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The Wedding of Niamh and James

Followed by a beautiful Wedding Reception at Killworth House Hotel

Hello there,  David here from David Purslow Photography

This weekend saw the wedding of a fabulous couple who I had the great pleasure of meeting and shooting the engagement of, Niamh and James.  Unfortunately due to a serious operation which I found out about only a couple of weeks before the couples big day, I could not be present.

I put out an SOS to my piers and mentors and within a few days the wedding was covered, after talking to Niamh and James and going over all the options I am very pleased to say the selected a fabulous photographer called John Mottershaw to first shoot the wedding on my behalf – John is a full time professional wedding photographer based in Sheffield, his website is http://www.johnmottershaw.com Working along side of John was going to be a second photographer (I always work with an assistant) but as luck would have it just 12 hours before the wedding, another family medical emergency popped up and John reached out to a fantastic network of photographers we are both members of (details in the post below this one) and within a few hours assisted the aid of Simon Revill from Simon Revill Photography, another full time professional wedding photographer based in Derbyshire.  Simons website is located at  http://www.simonrevill.com

So back to the big day, I was really looking forward to this wedding from the very first meeting I had had with Niamh and James, when they said they were getting married at Killworth House Hotel, actually the church around the corner but the wedding reception was being held there, I was excited.  Killworth House is a fantastic wedding venue, one of the most beautiful wedding reception locations in Leicestershire and one any photographer wants to shoot at.  The day after the wedding Simon sent me over a collection of edited photographs ready to show the client and pop on the blog.  Simon knew this was one of the weddings I very excited about, I love weddings and am excited about them all but the grounds and the venue make for stunning photos and combined with a stunningly beautiful bride and groom, you just get really carried away and cant wait to be shooting the wedding photos.  Simon also knew (since I posted on the International Professional Photographers Network Forum) that Niamh and James had sent me over a very special  thank you / get well card which my wife brought into the hospital and which I saw pretty much as soon as I woke up following my surgery.  So The next morning I recived a folder full of images, I have gone thru them and selected a few of my favorites to share with you.

From what I have seen in the photos, it looked like it was an amazing day, Niamh looked simply stunning and James looked like the cat that had all the cream, he really looks like a very proud man in the photos.  One of the the things I love about Simons work is the way he captures the emotion of the day through his images and its amongst other reasons I look up to him and his work so much.

I cant really tell you too much about the day, I may ask John or Simon to write me a full blog post once I get back to work full time however I know both of them are really busy with their own weddings and portraits.   Naturally I wanted to say a huge thanks to John and Simon for all their help, I also wanted to thanks Niamh and James for sticking with me, trusting that the photographers I would choose to cover their day would be up to the job and just being such nice people all round.

A few of the photographs supplied by Simon Revill Photography

Killworth House Wedding Photography
bride walking to church
st marys church wellford wedding
church wedding killworth leceistershire
killworth house wedding photos

getting married at killworth house
wedding photography killworth house
beautiful wedding photography leceistershire
wedding reception photos killworth house leceistershire
killworth house wedding photography first dance

Many thanks to John and Simon for taking care of this for me, more to come soon.

Congratulations to Niamh and James



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