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Wedding Ring photography.

So this past weekend we found ourselves in Staffordshire at the amazing Barton Marina.  We were photographing the wedding of Dan and Tracy and we had a fabulous day.  We had as we always do a good long chat a few days before the wedding and got an idea from the couple what shots really floated their boat  (sorry for the pun!!)

We find one of the most requested shots from our brides is a great ring shot.  Not actual shots of the wedding rings themselves but shots of the ring that started the couple on the journey that brought them to this moment in time and in becoming husband and wife.

Last weekend we managed to produce three different looks in around five minutes.  All shot were taken within the same location.  All the photos had the same ambient lighting conditions and we only used props that we found laying around..

For the first photo, we took a mirror off the wall, popped the wedding ring on it and put her flowers in the background.

Worcestershire wedding photography wedding rings

for the second shot, we place the ring inside one of the roses from her bouquet

beautiful wedding ring worcestershire

and the third and final image, my personal favorite is one with the top of her make up bottle, I wanted this to be dramatic so placed a black marble cutting board as the background.

All 3 of these shots were actually taken on the kitchen sink.

In Picture 3, you can see the white stripes, well they are Venetian blinds in the kitchen window.

versace purfume wedding ring photo

Interesting colors and textures are things we as photographers are trained to always be on the lookout for. But on a normal, non-macrophotography basis, we’re usually thinking of walls, sunsets, or other large backdrops. Keep in mind that, with your ring shots, you now have the luxury of taking almost anything and making it a background, from a piece of cloth to a purse to a party favor to a bouquet.

A beautiful Curradine Barnes Wedding

Curradine Barnes Wedding Photography

Welcome to this sneak peak of the amazing wedding of Sam and Dan at the fantastic Curradine Barnes Wedding Venue, Worcestershire.

As this is a sneak peek, we will save the story of the day for the full blog post, plus you may also notice, we are starting to rebrand as Fab Portraits, more about that later on the blog.

Since this is not the wedding story, I will tell you a few bits and bobs about why I like the photos etc, thought processes and so on,  Curradine Barnes not only is one of the most popular wedding venues with couples, its one of the most popular venues with wedding photographers.  If your getting married at Curradine Barnes, you are going to get some truly amazing and spectacular photo opportunities.

In the photo below, Sam is ready to walk down the aisle having just put on her beautiful wedding dress.  This shot was taken about 5 minutes before she walked down the aisle.  I love the contrast between her, her dress and the amazing rustic feel of the bridal dressing areas at Curradine Barnes.

Bridal dressing room curradine barnes

Worcestershire Wedding Photography


The wedding service – Love this look, they both look so very happy !

the exchange of rings at curradine barnes
In the shot below, this was taken just seconds before it started to rain, the clouds are pretty much as they were that day, we have used a trick called HDR (High Dynamic Range) to capture all the details in the sky and the dress etc, but I LOVE this shot.
curradine barnes wedding photography

Again, just happy smiling faces !

getting married at curradine barnes

The group shot is one of my favorites, because we like to do it differently, we use a 15 foot pole and take the photo with the venue in the shot, most photographers take in from upstairs with just the empty courtyard in the photo,  we remote control the camera using magic hardware and software and it produces some fabulous shots you normally dont get

wedding group shot at curradine barnes

Again, one of my favorite shots, this is of the whole of Curradine Barnes – its a panoramic photo, meaning its actually 6 photos joined together to give you the one photo, but this really shows off the venue beautifully, it would look amazing in their album as a double page spread.  The first Time I photographed a wedding at Curradine Barnes that tree in the middle of the photo was half that size.

the amazing curradine barnes wedding venue
This is just me playing, at the back of the room where you get marred at Curradine barnes, there is this plant roots / growth and it has been interspersed  with fairy lights, its beautiful an makes for a great feature
lights !


The new gardens make for GREAT wedding formal photos, we happened to luck out, it was simply breath taking

gardens at curradine barnes

This is the first time I have shot in this room, its part of the old farm house.  This photo was taken just after the “angry skys” photo and its pouring with rain, but the photos go on ! – we have the front door open and all the light is natural light apart from the lamp over Sam’s head.  I just loved the simplicity of this setting and thought it fitted the whole scene beautifully

The farm house at curradine barnes

This shot will appeal to no one probably but photographers,  agian I was playing with HDR – it was a very bright day outside, and inside the barn its fairly dark, normally its impossible to get a shot that shows off both the inside and the outside, but we managed it, I even like the fact the candles look warm and glowy !

An HDR image from the wedding room at curradine barnes
While the couple where being photographed by Claire, I snuck across the road and took a few closeups, again I love this shot, Sam’s flowers look fabulous, a gorgeous bouquet for a fabulous bride on an amazing day !
Kissing by the gate on the drive at curradine barnes

I have always LOVED the room the couples wedding breakfast takes place in its so rustic and warm feeling, a truly fabulous welcoming room that everyone seems to love

wedding breakfast room curradine barnes

Worcestershire Wedding Photography Arley Arboretum

A beautiful summers day wedding at the amazing Arley Arboretum, Arley, Worcestershire.

This past weekend I was “working”  for “The photographer next door” aka Alex Sharp, from Alex Sharp Photography.    Alex had a wedding at Arley Arboretum and as I had a weekend off, when she happened to mention she needed someone to cover a couple of hours of ‘second shooting’ I jumped at the chance.

Wedding photography is a passion as well as a job, and as the lead photographer you sometimes miss out on the fun side of the job, I love stalking the guests and trying to capture fun candid shots while the wedding couple are off having their wedding formals taken.  Normally its me taking the group shots and my assistant / second shooter gets to do the mingling and stalking, so it was a great break.  I will often second shoot for other photographers if I don’t have a wedding on a weekend, as it trains the mind and the eye to see the things that can often be missed if your too busy concentrating on the ‘bigger picture’

When I say the wedding photographer next door, I literally mean next door, Alex and I share studio adjoining walls, we often have a coffee and chat about things, help each other out with any little projects, help at weddings and so on, its a huge benefit to both of us.  Some photographers see every other photographer as competition but Alex and I have a great collaboration philosophy and love nothing more than sharing a coffee and packet of biscuits.

Anyway back to the amazing wedding at Arley Arboretum, and I have to say the couple were blessed by amazing weather, I used my time ‘second shooting’ to try new things out and shoot unusual detail shots and candids that I normally have my assistant / second shoot capture and I have to say its great fun.

Arley Arboretum is a relatively new wedding venue in Worcestershire however after talking with Dave the estate manager, its obvious that they have big plans, with weddings booked for 2015, 2016 and 2017 I can easily see this becoming one of the more boutique wedding photography venues in Worcestershire.

If your planning on getting married at Arley Arboretum your in for a great treat, its simply magnificent, here are a few shots from my day stalking guests, looking for cool details and just enjoying being out in the sun with my camera and not feeling too much of the pressure of photographing the most important day of a couple life !

I hope you enjoy.



My first photo of the day, the amazing marque at Arley Arboretum – the weather was just perfect

beautiful marquee at arley Arboretum wedding

The flowers were beautiful, very natural very beautiful and very fragrant

wedding flowers at arley Arboretum

I love the simplicity of the table settings, I love the attention to details that the cut on the cork is along the printed line

wedding place setting detail photo

Being a cake fiend, I drooled at the site of this beautiful cake, the butter cream smelled delicious

wedding cake detail shot

Looking for unusual shots while Alex made sure everyone knew what they were doing, here I saw a couple of hand fulls of confetti

getting ready for a confetti shot at arley church worcestershire

and a trick I normally do, have my second shooter behind the couple, you get some amazing shots, so I wanted try one from behind

black and white confetti shot at Arley Church

Love this ‘hatinator’  I learned a new word this week !

wedding guests at arley Arboretum

This is the kind of thing I love, just shots of people enjoying the wedding day, oblivious of the camera

guests enjoying the italian gardens at arley Arboretum

One of my favorite shots from the wedding, the guest was screening the sun not me, I just love this

funny wedding photo - guest with hat

Someone congratulating the bride following her wedding at Arley Church – Location: Italian Gardens Arley Arboretum

candid wedding photography Arley

More congratulations, this time for the groom

arley Arboretum italian garden wedding

Looks like the nighttime is going to be a lot of fun.

funny photo booth at arley Arboretum

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek at some more relaxed, candid, reportage and fun detail shots from this fabulous wedding.  Many thanks to Alex for inviting me to join her on what was a very pleasant day, congratulations to the happy couple.


worcestershire wedding photography – Bridal portraits

Worcestershire Wedding Photographer received Award

As a Worcestershire based wedding photographer, one of the things I love most is the country side, a few weeks back were photographed the beautiful Milly for a bridal portrait photo shoot.

The photo shoot took place at our studio located in the heart of Worcestershire in the village of Hartlebury.

Milly wanted some beautiful wedding bridal photos to show off the amazing wedding dress, we used the grounds around the studio.

Yesterday we were notified that the head shot photo was give the prestigious Front Page Award for Purple Portrait and was featured on the front page of the website.

We often shoot bridal portraits after wedding for brides, and also shoot couples portrait days after the wedding, when the couple fancy dressing up again in their wedding clothes and just spend a fabulous day just enjoying each others company without the pressures of the wedding day.

We have access to amazing makeup artists at the studio so if the bride wants a full make over again before putting on her wedding dress, we can arrange that for you.

Milly had one of our fabulous make up artists – Gaby do her make up for her shoot

Worcestershire wedding photography - bridal portrait
wedding photography worcestershire

Spring Grove House Wedding Photography – Amy and Chris

Hello there,  We have been very quite for a very long time and for that we apologize,  we are so busy that keeping up with the blog is just taking a bit of a back seat.

This past weekend saw us attend an amazing wedding, it was a wedding at Spring Grove House, located in the grounds of The West Midlands Safari Park in Worcestershire.

When Amy and Chris first contacted me 18 months ago I knew this would be a wedding to be looking forward to and I was not wrong.

The weather was horrible until around 4pm but that did nothing to dampen or dishearten the over 100 guests who attended the wedding.

This is only a sneak peek, as I am still offloading the photos, it was a very long day, and me and my team worked really hard so yesterday, I just crashed.  But it was all worth it, the photos (if I say so myself) really capture the love, feeling and enjoyment of the big day.

I will be posting much more later but since I popped a few photos on my facebook page, I wanted to share a few on the blog also.

Enjoy !!



One of our Unique options is that we can print lab quality beautiful, large prints, have them framed and gift wrapped and ready to hand out to parents, best men etc at the end of your meal, Amy and Chris  wanted to give their parents a special memory of the day so visited the studio 2 weeks prior to the wedding to choose frames for the parents, best mans and chief bridesmaids photos.

Here the bride and groom are looking thru a specially produced album that we presented them at the same time,  its a keepsake for them to take away with them so when they say they are on honeymoon they have a little album full of photos to show people !


canvas printingFebruary 18, 2015 - 4:34 pm

great pictures of the big day the first shots are amazing i love the venue what a perfect place for A wedding