Worcestershire Weddding Photography – The site is getting too big !

Hey boys and girls,

today I woke up to the website being down, as you know I have not updated for a while, the main reason is currently we are very very busy, well today to add to the stresses and strains our website crashed and was off line for 14 hours.

Having spoken to the technical boys, we have decided that over the next week or so we are going to move the whole David Purslow Photography website to a dedicated server.

Having had the DPP blog running since 2008, its not so big that it needs its own dedicated machine and thanks to the likes of YOU our visitors our traffic and bandwidth has doubled in just 18 months.

So since I am back to having to work on the website, and to keep Emma (Best Bird) happy I will be updating the site agian from today.

The first photo I want to post if from a wedding this weekend, it will end up as my image of the week but thought it would be a great starting point.

Its from the wedding of Hayley and Dan which took place at the beautiful Ganary Hotel nr Kidderminster.  Its actually a photo from the bridal preparations portion of the day, I stumbled upon Grandad (father of the bride) doing the cravats of the boys in one of the bed rooms, behind them was amazing light and using natural light I managed to grab this moment before they spotted me

getting married at the granay hotel kidderminster

anyway its good to be back, watch this space for updated !



Wedding Photography Workshops

Hello there,

Just a quick post today, I have been SO busy of late and have missed my past 3 weeks of photos of the week and a few blog posts, but yesterday I had a one on one workshop with Mark, one of my students and we spent the day shooting dramatic bridal and studio portraits.

here is a behind the scenes shot of mark at work

wedding workshop photos

here are a few more images from the day

workshop images


bride in field

wedding photography training workshop images

bride sitting down during workshop

dramatic bridal images

Many thanks to the beautiful Roxanne for being our model for the day and for letting us use her wedding dress.

If your interested in a one on one wedding photography workshop day drop me an email.






Sneak Peek – The wedding of Tamzin and Neil – Rhos y Gilwen Pembrokeshire

Hello there,

Just a quick sneak peek today – Yesterday I was down in Pembrokeshire for a fabulous wedding, it was the wedding of Tamzin and Neil – I shot Tamzin’s sisters, Zoe’s  wedding 4 years ago so was delighted to be asked back to shoot Tamzin’s big day.

I have to shoot out for a couple of shoots today so this as said is just a quick sneak peek

The highlights !

Neil and Mum before the wedding

pembrokeshire wedding photography

Tamzin arriving at the church

beautiful black and white wedding photos

Tamzin being pipped into church

Tamzin getting married

The wedding – I know Tamzin has her eyes closed but I LOVE this pic 🙂

tamzin and neil wedding photos

The photo Sue helped me create – Thanks Sue !

Kissing outside church photo

The Beautiful Miss Ella

Flower girl photo

The photo the guy with the sword helped me make !!!!!

(Look on Tamzin’s Veil – you will see the top of the bottle and the cork – this is not a photoshop trick – this is actually caught in the camera)

amazing wedding photos


Congratulations to Tamzin and Neil

It was so nice to see so many faces I remember, what a GREAT day !



Wedding Photography in the Rain

Hello there, – I made a bit of a mistake yesterday, I thought yesterday was Sunday, so posted my photo of the week one day early.

Well today while finishing off editing the photos of the wedding of Kay and Andi, I found one I just loved, infact I love this photo to bits.

Its from a GREAT series of photos which were taken with a VW campervan – Kay and Andi are HUGE campervan fan’s – so despite the weather not being kind to them they decided that it would not spoil their enjoyment on their big day.

I have said it many many time, I am so luck to work for my clients, I have the best bunch of customers you could ever want to meet, I hear horror stories week in and week out from photographers about how their clients would not go out in the rain, how the bride would not put her dress on the floor etc, and I respect the bride for that but me, I seem to attract brides that will go that extra mile to get the photo, after all look at some of my pre wedding dress shots and that explains everything.

So back to Kay and Andi, we were down on the Gower at Oxwich Bay, their wedding was at the amazing Oxwich Bay hotel – but alas it poured down with rain all day, actually it lashed it down.

I have a saying (I stole from Dan Dan the fire man) – My skin is waterproof – I dont mind getting wet for my clients, they pay enough so its the least I can do, a bit of water never hurt anyone – I also use professional Nikon equipment and as such its weather sealed – this means I take my camera out in the snow, wind, RAIN etc – so far even in downpours its never stopped working.  I also happen to be a member of Nikon Professional Services and this gives me priority servicing on my equipment should anything happen, its like a 3 day turnaround so I dont worry too much, if it gets wet and stops working, I would just send it in and have it back in a few days, I would switch over to my backups and keep going.

I should at this point add that I am saying this because this year I am on my 19th wedding so far and all but 4 have been wet rained out affairs.

So If your photographer is equipped to go out int he rain and your happy enough to endure a little water you can still get amazing wedding photos in the rain.

Take a peek at this one, Kay looks about as beautiful and contented as a bride can look and Andi well he looks like the cat that got all the cream, look at the camper van windows in the background and you can see its lashing down, the little specs in the background of the photo are as Forrest Gump would say big fat rain drops

wedding photos while its raining

I dare anyone to say this is not a beautiful wedding photo – in the years to come I bet Kay and Andi dont remember the rain but love they shared on their big day will be all the think about.

here are a few more shots of Kay and Andi enduring the rain

wet and rainy wedding photos

what happens if it rains on your wedding day

getting married in the rain


Birstmorton Court Wedding Photography – Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week – June 23rd 20112

Hello there,

This weeks photo of the week comes from the amazing wedding of Helen and Jon which took place at the stunning Birstmorton Court wedding venue nr Malvern in Worcestershire

Yesterday was another very challenging day weather wise – I will be doing a full blog story shortly but a HUGE thanks goes out to the amazing venue staff, especially Sophie who really looked after us like kings and queens – if thats how they look after the hired help I can only imagine that the bride and groom and all their guests felt like nothing on earth as the hospitality was second to NONE, and I dont say that lightly.

Anyway the photos for the couple were a challenge as it rained quite heavily all day, you would have heard me say time and time before that if it rains on your wedding day that is NO excuse for your photgrapher not getting great shots for you and your album.  Well later when you see more photos – I might add a few more after my next shoot – you will see we pulled off some amazing photos despite the weather.

But to the photo of the week – Birstmorton Court has a lake around it, and the couple had fireworks.  The fireworks were on one side of the lake and the couple and guests were on the other.  We positioned the couple slightly in front of the guests and in front of a portable 600 Watt second studio light – we tested our exposure to get the couple perfectly lit in the dark and then waited for the fireworks to begin.

we had many great photos, but my personal favorite was this one

Its a 12 second exposure and shot at F16 at 200 ISO – it was shot at 16mm’s on a wide angle lens

hope you like

fireworks at birstmorton court

EDITED Monday 25th June

As promised here are a few more photos from the amazing Birstmorton Court Wedding Venue

Birstmorton Court Wedding Venue

the marquee at birstmorton set up for a wedding

function room at birstmorton court wedding venue

photo of a dress hanging up in the garden house of Birstmorton Court Malvern

As it rained most of the day we only got out to the white garden later at night, the couple challenged me to come up with something since we had no light really, this is what we did quickly before we ran off for a few more signature style images then fireworks

night time wedding photos at birstmorton court wedding venue

If you know the venue, at the back of Birstmorton Court is a fabulous garden, at the very far end is a stunning gate which Helen wanted photos with, again it had rained all day so we missed out on that but while we there there, I positioned her just inside the white garden and then shot a few shots with Mark (My assistant) holding a light just the other side – its hard to see for those who dont know the gate but if you do, you would instantly recognize it – its kind of a different take on the gate photo but I think it makes Helen look magnificent

the white garden at birst morton court

views from birstmorton court over the malvern hills

last but not least is Helen’s Favorite shot from the whole day – we had the greatest Vicar who when I asked if I could shoot the garter shot in church said, God created women so he would not mind – I had not expected so much leg but as a full blooded male I didnt mind,  When Helen saw this shot in the slideshow she was delighted with it !!!!!

photo from inside birstmorton church

and not knowing if I prefer black and white or colour, here is both side by side, you choose

black and white photos inside church

Naturally all of these images are one created with off camera lighting etc, I will be posting the full blog story shortly which will show the whole day off better, but wanted to share a few amazing shots from Helen and John’s amazing wedding

Owen LucasJune 25, 2012 - 11:40 am

Really striking shots DP – love ’em! (Great garter action too!) OL