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Another Society Wedding – Hannah and Jack

Hello there, David here from www.davidpurslow.com – I always start these wedding stories by saying if you found this blog entry via a search engine, please before you leave take a few minutes to stop by my Portrait and Wedding Photography website located at www.davidpurslow.com

Okay this is going to be a MONSTER of a blog entry ! – It was almost  a year ago that I first went to visit with the couple and the brides parents – yes that right I still go visit prospective clients if they cannot get to me I go see them.  Well as I was bouncing down the drive way towards the house I knew this was going to be anything but an ordinary  wedding.  Following our meeting and many cups of tea that the MOB (mother of the bride) made me I left hoping I was the chosen wedding photographer for this wedding – The plans were spectacular, the couple were cute and they were up for some arty shots around Cenarth – I waited for the phone call and it came a few days later…………

Jump forward about a year and its Hannah & Jacks big day – I arrived early to make sure I got great establishing shots and I wanted to get shots of the ground and the house before guests started turning up.  As ever the hospitality of Mr & Mrs S was outstanding and before I could even snap a shot I had a drink in my hand.  I always get humbled when on their big day the MOB & FOB remember to think about me because lets face it, I am just one of the hired help for the day.

So with drink in hand, I set up my gear and start to walk the grounds to get my shots.

The house from the other side of the lake.


I had visited with the family the week before to get my bearings of the house etc, so with kind permission I started mooching around the house looking for those little detail shots that add so much to an album and lift it from the ordinary to the extraordinary.    I entered the kitchen and was instantly taken aback by the quality of light spilling thru the windows – on the table was the signs that the morning has started in style !


A few minutes later the flowers arrived and I snapped the brides bouquet.