Hotel Du Vin Wedding Photography

Sneak Peek

The wedding of Martin and Sara at the amazing Hotel Du Vin Birmingham.

Hi,  I just got back from the amazing wedding of Martin and Sara, more about the fabulous wedding tomorrow however the wedding was taking place at a hotel I have wanted to shoot at for a long time, the Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham.

If your getting married at Hotel Du Vin, your in for a real treat, the venue is a dream come true for couples, its full to the rafters of beautiful wedding photography opportunities and lucky for me, Martin and Sara were up for creating some killer images.

I want to thank Sean for inviting me to tag along with him and letting me play, more about that tomorrow also, just so tired now need to go to bed !

So here is the sneak peek for tonight, it was taken in the lobby of the hotel, on the double staircase that featured so much in the photography during the day.

Here are the happy couple.

wedding photo hotel duvin birmingham

More tomorrow, catch up soon



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