not but I have to give the couple credit – they were troopers, no matter what I asked them to do, even sitting on the ground (albeit on my reflector) they just dived right in.  The other thing was the fountain at Witley Court only goes off twice an hour and each time it does it gets quite an audience so Rosie and Jason had a good crowd watching them be all romantic and in love.

Here are a few from the day.

Inside the church at Witley Court

engagement shoot at witley court

engagement shoot at witley court

Then it was outside into the rain. here it was raining hard, we had a tiny space under a tree to stage  a few pics !

worcestershire wedding photography

wedding photographer worcestershire

But the rain did not dampen the spirits of Rosie and Jason – When your in love, rain is nothing to worry about.

wedding photographer

wedding photography

witley court

photoshoot at witley court

Here you can see the big fat rain drops – forrest gump sized rain drops !

engagement shoot

Just goofing around – wanted to create something dramatic

creative wedding photography

In the following shots the couple were getting soaked – if you peek at the bottom of their jeans you can see the tide mark creeping up the whole time.

modern wedding photography

contemporary wedding photography

contemporary wedding photographer

reportage wedding photography

Again below we are under the trees !

documentary wedding photographer

black and white wedding photos

I had to put this one in, this was the moment cramp set in !

engagement shoot at witley court

Sneak Peek – Alex and Lisa getting married

at Gosfield Hall, Essex

Hello there,

This weekend I shot the wedding of Lisa and Alex at the amazing Gosfield Hall Wedding venue in Essex.  Gosfield Hall has to be one of the top Essex wedding venues and proved to be a photographers dream – the room Lisa got ready in was truely amazing and the rest of the hall matched it.

This is just  a sneak peek – the full blog story will be in about 2 weeks (the couple are away for a few weeks  now)


Gosfield Hall wedding photography

wedding photos at gosfield hall essex

wedding room at gosfield hall

bride getting married at gosfield hall essex

high quality essex wedding photography

contemporary wedding photography

reportage wedding photos

beautiful wedding photography

top wedding photographer

documentary wedding photography

creative wedding photography

hope you like this sneak peek, Just before I go I wanted to say a big thank you .

I just want to thank Iain Gomes who assisted and 2nd shot (was my second photographer) with  me out at this wedding.  Iain is a true gentleman and a really great photographer based around London – Iain provided lighting assistance for me as Helen was not able to assist me with this wedding and he also photographed the boys getting ready in the morning.  I cant say enough good things about Iain – he has a great eye and I hope to work with him again on some other projects in the future.

I will post a fun photo of Iain (I got a good few shots of him) when I post the full blog story.  Iain’s website is

Thanks very much Iain ! – your one of the good guys.



David Purslow
Wedding Photographer (Midlands based – National UK Coverage)
Phone 01299 250114
mobile 0759 007 6666

The Wedding of Laura and Matt

A beautiful Pembrokeshire Wedding
photography by David Purslow

Hi there,

A bit of a self indulgent post today, a couple of weeks ago saw me shooting the wedding of Laura and Matt – very good family friends.  The wedding took place at Haywood Mount in Tenby in Pembrokeshire.  Mrs P and the kids came along for the day so it was a fantastic day all round – made special by spending it with friends, family and loved ones.

I say the post is a bit indulgent because normally my blog posts tell the story of the day, well this one is slightly different, I am going to tell the story of Matt and Laura.  During the morning Laura was worried Matt would be stressing out – as you will see in the photos his mates made sure that was not the case and he seemed very relaxed, he even managed to give me dozens of great poses for the camera.

So lets start off with just a few details,

Laura’s beautiful Tiara and the rings

wedding tiara

haywood mount wedding photos

Then I went to find my beautiful bride for the day – this was the first photo of Laura that I took on her wedding day.

getting married at haywood mount

and then while Lyn the Makeup Lady was working on Laura

This may look like a set up shot but this was ALL LAURA !

wedding photography haywood mount


tenby wedding photographer

Rachel from Seren Style putting the veil into Lauras hair

and special moments for Laura, speding time with one of her daughters who was going to be one of the flower girls

haywood mount wedding photographer

then Laura was pretty much ready and looked fantastic – what a beautiful bride

bride getting ready

and just at that moment in came Laura’s other little girl – I JUST LOVE THE EXPRESSIONS THESE PHOTOS CAUGHT

bridal preparations

wedding photographer

wedding photography

Then it was final few last minute adjustments

west wales

While this little one ‘posed’ for just one photo !

baby at wedding

making sure the necklace is straight and the veil is secure

bride looking serious

and well – then its time for a bit of perfume !

funny bride photo

and Laura pops on that final bit of lippy

bride in mirror

So here we are going to jump back in time just a little – we are back to about where Laura is still in her dressing gown.  As I mentioned before Laura and Matt are good friends so Laura confided in me that she was worried that Matt was going to be a little nurverous before the wedding, several people told her that he was looking a little worried – so I went off in search of Matt to see for myself.

When I found Matt – I very quickly shot a whole bunch of photos and chilled a bit with him, needless to say when I got back to Laura’s room I had good news to report – far from being a wreck Matt seemed to be taking it all in his stride (at this time 🙂

In the first 3 shots, Matt was just chilling with some of the Lads – standing off a little ways and using a longer lens this was Matt being Matt not posing for the camera !

relaxed groom

groom looking relaxed

groom getting ready

Unfortunatly I cant say the same for these photos.

Because it was so Sunny, I found a nice wall in a slightly shady spot and then got Matt to stand by it and give me a few looks


groom hanging out with mates






groom looking cool

and then about 10 minutes before the wedding – came Matt the serious dude.  I felt for Matt here he was starting to look a little white around the gills as they say

groom looking nervous

but as you can see Laura was coming down the hall way with a BIG smile on her face

bride just before walking down aisle

and then a little bit of a serious look appeared, here Laura is standing just outside the door to the wedding room at Haywood Mount – about 30 feet away from Matt – just a couple of minutes before she walked down the Aisle.

just before walking down aisle

Then while Laura walked down the Aisle Matt was looking pretty serious, I am sure there was a tear there somewhere 🙂

Once Matt and Laura were side by side he started to get a little colour back.  Laura is looking over at me as I have one of the little ones next to me who is looking at photos on the back of my second camera at the time – it kept her entertained for a good while.

laughing at aisle

and then the happy smiles returned to Matt – they were also joined at the front by one of the little ones.

little baby joins wedding

Its all smiles as the couple start saying their vows to each other – I love the look of emotion that Laura is giving Matt

just before wedding kiss

Then all too soon, The rings go on – I love the actual wedding service and its one of my favorite parts of the day to photograph and I know pretty soon after the rings start going on that the couple will be married and then the service will be over – The actual wedding service always makes for GREAT wedding photos – the range of emotions the couples go thru, the looks they give each other, the hand holding, the tears etc.

putting the wedding ring on

and this is just one such example, I would LOVE to know what Laura is thinking right at this moment, one of my favorite photos from the day – its one of my favorites because I know the couple and I have seen similar expressions on Laura’s face when she is talking about or playing with the girls and I know its a genuine emotion from deep inside. – This shot is the REAL LAURA !

funny look

and this is THE REAL LAURA AND MATT – you could  almost feel the relief flowing out of Matt here

the big kiss

The its was time for the signing of the register shots – I have sent the couple over 500 + photos which include all the ones that normally go here so there is no just look at the camera signing photo in this set, this set of pics is all about the couple sharing the day, the emotion they both went thru and the enjoyment as a family they felt.

family shot

I dont think at this stage that Matt was the only one who felt relief at having the wedding  ceremony over

married couple

The day was full of joy and lots and lots of kids, there was even a big bouncy castle for the kids to play on – I shot the confetti shot in front of it as it took up one whole end of the garden.


and I am happy to say my friends could not keep their hands off each other – to me this is what a wedding is all about, two people in love becoming one couple and enjoying the hell out of the day.

more confetti

and dont you agree, Matt looks a hell of a lot more relaxed that he did 20 minutes ago 🙂

relaxed groom after wedding

and yet again, couldnt keep them apart – none of these photos (apart from confetti one and the group shot were set up – these were all just shot from the side lines and were totally natural captures – Laura and Matt were all over each other and it was GREAT too see !

couple kissing after wedding

and Matt was not the only one who was happy and showing it – I love this voyeuristic shot of Laura,

bride laughing after wedding

and while the girls were having photos taken by friends I snapped this one, Laura spotted me out of the corner of her eye and just as I took it turned to look at me – what a cheeky little look

bride and bridesmaid

Group shot photos are very important to me, I think they sum up what a wedding is all about – being surrounded by all your friends

group shot at haywood mount

Although this post is all about the couple I just had to drop this one in there, this is the room set up for the wedding breakfast – I had never seen table toppers  like this – they looked amazing.  The staff at Haywood mount turned the room over very quickly and its a credit to them, the room looked amazing.

wedding room setup haywood mount tenby

After dinner Laura and Matt decided that we were taking a trip to the beach,  I should point out it was very windy, threatening rain and was pretty over cast – but that never stops me – I am often heard saying that your SKIN is WATERPROOF  – We had a blast on the beach and got loads and loads of great photos

beach wedding photos

married couple on the beach

tenby beach wedding photos

windy beach shot wedding tenby

Then it was back to Haywood Mount for the night time to start and the couples first dance as husband and wife ! – again I love this shot.

first dance

This was a great wedding for me because I got to spend the day with not only Laura and Matt but with Mrs P and I saw Joshua and Soukie having a whale of a time.  Joshua loves spending time with Laura’s two little ones (whos names I do now but I generally dont put other peoples kids names on the internet)  Nikki had a great time because she saw Laura and Matt get married and had Helen to hang out with who also helped with our two when she was not helping me out.

Here is one last one to end off with, it was shot on the beach as we walked back to the car – I LOVE THIS PHOTO.

wedding photos tenby beach

Naturally it just leaves me to say a HUGE congratulations to Laura and Matt – thanks for letting me be a part of your big day.

hugs, kisses,



Mrs HicksMay 24, 2011 - 9:23 am

David you are truly an amazing photographer, we couldnt have asked for anyone better you have captured everthing we wanted and i absolutely love them all!
I know how much hard work you have put into this so I am truly grateful and really appreciate every ounce of effort you have put into doing these photos fo us
Thank you David you are a fabulous and we love u!
ps, matt hasnt seen this yet, will show him later x

Amy HodgkissMay 24, 2011 - 12:52 pm

stunning photos…catured the emotion and atomsphere of the whole day.

A Very Special Thank You

To Paul Goode Photography

Hello there,

This weekend saw me shooting the wedding of Simonie and Mitchell – (see below)

If your a regular to my blog you will know I generally work with an assistant / second shooter and its because of the people I work with that I feel I can create the kinds of images my clients seem to love and want.  Well this week Helen was not able to make it and after putting into practice my backup procedures I am very happy to say that Paul jumped into to help me out.

Paul (Paul Goode) from Paul Goode Photography – is based in Sutton Coldfield and is a very talented wedding & portrait photographer in his own right.

Although I am now fully booked myself  for 2011 I know Paul has a few slots left and I have no hesitation at all in recommending him.

Paul spent the morning with the boys while I spent the morning with the girls then we teamed up at the church to provide amazing coverage of Simonie and Mitchell’s big day which carried on to Hampton Manor for the reception.  Paul continued to second shoot and also assisted me with lighting etc for the bridal portraits and some of my signature images.

I know Paul probably wont enjoy this photo but I do try to capture photos of my assistants / second shooters working throughout the day however this was the the only photos I managed to capture of Paul this Saturday since the wedding was so FULL ON and we worked our socks off.

so for the record – THANKS PAUL – your my hero and you helped make me look good !

Paul Goode - Paul Goode Photography

You can visit Paul’s website at