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Sneak Peek – Ragley Hall Wedding Photography

The wedding of Toni and Paul

wedding photography by David Purslow

Hello there, David here from www.davidpurslow.com

Saturday saw me shooting a wedding pretty close to home, the wedding taking place in Worcester with the wedding reception at the stunning Ragley Hall wedding venue.  The bride was getting ready at Malvern Spa in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Both Helen and I agreed that this was one of our favorite weddings of the year, the couple were so into photos, the guests were in party mode, the Vicar was THE BEST VICAR we have ever worked with and Ragley Hall is the most amazing Warwickshire wedding venue.

The vicar was so cool that he even told a joke half way thru the wedding 🙂

From the time we turned up till the time we left the whole day was a total blast and it was so so so so obvious that Toni and Paul are so smitten and totally in love with each other that the day just ooozed love.

here are a few sneak peeks  – Enjoy.

bridal preparations malvern spa malvern worcestershire

beautiful wedding dress at malvern spa malvern worcestershire

bride getting ready at malvern spa

worcestershire wedding photographer

church weddings worcestershire wedding photography

worcestershire wedding photographers church wedding photos

closeup during wedding at worcestershire church

I thought long and hard about including the next photo and decided I would include it, it was a very special moment following the signing of the register, you could feel the love between Paul and Toni and Paul looked so happy to have just married the girl of his dreams, then following a kiss he wept a little.

crying groom at wedding

confetti photo outside church in worcester

The Amazing Ragley Hall Wedding Venue

getting married at ragley hall warwickshire

The dining room at ragley hall used for wedding breakfast

wedding photos ragley hall warwickshire

the amazing staircase at ragley hall

The red room at ragley hall warwickshire

and last but not least, a very quick grab shot, this is one very happy bride.

warwickshire wedding venue ragley hall wedding photos

I hope you have enjoyed this quick sneak peek.

We cover weddings all over the UK and from time to time the USA as well, if your looking for a wedding photographer please visit our main website wedding photography website at www.davidpurslow.com



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A couple of Black and White wedding photos

Hello there, dp here from www.davidpurslow.com – we provide upscale wedding photography for Worcestershire & West Midlands.

Today as well as other things I was putting the finishing touches to the story book wedding album for Lorraine and Mark whos wedding I shot last year.  The day of their wedding was a challenging one weather wise with high winds and rain throughout the day – but its that kind of challenge I think separates the men from the boys.

So while choosing images today there were 3 that stood out to me as great candidates for conversion to black and white photos, 1 is one of my favorite wedding photos from last year and is up on my website and was one I featured in the Gallery at Courtneys Bridal.




I just love these 3 photos, and they bring back good memories for me, ones where I was getting wet while lying on the floor in puddles of water to get the shot of the couple by the castle – but thats just all part of the job – its also why there is always a complete change of clothes in my camera bag 🙂

I cover weddings mainly in Worcestershire and the West Midlands however I am happy to travel pretty much anywhere in the UK for nice weddings that will create visually stunning photos 🙂 – you can find out more about my wedding photography here.

Also if you look at the post below (if your on the main page) or click this link if your not – Currently I am offering a MASSIVE DISCOUNT for couples looking for a wedding photographer in Worcestershire, Birmingham and a whole lot of other places around the Midlands, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. – The reason is that I have just moved to Worcestershire so am pretty much unknown here at the moment.

Right off to bed, hope you like these 3 photos, I think they made cracking black and white conversions.



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Mandy and Alan Get Married !

Hello there, David here from www.davidpurslow.com

Its been a week or so since I posted as its getting to my busy part of the wedding season. I have been really fortunate this year to have had the great pleasure of photographing many really spectacular weddings. Well this weeks wedding was no exception and a true pleasure as it happened to be one of Nikki’s school friends.

Mandy and Alan asked us to photograph this last year, bribed us with a curry (madras always works well on me) and it was booked. I remember sitting over the table that night thinking I could not wait for the wedding to come around as not only where they so very much in love, they make a great looking couple. Add to this that Alan is an Army man and was getting dressed in his Dress Uniform, I knew this was going to be spectacular and it did not let me down.

I had to travel up to the midlands for this wedding as the service took place at St Mary’s Abberley, in Worcestershire. The wedding reception was at Worcester Rugby Club, if you are a frequent reader of the blog you may remember I popped up to the Worcester Rugby Club ground a few weeks ago just before they took away all the grass….. I wont bore you with the details now but search the blog and you will find it.

As always it seems I find myself writing my blog around midnight and to be totally honest with you, I an knackered and in need of some sleep, its been a very busy couple of weeks. So what I am going to do is post a small selection of images up here tonight, and then finish it tomorrow for you.

I will start off with Amanda getting ready. I arrived at the house to be greeted by a scene of pretty much tranquility and seemingly no worries in the world. All the girls were still in their PJ’s and time was not really a consideration (soon to change 🙂 Anyway, I got set up and started blasting away.

Mandy allowed me a lot more freedom than a lot of the brides I work with, I covered her bridal prep pretty much fully but very respectfully. I think this will make the start of the album very special. We also shot a couple of bridal portraits ‘since time was not an issue’

Here are a few pics of Mandy getting ready.

1. The calm before the storm – pondering the rest of the day.


The next shot is one of my favorites of the day – This is the kind of photo I LOVE TO SHOOT – totally candid, Mandy was unaware I was watching thru the camera, she was taking a look over her wonderful wedding dress and to be honest if this was a studio setup, it could not be better, the light was fantastic, the location was fantastic and everything fell into place – I called her name, she turned and CLICK – a wedding album picture if ever I have seen one !

This was the moment I think Amanda realized that I would be photographing her ALL DAY


And here are a couple of the bride getting dressed for her wedding day – being helped by Mum, Sister and Best Friend.




I just wanted to throw this photo in, I kinda like this one, its a mirror reflection shot – something very popular, its a shot of the bride looking in a mirror at the camera. I really like the way this one was framed.


Anyway back to the wedding……….

Since Alan and Amanda have gone away I am not posting dozens of images here yet, I always like to update you as to what I am up to, but I want the bride and groom to get the first real viewing so the photos are going to jump here to much later in the day !

Amanda’s final few seconds as a single girl – here about to be walked down the isle by dad


This was also one of the fullest church weddings I have been to in a long while, a tribute to the happy couple – Here is a shot I took using the Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 Lens – this is a fantastic lens and when used along side the Nikon D3 camera produces some fantastic wide angle view of the church and the wedding service.


This was also one of the funniest and teary weddings I have attended in a LONG TIME – people were bursting into tears left, right and center and then spontaneously bursting into laughter – it truly was a joy to photograph this wedding. Here Amanda’s best friend is TRYING to get thru her reading but had a few problems…….


Just as a side not for any photographers or budding photographers out there, this image was shot at ISO4000 using the Nikon 70-200 VR lens – I have NOT removed any grain, as if you expose correctly grain should not really be an issue.

Okay, back to the wedding, here is the exchanging of the rings shot – its one of the shots I always TRY to get – its not always possible but for some reason I find it one the images I always use in albums, it seems to symbolize the moment 2 become 1


Here the bride and groom are listening to the service in full flow


The deacon was a family friend so again it made it all the more special.

Here the happy couple are walking down the isle after being pronounced man and wife


Once everyone had left, I snuck the couple back into the church to shoot a couple of posed fancy shots, the church was so beautiful that I wanted to maximize the use of it.


After a few photos outside, the confetti shot was arranged, we had to be quick as the sun kept going in and out behind clouds, I normally try to let the day unfold without directing it too much, but when you need to keep changing your settings, sometimes you just have to take a little control – The guest did a FANTASTIC job of timing the confetti shot and I am really pleased with how it turned out.


Following the Confetti stuff we did some shots with the cars but I am saving them for the couple, so off we jump to Worcester Rugby Club – Sixways the home of Worcester Worriers. This was the first of my weddings at Worcester Rugby Club this year and it turned out great !

Here are a couple of shot from the cutting of the cake section – I have skipped the rest for the reasons mentioned above !

A nice closeup of the B&G just after the cutting of the cake



followed by the actual cutting of the cake – I have to mention the flowers on the day – AMAZING flowers – everywhere you looked. Here a closeup of the cake cutting and a crafty way of showing the bridal flowers.


Well I hope you enjoyed this little sneek peak – remember I am available for weddings anywhere in the UK at reasonable prices !

Last but not least is the First Dance shot – I hope you like


I am sure there will be the odd spelling mistake in this one as its NOW way past my bed time – so off I tootle, enjoy looking around, thanks for stopping by.

Take care,


David Purslow
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Ben and Zena’s Wedding Album

One of the areas I have been improving behind the scenes is how I can showcase albums and photos from weddings. Last year I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of good friends of ours from back up in the midlands. This was a fantastic wedding and was a long day for me. I started photographing Zena at the hair dressers at around 9:00 am and took my last photos around 11:00pm which were the wedding fireworks pictures.

I will be posting up some images from this wedding in the coming days however below you will be able to see the photos used in the wedding album. The way I show the wedding album is one of the things I have been working on so please let me know what you think of it, if it took too long to load etc.

So here it is, my first official post on my blog – and I am delighted that its the wedding album of Ben and Zena.