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Singers Portfolio – David looking cool – Strobist Lighing with Nikon CLS

Hello there, this one is for the ladies out there as I often get accused of focusing on the girls a little too much (with my camera)

Over the weekend I shot a few photos for my good friend Wayne from Explosive Productions – He is helping to organize a show at the Torch Theater in Milford Haven later next month.

One of Waynes good friends and a friend on mine also (sounds like the mafia – He’s a friend of ours………..)  Thats a guys joke girls……..

so back to David – David is an incredible professional singer and performer who sings songs from the likes of Frank Sinatra etc has been after getting a few photos done, well on Sunday after we finished over in Milford David and I popped over to the waterfront and shot a few pix – it was freezing cold but David managed to pull off the looking cool in the sun look !

We shot using the Nikon CLS lighting system and I used speedlights on stands triggered by the Nikon SU800 IR sender or a master SB900 flash if the SU800 struggled due to light and the distance.

Here are a few of the results, hope you like them








hope you like this little sneak peek