Beautiful Wedding Reading

On your wedding day by Anon

This reading is one I hear several times throughout the year, it also happens to be the reading Mrs P and I had at our wedding.  Having shot my last wedding of the year last weekend I have been starting to unwind a little and tonight Mrs P and I were reminiscing about our wedding and chatting about the day, she asked if Remembered our reading – how could I forget.  Its simply beautiful.

I thought I would share it with you,  It has a ‘street title’ which his Today is the day but its actually called On Your Wedding Day.

Please Enjoy.

On Your Wedding Day – Unknown Author

Today is a day you will always remember

The greatest in anyone’s life

You’ll start off the day just two people in love

And end it as husband and wife.

It’s a brand new beginning, the start of a journey

With moments to cherish and treasure

And although they’ll be times when you both disagree

These will surely be outweighed by pleasure

You’ll have heard many words of advice in the past

When the secrets of marriage were spoken

But you know that the answers lie hidden inside

Where the bond of true love lies unbroken

So live happy forever as lovers and friends

It’s the dawn of a new life for you

As you stand there together with love in your eyes

From the moment you whisper ‘I do’

And with luck all your hopes and your dreams can be real

May success find its way to your hearts

Tomorrow can bring you the greatest of joys

But today is the day it all starts.


The Curradine Barns Wedding Photography | Laura and James

The amazing wedding of Laura and James  – Wedding: Claines Church Worcester

Wedding Reception – The Curradine Barns

Hello there,

A few weeks ago I shot a stunning wedding, it was the wedding of Laura and James.  Laura and James booked me ages ago and this one crept around, I was really looking forward to it because the wedding reception was at the stunning Curridine Barns.  I had an idea the wedding would be beautiful after hearing all the little details that were going into the day, but they really really did put on a fantastic wedding.

My day started off at their house and naturally with me I start with a dress shot.

wedding dress photo

and then I started mooching around for things to shoot, the house was full of really nice and romantic little notes, cards and best wishes, so I snapped a few while the girls were getting their makeup started.

west midlands wedding photography

and while I was on the details path, I captured all the details in one go.

getting married at clains church

The shoes !

beautiful wedding photography

The Ring !!!!!

beautiful engagement ring

wedding day photography

And one of the all important presents from the groom to the bride

wedding gifts

and here Laura was taking a teary eyed look at her card that came along with the gift

then it was time to finish the makeup

getting married in worcestershire

before putting on that all important dress

bride getting dressed

and the shoes

bride putting on her shoes

at this point I jumped in my car and ran off to the church, The wedding was taking place at Claines Church which is a beautiful worcestershire wedding venue.  I was met by the very friendly and very happy Vicar  – Nick – or as I have renamed him Nick the Vic…… – Anyway NTV told me the church had just had all new lighting put in so it would make for some great photos and to be honest he was not kidding, it was perfect.  NTV also said as long as the couple didnt mind, and as long as I didnt use flash I could take photos throughout the whole service – what a GREAT vicar thinking of his couple, their memories and making the day special.

Here is the beautiful Claines Church

Claines Church, Claines, Worcestershire

Soon enough it was time for Laura to arrive, she came with her dad in a vintage VW camper van

vw camper van hire worcestershire

and a very proud dad escorted her to the church

dad walking bride into church

and then into the church

bride walking into church

claines church wedding photos

black and white wedding photography

wedding photos claines church worcestershire

and I just love the look on both Laura’s and James faces here

reportage wedding photography

and then the moment every groom is dying to hear on his wedding day – YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE

newly weds kissing

Then while the couple were signing the register, all the guests gave me a wave !

wedding guests

As is becoming the norm the confetti shot had to take place by the lychgate, so while the happy couple walked down, dad took a few minutes to toast the happy couple and celebrate !

newly wed couple outside claines church

and the all important confetti shot

confetti photo at claines church

then while the guests left to go over to the reception venue, I took the couple back in the church to shoot some pictures with the stained glass, unfortunately the windows were boarded up on the outside while some work was taking place so I didnt get the shot I wanted but we still got some interesting results.

creative wedding photography

Then it was back in the camper van and over to the wedding reception at Curradine Barns

curradine barns wedding venue worcestershire

When Mrs P and I were getting married we visited The Curradine Barns and we fell in love with the venue, as a worcestershire wedding venue it has everything you could possibly want, charm, elegance, it has the curb appeal your guests will love and its just outright bloody beautiful.  I went over the day before the wedding to scope it out for what lights I would need and met Laura and James there, they were dressing the venue and it was looking beautiful.

courtyard at curradine barns

inside of curradine barnes wedding venue

worcestershire documentary wedding photography

and then the Laura and James arrived with the all important camper van – it was beautiful

vw camper van hire

more kissing – there was a bit of theme of this in the day

and I just couldn’t resists a peek inside and spotted this on the dashboard – this will be my photo of the week next week – I thought it was a nice touch by the company.

and time for a few ‘semi formal photos’ – I am not known for formals, we shoot a few but most people want me for other stuff…..

boys will be boys

okay, not actually formals…….. but here are a couple

formal wedding photography

and I tried really hard to get this couple to book me for their wedding, they told me early in the day they were getting married, I took a few nice photos of them, but try as I might, it was not going to happen, I offered to photograph it for free and only food money and accommodation and travel – Oh, I forgot to mention they flew in from Australia for the wedding – I would love a wedding down under……..

engaged couple from australia

All too soon, it was time for the wedding breakfast after which came the speeches.

wedding breakfast

reportage wedding photography

dont ask……………..

While the guests were having their wedding breakfast, I had finished working on the slideshow and spotted the big chandellear hanging in the ball room, I got some lights out the car and set something up and then snagged the bride and groom – this is the result

the ball room at curradine barns

then it was for the first dance and to get the party started.

creative first dance wedding photography

amazing wedding photos

and something a little more traditional.  I like to mix it up a little and create something different for the guests – I shoot both creatively lit first dance photos as well as normal first dance shots, that way the couple can choose their favorites.

and then it was time for everyone to get on the dancefloor

Normally that would be it, I usually end my blog stories with the first dance photos


I just wanted to share something with you – Take a peek at this – LOVE IT !!!!!!  This was setup in the corner for the guests !

old fashioned sweet stand at a wedding

and my all time favorite sweet forever is cola bottles – LOOK ! – I naturally had a couple with the kind permission of the couple, Soukie and Joshua had a little baggy each of sweeties when daddy got home.

What can I say – what an amazing wedding.

Congratulations to Laura and James for what was an awesome day – thanks to the staff at The Curradine Barns who looked after me and Thanks to you for taking the time to actually read my test on the blog stories and not just look at the pictures.

ciao for now.


David Purslow
Wedding and Portrait Photographer
Worcestershire based – National Coverage.

Photo of the Week – 11 December 2011

Hello there,  a little late in the day to be posing but wanted to get the photo of the week in.

This shot was actually taken around 18 months ago, I was inspired by the venue and the dress to create something a little different so what I did was turn the camera into tungsten light balance which has a side effect of turning day light into a beautiful blue colour of light.

I placed a flash inside a small folding softbox (24 inches by 24 inches) just out of camera shot and put a tungsten gel over the flash to colour balance with the camera.  I had Vicki run towards the camera lifting her dress a little – I deliberately underexposed the background by around 1 1/2 stops which made the blue all the more pronounced and took the following shot.  It took around 2 – 3 short little runs from Vicki to get the shot used here but so worth the effort.

photo of the week 11 december 2012


Ciao for now


David Purslow
Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Red House Barn Stoke Prior Wedding Photography – Vanessa and Chris

An amazing Winter Wedding at Red House Barn, Stoke Prior Bromsgrove.

A few months ago I posted up an image from what I called my secret engagement session.  The reason it was secret is the engagement session for Vanessa and Chris was so we could create a guest signing book – since it was going to be a surprise, I didn’t blog those pictures – and in a strange twist I will blog them after the wedding sometime early next year.

Anyway back to the wedding of Vanessa and Chris.  From the second they walked into my studio I knew this was going to be an amazing wedding.  The couple told me they were planning on getting married at St. Peters Church in Astley and were having the wedding reception at Red House Barn in Stoke Prior.  Both of which I have photographed weddings at before and both of which are amazing wedding venues.

Over the past year I have heard little snippets about the wedding so when I woke up yesterday I was very excited.

So I started the day off at Vanessa’s mums house and was looking forward to the wedding dress shot, Vanessa had popped into the studio a week ago and told me all about the dress and the shoes, I couldn’t wait. The dress was just breath taking

christmas wedding

and the other bits and bobs that make up the day, the perfume, garter, shoes etc.

Did I mention the shoes were Swarovski Crystal Wedding Shoes ? – they were literately encrusted with hundreds of Swarovski crystals

swarovski crystal wedding shoes

brides Swarovski Crystal Shoes

and a close up !!!!

beautiful crystal wedding shoes

and while taking about closeup’s here is a shot of Vanessa’s garter (which we will see later) and her engagement ring.

worcestershire wedding photographer

so while I was shooting all the detail shots, Vanessa was having her hair and makeup done,  Vanessa’s mum has a thing for mirrors which proved to be fantastic for me, there were so many shots I could take in different mirrors that I had a field day.

bridal preparations

bride getting ready

and while the tearier was going on I spotted a couple of little bridesmaids peeking thru the door.

worcestershire wedding photographer

west midlands wedding photographer

Then it was downstairs to get dress, but before getting dresses a few presents were passed around including this one

stoke prior barn wedding photography

then it was time to put on that amazing dress

bride getting dressed

and that was a lucky capture, I was just about to take the shot when Vanessa’s mum pulled in the ties on the back of the dress

bride getting ready for her wedding

Then it was off to the very pretty St Peters Church in Astley just outside of Stourport on Severn

astley church wedding photos

I had actually visited the church on Friday and met Vanessa’s mum there while she was doing all the flowers which were amazing.  Including the archway over the door.

flowers in church for wedding

entrace way of astley church astley worcestershire

Inside the church was a very special guest – Monkey – you will hear more about Monkey when I post up the engagement session photos.

vanessa and chris wedding

Like all guests Monkey was waiting for Vanessa to arrive

Then before long the bride came along and entered the church from the side entrance so she could walk straight down the isle.

church wedding worcestershire

A very happy Chris looking at his bride

inside church wedding photography

and a proud dad

father of the bride

and the wedding

west midland photographer

stoke prior wedding photography

black and white wedding photography

wedding rings

wedding ring photos

After the wedding was the signing, I took a candid and more formal shot of this

candid signing register photo

wedding photography

Then it was down the isle and out side for a confetti shot

newly married couple

confetti wedding photos

amazing wedding photography

Then we quickly shot some formals outside the church

wedding group photos

and while the guests left to go to Redhouse Barn we took the couple back inside the church for a couple of creative lighting portraits

creative wedding photography worcestershire

From there it was in the cars and off to Redhouse Barn for the wedding reception,  Here Vanessa and Chris had just got out the car, I was still parking up but Simon grabbed some amazing candids.

red house barn wedding photography

All the guests

group shot at red house barn droitwich

The cake was something to be seen !!!!!

beautiful wedding cake

christmas wedding photography

An artistic cutting of the cake

cutting the cake at a wedding

The official cutting of the cake

redhouse barn wedding photographer

Speeches !

getting married at redhouse barn

and a shot at sunset

beautiful wedding photography

Then it was time to party the night away

with two photographers there, we managed to pull off two totally different looks,  Simon concentrated on the Silhouette shot while I got the more ambient looking shot with all the guests

first dance photos

and the amazing dance floor (saturday night fever style) at Redhouse Barn

dance floor at redhouse barn

then there was just time for a couple of special shots,

Chris and his sister

inside the barn at redhouse barn bromsgrove

and last but not least the all important garter shot – we tried to come up with something creative so used Chris’s car, it was a bit of a squeeze due to the size of the dress but I think we pulled it off well !!!

bride garter photo

It just leave me to say a HUGE congratulations to Vanessa and Chris on what was an amazing day.

hope you like the sneak peek !

I should also give a huge shout out to Andy and all the staff at Red House Barn who made us feel so special, I can honestly say I have never been so well looked after, and if thats how they take care of the photographers then I can only imagine that the bride and groom felt like royalty for the day.



David Purslow
Worcestershire Wedding Photographer


Hello there,

this is a BIG OOOOPS – I just received a phone call from a client asking why I had not replied to their email which they filled in on the website. Well there is a story behind that.

6 weeks ago our website was updated and actually moved to a new server. It seems during that move the contact me part of the website was not switched which means that if you have filled in a form on my website in the past 6 weeks I would not have got it.

Since the email from those forms is routed to our studio in box and we have been receiving regular email to this email box we had not noticed that the contact us forms on the website were not working.

We can only apologies for this and you can rest assured that someone will be flogged, hung, drawn and quartered shortly.

So if you have contacted is recently and not received a reply – please re contact us.

Sorry for the confusion caused during the site move.