Walton Hall Warwickshire wedding photography

Sneak Peek !

Okay, I just got back from an AMAZING wedding today,

This was the wedding of Sarah and Martin, two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.  The couple were getting married at the amazing Walton Hall in Warwickshire with the reception being held there also.

The WARMEST it got all day was – 2 c, the coldest it got was -6c

The funny thing is we did most of our bridals – posted couple photos later at night in the dark when it was at its coldest !

Anyway, a few from today

The Amazing Walton Hall a beautiful Warwickshire wedding venue.

Walton Hall in the snow - wedding of Martin and Sarah

and the couple in the snow

walton hall warwickshire wedding photography


On the driveway

wedding photos of walton hall warwickshire

on the grounds

church at walton hall warwickshire

and this one I LOVE,

believe it or not, this is smack in the middle of the reception at the hotel, it was taken at around 8pm with some cleaver lighting

reception at walton hall

Hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek, gotta run, shooting in the studio first thing in the morning…….



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