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Why I love expensive Nikon Glass (lenses)

Hey there,

Just a very quick sneak peek,

Saturday saw me shooting the 2nd wedding of the weekend for me, it was at the stunning Ettington Chase hotel in Stratford on Avon, it was the first time I had photographed a wedding there and what a beautiful place to get married at, well after the formals etc Caroline and I shot off to shoot the room and when I walked in my jaw hit the floor, it was amazing !!!!!!!

I decided that I needed to shoot this with NO added light, I wanted to capture the spender and magnificence of the room the wedding breakfast was to take place in, so opted for the Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 – my go to lens for general photography but what I love about this lens is its tack sharp wide open and distorts very little.  because the room was actually very very dark I took this photo at 3200 ISO hand held at around an 80th of a second at F4

I LOVE it, its NOT been through any noise reduction software and is pretty much straight out of camera, I just grabbed it as I was offloading from the laptop to the desktop.

The ball room at Ettington Chase

Ball room at Ettington Chase Staffordshire

more soon……





Swinfen Hall Wedding Photography

Photo of the Week – June 17th 2012

Hello there,  A little bit of time travel magic again this week, as June 17th’s photo of the week was actually taken on the 18th of June, I was pretty busy that I missed posting.

This weeks photo of the week come from the amazing wedding of Cymonie & Mark who were getting married at The breathtaking  Swinfen Hall Hotel in Litchfield.  I really enjoyed this wedding as I was not technically the lead photographer, the wedding booking had been taking by a very good friend of mine, a Birmingham based wedding photographer called Paul Goode from Paul Goode Photography Paul and I often work with one and other if we have free time, he will tag along with me and I tag along with him, that way we get to try out new things and if it does not work the couple have lost nothing.

I had on my Artsy Fartsy head and aimed to shoot the whole day looking for little bits of magic,  I also wanted to shoot the whole day using an ultra wide angle lens.

Anyway let me first start off showing you the photo then giving you a little background about it.

a couple getting married at swinfen hall hotel in litchfield

Okay, the effects on this photo are pretty much shot in camera, no special effects or photoshop magic here. Some of you will be looking at this photo and thinking hummmm thats nothing special and I hope some of you will be looking at it and saying to yourself, WOW thats amazing.  The only photoshop was the black and white conversion and a little adding of film grain.

so here is some background.

As I mentioned the couple got married at Swinfen Hall Hotel, the entire outside was had paper bag lanterns on the ground, I didnt really get any closeup shots of the bags and normally they only look good in the photos once lit.  The bags had something akin to a snowflake cut out patten on them

While Paul was setting up for the group shots, I took this wide angle shot more for testing light than anything else but it shows one of the bags.

The back of Swinfen Hall Hotel

After I took this photo, I walked down the stairs to the grass area below to see what a wide angle shot would look like, as i walked back up I noticed the bag and the patten, I took a quick test shot to see if I could pull off the effect I wanted, here it is

looking thru bag

Checking it out on the back of the camera, I knew it would work, so went ahead and got a lot closer and shot the photo at the top of this post.

The thing (in my mind about this photos is this) Cymone had spent a long time planning every little detail of the day, these lanterns were part of her preparation and therefor its a detail shot that has lots of meaning to the couple.

later that night we also did some of my Signature style shots which made full use of the grounds and the amazing venue.

here are a couple

staffordshire wedding photographer


night time photo fo swinfen hall wedding venue

west midlands wedding photographer

black and white wedding photo

amazing first dance wedding photos

wedding photography in staffordshire - first dance photos