Photography Training Courses

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Just a quick update, Over the winter months while things slow down a bit I offer photography training.  I have run courses for several years now and they always go down a storm.  I limit the people on the courses to between ONLY 2 & 4 to make them an almost one on one kind of feeling and to give you the very maximum amount of time going over exactly what you want to learn.

This year we are also offering ONE on ONE sessions at either your location (with expenses) or at our studio where we cover whatever it is your wanting to get covered – more details below

We are also offering Gift Certificates so if your buying someone  a new camera for Christmas or they already have one but dont really know how to use it then give them the gift of training that will give them years of enjoyment from their camera.

Here is an overview of the courses

This is an brief overview of each course, full details are below including dates and costs.

  • Basic speed light introduction – Learn how to get better results from your on camera flash and the basics of  moving it off camera.
  • Advanced Speed lighting – Learn advance techniques and how to use different light modifiers with your speed lights, learn how to use multiple lights and control them.
  • Basic introduction into studio lights – Learn what a studio light is, how it works, the difference between and how and when to use a softbox, a strip box, reflectors, flags, beauty dish, an octobox, a deep octabox and the all important studio umbrella.
  • Advanced studio lighting – Learn high key, low key, fashion, beauty and dramatic lighting for portrait clients
  • 1 on 1 Boudoir / Pinup / Art Nude Workshop – Spend a whole day one on one with a model learning how to create amazing beautiful and sexy portraits.
  • Model Photography – taking it to the next Level – Learn the secrets of talking to, directing and posing models – advance lighting techniques and the business side of model photography including finding models, model releases, what to pay models and finding model who will work for little or no money.
  • Gorilla Photoshop and Lightroom – Learn secrets of Photoshop and Lightroom that have taken years to prefect and minutes to apply that will transform nice looking images into amazing looking portfolio images. Cut your editing time by 80 % and get much better results.

One one One training is available from £75.00 per hour or £250.00 for 1/2 a day and £450.00 for a whole day.

Full details can be found on our training page on our website at

If you would like any more details just drop me an email to

Most of the training will take place in our studio in Hartlebury in Worcestershire




Photo of the Week – December 4th 2011

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Welcome to this weeks Photo of the Week – You can see more photos of the week by visiting the Photos of the Week Section

Posting this one a few hours early as I am running photography workshop tomorrow and probably wont have time to get around to posting tomorrow.

The reason I have picked this image is because it came from another teaching day of sorts.  I was lucky enough to be mentored in baby photography by Sarah Wilkes from Sarah Wilkes Photography, Sarah is a good friend of mine and one of the top baby photographers in the UK.  When baby James came into the world, I called Sarah and asked for help – she asked for help in return as Sarah only used to shoot all natural light.  So we did a trade, I spent a day teaching Sarah about lighting for baby portraits etc, and she spent the day teaching me about baby whispering.

During one such exercise Sarah had just put James into ‘The Pose’ as its called or ‘The Frog Pose’ as some others call it, I was about to start taking photos when I noticed James slipping a little so while Sarah waited to stop him lolling about I snapped this shot.

photo of the week

The reason I picked this image today is that tomorrow as I said, I am running a workshop on photography lighting for portraits and weddings.  Sarah has come along for a refresher (actually she just moved a lot closer to us so guess if it were the summer this would be a bbq weekend but she is hanging out at the workshop)  and my model for tomorrows workshop happens to be Roxanne who is baby James mum  –  so its kind of a big happy reunion !

You can find out more about the photography course I run by visiting my Wedding & Portrait photography workshops page.

You can see some of Sarah’s amazing baby portraits or find out more about the one on one mentoring sessions offered by Sarah (one of the UK’s top baby photographers) by visiting her site at

Thanks much,

see you next week !



Want to see more Photos of the week – if so click HERE

Speed light / strobist style photography workshop – Lighting tutorial

NEXT COURSE – December 4th 2011 – Fast track course on speedlights and studio lights

DATE: Sunday December 4th 211

LOCATION: Our studio – Hartlebury (just outside of Kidderminster in Worcestershire)

COST: £195.00 including lunch and refreshments – LIMITED TO ONLY 4 PHOTOGRAPHERS

TIMES: Doors open 9:00, Starts 9:30 ends between 5&6 pm

Content: Using on and off camera flash, using studio lights, how to which lighting modifier to use when



To be notified when our next course is announced please email us as

This is not a shoot day but a whole day of education each photographer will have plenty of time to shoot one on one with the model for each and every setup. When not shooting you will be watching the shooting photographer and learning from their mistakes and what they do really well.

We will be shooting tethered to the 50 inch plasma so you will see the SOOC results right away

I will be providing a model for the day (Roxanne – photo below) who will also sign model releases included in the price for portfolio use.

The basic theme of the workshop is get to know your lighting equipment, what it does, how to push it a little.

What will be covered is

1 light setup, 2 light setup and 3 light setups.

I will start off using speedlights (on and off camera) flashes – I will be walking you thru setting flashes in manual and ttl modes (based around the Nikon system) but you will be able to use the same settings for Canon pretty much.

I will be starting off with on camera flash, bounced flash into reflectors, foofing flash – then taking the flash off camera, triggering it and using light modifyers.

I will be talking about and showing and using

Reflectors – white / silver / zebra / black !! and translucent

Umbrella’s reflective and shoot thru

Soft boxes from the lastolite / ebay pop up softboxes for speedlights to bigger softboxes to octoboxes, deep octoboxes to huge softboxes again all using speedlights and being triggered manually

Strip boxes


Damian Mcgillicudy beautydish



I will show you how to use a white background and make it white, gray and black, blue, red, and so on

Later in the day we may switch to Studio lights just to get a little more punch but by then the principles will be well known.

I will be talking about light in general, size, quality, quantity, direction etc.

A lunch will be provided and knowing mrs P I am sure home made cakes and the like will also be on hand throughout the whole day, we have a fridge full of soft drinks and a coffee machine on the go all day. Lunch will be sandwiches and a few hot snacks.

Time and weather permitting we may venture outside and play by the lakes or in the woods around the studio but that all depends on how the day runs.

I am looking at a WHOLE day of education – we also have a great indian round the corner which is an old fashion balti house where you can bring your own drink if you so wish and afterwards we can carry on there and talk the night away.

The doors (door) will open at 9:00 am and we will start at 9:30 and will finish at around 5 – 6 PM – Roxanne will be on hand from around 10 am ish as the first hour is all about the equipment and will be with us till it finishes.

We have a travellodge 2 miles away for those thinking of coming from a long way away.

This is a lighting workshop from the very basics to working with off camera flash to create dramatic portraits.

The fine Print.

Once booked no cancellations as this is a very limited space workshop.
If you die before the workshop I will give you your money back
You can sell your space if for some reason something pops up
If I die, Mrs P will give you your money back
If I break my leg and cant make it or for some reason beyond my control then you get a full refund

The Serious fine print.

I will be on hand to answer any and all questions
I will be shooting behind the scenes video and still throughout the day
You are free to shoot the lighting setups etc
The DEAL BREAKER when another photographer is working with the model under no circumstances whatsoever will you be allowed to take photos – you will have all the time in the world to work with your model and will do so knowing there are no distractions going to take place.

I will supply all the lighting equipment – be sure to bring your own if you like but dont loose it.
Your more than welcome to use my equipment (camera / lenses etc) and just bring your own memory cards

Interested please let me know either by email to or below.

The cost will be £195.00 per person.

Limited to 3 Photographers.

Sunday 4th December

Lastly let me know if afterwards you would be interested in taking the meeting more informal at a pub or indian.

thank you


1 on 1 Boudoir Photography Training Workshop

Please note:
This course is costs £500.00 as its 1 on 1 – you can bring a colleague for an additional £200.00 and split the cost which makes each photographers cost only  £350.00 for the whole day.

If you are looking for more affordable boudoir photography training, then try our :-

introduction to boudoir photography course which only costs £195.00 – you can find all the details here

1 on 1 Boudoir Photography Training

We have received a number of requests for a Boudoir Photography Workshop and have decided for the time being due to the intimate nature of the shoots that it would be better in very small groups or even as a one on one shoot.

Spend a whole day shooting a top professional glamour model.

Our style of boudoir photography is based around GREAT lighting which is the key to all good photography and also in how to direct a model, how to coax out those looks a model gives the camera that connects with the person viewing the photographs.  This produces consistent results and you will end up producing your own images that look like this by the end of the day.

sexy photography workshop

boudoir photography workshop

The basic outline of what we have come up with is this.

Our Studio in Hartlebury in Worcestershire – Nearest Train Station is Kidderminster – Travel lodge just down the road – we can pick you up and drop you off at the station if needed.

Times / Duration
All day – 9:30 – 5:30 this will be an all day session more details below (we are flexible on times as its a bespoke course based totally around you)

Provided as is hot and cold drinks throughout the day

What you will Learn
Lighting for boudoir / Pin Up photography + Model posing + how to interact with your model

Level of Photography
The model will be in various states of dress throughout the day from lingerie to Topless and playboy style nudity (tasteful full nudity)

Limits of Photography
This course is a serious course for photographers wishing to venture in to boudoir / pinup styles of photography as as such will be conducted in a professional manor.

A more detailed overview

This will be a full on day of learning.  The day will start off with you letting us know what you want out of the day at the end of the day we will see if we have net your expectations and hopefully blown them out of the water.  We will teach you all about boudoir for profit, what to charge, how to up sell and how to offer collections that make the client spend more money.   You will be teach you  several different lighting setups and once you have mastered these we will show you how with subtle little changes you can create a myriad of different and dramatic lighting pattens which will make your images stand out.  You will shoot with a beautiful live model while you learn these and we will review the photos as we take by connecting to a 50 inch plasma screen.

Each setup will start off with the model clothed and walk you through the process of shooting a sexy striptease and end up with  some beautiful high class nude portraits.  During this you will be learning more about lighting and posing and what to look out for to make your post production run quicker – its much easier to fix things in camera than it is to work on them later – we will teach you how to spot things that will save you hours afterwards.

We will also teach you how to look out for interesting photos that while tame have a underlining air of sensuality about them and the kinds of images you can fill your portfolio with (often real clients wont want their face in photos on your website)


birmingham boudoir photography workshop

As the day progresses you will learn the etiquet that takes place duing the shoot, especially when your model is topless or nude.

The day will be broken up by a lunch provided by ourselves and throughout the day there will be hot and cold drinks available

The costs are

For the One On One session it costs £500.00 and this includes all model fee’s model release fee’s allowing you to display your images in your online or printed portfolio.  A deposit of £200.00 is due to secure a date and the balance is due 2 weeks prior to the shoot itself.

You can bring along a friend / 2nd shooter for an additional cost of £200.00  (total of £700.00) which means you each only pay £350.00 for the whole days shooting.

If you book a shoot between December 1st 2011 and December 24th 2011 you will receive a discount of £100.00
This means a One on One session only costs £400.00 and a 2 on one workshop only costs £600.00 (or £300.00 each)The shoot has to take place between December 1st 2011 and January 31st 2012 to be eligible for the Christmas offer !

To enquire or book a session send an email to 
call our studio line on 01299 253844

Below are a few more the kinds of images you will be shooting on the day – The model shown in all of these photos is a local model to the studio called Brook and is available, we are currently putting together a model register of other models and once complete you can choose your own model for the day or let us select one for you.

topless model photography workshop

model for boudoir workshop

photography workshop - topless models




Getting married at The Old Rectory Redditch

The Wedding of Ellen and Dave

Hello there,

It’s been a while since I posted up a whole wedding but as things start to slow back down after a hectic year I can start to catch up and blog a few recent weddings.  I am going to start off with the beautiful wedding of Ellen and Dave.

Its seems forever ago that Ellen, Dave and Dave’s mum came to visit me and book me for their wedding.  I was pretty excited to be honest as Ellen told me the couple were getting married at The Old Rectory in Redditch in Worcestershire.  The Old Rectory is an amazing wedding venue, its a hidden away boutique wedding venue that ooozes charm and romance and from a photographers point of view, its freaking awesome – the opportunities for photographs are endless.

But back to the wedding of Ellen and Dave, like pretty much all of my weddings I started the day with the bride and that meant at Ellies Salon (the hairdressers)

ellies salon bromsgrove

Ellen and the girls had the place to themselves and it was great, I have to thank the staff at Ellies as I was looked after so well, and drank enough tea and coffee for it to almost be coming out of my ears.

Bridal preparations is probably my second favorite part of the day – I love seeing how the bride transforms from looking like your normal girl to looking like a princess or in Ellens case a movie star (all about the lippy as you will see later)

I should also point out that of all my brides this year Ellen shocked me the most, I should explain a little – when we did the engagement session it was pouring with rain, also Ellen had only just got home and had quickly washed up – in her day job Ellen does not wear a ton of makeup so for the engagement session there was no makeup, her hair because of the rain was pretty much soaked to her head, she wore jeans and a jumper and kind of looked like a semi drowned rat albeit a pretty good looking one – so when I walked in and saw her already 1/2 way thru hair, it was amazing

bridal preparation photos bromsgrove Worcestershire

with the massive big windows the light in Ellies was fantastic and I just sat back with a long lens and blasted away and got some fantastic photos.  I also like using props like the signs to make for interesting backgrounds in the photos

The it was time for the makeup and Ellen disappeared into the back room, I followed and grabbed a few photos

and you just have to have photos of yourself in rollers on your wedding day !

I remember from when I met up with the couple that they wanted some black and white wedding photos, so I made sure to shoot a few throughout the day, I actually like the way this one works and catches the hairspray

black and white wedding photography
and then the transformation was complete

worcestershire wedding photographer

I left Ellies a few minutes before the bride as I wanted to get some shots around The Old Rectory in Redditch but I also wanted to spend as much time with Ellen and the girls before the wedding.

Back at The Old Rectory Wedding Venue

entrance way to the old rectory redditch

The Old Rectory, Redditch - Wedding Venue

The wedding breakfast was being served in the conservatory on the side of the hotel

the conservatory at the old rectory

table photos of weddings at the old rectory
and naturally I took this chance to grab the all important photo of the cake

wedding cakes worcestershire

With a million and one things going on I cant remember who Ellen said made the cake but I remember her telling me it was made by some very special (a family member or friend) and that this made it special – I made sure to get lots of photos of the cake !

The it was off to the room where the wedding service would take place – naturally this was a civil service wedding and The Old Rectory has a purpose built annex that is simply breathtaking.

The wedding room - The Old Rectory Redditch Worcestershire

The attention to detail the owners have put in is second to none, trust me I see lots of wedding venues and this one is first class with icing and a cherry on top for good measure !

wedding photography the old rectory
then I shot back upstairs to get a few photos of Ellen getting ready

Ellen had a beautiful Jenny Packham wedding dress and it was amazing – I love Jenny Packham wedding dresses, they are elegant and etherial and it takes a certain bride to be able to pull them off – this one was really stunning.

Now at this point I will point out while Ellen was getting dressed, her mum, Dave’s Mum and 3 bridesmaids plus a flower girl were all in the room ! – but Ellen asked for a few more sexy / risque but without being naughty if that makes sense photos be taken – I will show you a couple but the rest are for Dave’s eyes only (plus everyone who saw one of them in the evening slideshow – which the couple agreed could be in there !!!!)

bridal boudoir photography worcestershire

boudoir photography

and then mum helping do up the back of the dress

bride being tied in her wedding dress

then it was just a case of waiting around for the wedding to start

at this point I went downstairs and shot a few photos with the fella’s but since I am running out of space you will have to wait to see Dave till the wedding – bit I did get some nice detail shots

and a shot of Dave with is mum

and the flower girl !

Then it was time for the wedding to take place

For the first time EVER since I have been a wedding photographer I actually didnt go into the room for the wedding – I shot all the photos from outside.  The room was filled to capacity but thanks to great lighting and huge big doors I just used a long long lens and held back and captured the wedding from the back of the room – had I gone to the front I would have been too close and would have missed the feeling and atmosphere of the occasion

In the following photo I used the doors to frame the couple

and the big kiss 🙂

old rectory wedding photos

and the signing of the register

The it was time for the part to get started,

The couple had only requested a few formal shots so we didnt spend too much time on those but we always like to try to get a group shot of everyone

group photos outside the old rec in redditch

and naturally a confetti shot

photos in the grounds of the old rectory

then as I said before it was a few formals and then onto pictures of the couple

one of the things Ellen and Dave had both said when the booked me was they liked the dramatic style of wedding photography and they wanted a few of my signature style images – these are the ones where I use lights to really make the images pop.

This following few photos were actually taken in broad daylight – I used the garage door by on the side of the hotel which just so happened to be black

dramatic wedding photography

stunning bride and groom wedding photos

then I shot some more traditional but dramatic bridal portraits,

wedding photography worcestershire

worcestershire wedding photography

Following this it was time for the wedding breakfast, speeches and then the night time,  for the sake of the blog post I am skipping the meal and speeches and jumping to after dinner – there was a little time between when the meal finished and the evening was starting so I took the opportunity to shoot a few more photos and play with lights a bit more

As I mentioned before The Old Rectory is a stunning wedding venue and one of the key features is the round windows,  I have seem lots of other photographers photos there and wanted to come up with something just a little bit more different so with a little patients from the couple we came up with this

different wedding photography

and then on the drive way

worcestershire wedding photographer

and with a few friends

The famous David Purslow Love Photo
then as the evening guests started to arrive, I quickly set up for the first dance photos – I like to shoot these in both a silhouette and a well lit way that way the couple has the choice of which they prefer

first dance wedding photo

newlywed couples first dance

west midlands wedding photographer

I think you have to agree Ellen and Dave had an amazing day, they came over my studio today to collect their disk of images to go away to choose for the album and we talked for hours about all the fun on the big day – from what I hear the evening party went on till the small hours and was a blast.

It just leaves me to say a big thank you to all the girls at Ellies  and also to Pam and Michael from The Old Rectory who really did an amazing job of not only looking after me but in putting on a really amazing wedding.

Dave, Ellen good luck, and I hope the love and happiness you shared on your big day stays with you for ever, it really was a fantastic day.

congrats guys.



David Purslow
Wedding and Portrait Photographer
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