Sali and Craigs Caer Beris Wedding – quick photo !

Okay, I dont often get the chance to post an image while still at the wedding but this venue is amazing,

so I just took Sali and Craig out for 10 minutes to shoot some photos, here is one hot off the press.

Its had a very quick edit on the laptop only so might look a little bright or dark, wont be able to tell till back at the studio.

Congrats to Sali and Craig – cant wait till the see this – off to shoot the first dance !!!!!

see you soon



 Caer Beris wedding Photo

Photo of the Week – June 3rd 2012

Hello there,

A slight change this week for my photo of the week – this photo actually taken yesterday (on the 3rd of June) is not one of my signature images, not one with lots of creative lighting or one that showcases the bride and groom, its not an amazing detail shot.

Yesterday was my wettest wedding in years, it was also the wedding with possibly the biggest bridal party in a long time.  When I say it was wet, I am not joking it was belting down all day – well actually it started in the morning, stopped for the actual wedding itself but started again less than 10 minutes after Victoria and Andrew left the church so all the group photos had to be shot inside.

so after careful consideration we picked the best window in the venue (where the string quartette had set up – sorry ladies and gents) after talking it thru with the couple we asked the string quartette to move and then setup for the photos.  I used a 600WS battery operated studio flash and got a reading of around F 11 – I then went thru the group photos.

Then it came time for the Bridal Party shot and I have to say I am delighted with how it turned out, 19 people in one photo, shot inside on a dark and wet Sunday afternoon – I have to thank all of the girls who where amazing in putting up with me all day, honestly I was in my element surrounded by such a happy bunch of pretty young ladies to photograph all day – the guys, well they looked great too !

So as I still sit here watching the concert outside of Buckingham Palace – Peter Kay just came on and Mrs P has run me a bath – so here it is – enjoy

group photos inside

Quick update – 3 in 3 – What wonderful Weddings :-)

Just a very quick update, I got an email tonight from one of my up coming weddings, bride who commented that I had been a little quite on the blog for a few weeks so while sitting watching Sir Elton John on the TV I thought I would share just a quick few pictures with you.

The past few weeks have been a blur, totally crazily busy and to top it off it culminated with 3 weddings in 3 days and a total of 826 miles between them all.

I spent Friday in Swindon with Claire and Greg, Saturday in Pembrokeshire West Wales with Rebecca and Michael and Yesterday (Sunday) in Tewkesbury with Victoria an Andrew – I will post up full blog posts in the coming weeks but here is a one from each wedding

Claire and Greg – Swindon

Swindon Wedding Photography

Rebecca and Michael – Letterston Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire Wedding Photographer

Victoria and Andrew – Tewkesbury Gloucestershire.

Gloucestershire wedding Photographer


Photo of the Week – May 27th 2012

Okay, this is a bit of time travel magic, I missed a couple of weeks so this photo actually came from one of my 3 weddings over the weekend of June 2nd 2012.

Something quite simple here, Rebecca my bride for the day had a marquee for her wedding breakfast, it was a nice day albeit slightly damp outside but nice and light and bright – this made for great light quality inside.  The photo was taken during the grooms (Michael’s) speech and was at an emotional part – As a manual shooter to me its all about getting the skin tones right, so I spot metered off the brides face – this naturally caused much of the ambient light to blow out slightly but gave me fantastic tones on my bride.

She is just dabbing away a tear that is running down her face here, and I love the feeling of the moment.

The black and white conversion was done with Yervants Black and White lab colour technique

The technicals of the image are – ISO 3200  1/125th sec, F4 – Custom W/B – Focal length was 200mm

hope you like

emotional wedding photography

Just to put it into context, and I am sure Michael wont thank me for this one 🙂  but here is a shot of the groom around 2 seconds earlier.

black and white wedding photo

First Birthday Photo Ideas

Hello there,

This week Sarah popped in to visit with me, Sarah is a good friend and has two beautiful little boys, it only seems like a few weeks ago I was shooting baby James’s newborn portraits and got one of my all time favorites – this one

worcestershire baby portraits

Well baby James is just knocking on the door of being 1 years old, so cake in for his First Birthday Portrait session with his big brother.

Here is baby James


baby cake smash first birthday portrait session

first birthday portrait ideas

and his big brother – Jack

birthday portraits worcestershire

and the brothers together !

family portraits worcestershire

WOW they grow up so quickly !!!!