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Photo of the Week – 8th April 2012

Hello there,

A little late this week for the photo of the week as I have had a wedding on Saturday in Pembrokeshire and then another one in Devon on Sunday.  I returned to the studio Monday for 2 photo shoots and then another this morning – so just before going home to have some quality time with Mrs P and the chillens I thought I would post a photo of the week.

My shoot this morning was a Mother and Daughter photoshoot make over – my Subject was Miss E and her mother.  Mrs E brought with her, her flute and after having a bunch of photos shot in the studio we ventured off around the ground to shoot a pic in the woods.

The second Miss E mentioned she had her Flute I got very excited,  With this beautiful young lady in a ball gown, amazing light spilling thru the trees and the silver flute I knew it would be a cracking shot.

The technicals on this one are pretty simple,  I exposed for the background and over exposed it slightly (the green bits)  – I positioned Miss E so she was backlit and hair lit by the sun and filled in the front with a 2 meter strip box powered by a Lencarter LI-on Safari portable studio light chucking out around 450 whatts of power

I shot at F8 at 1/200th of a second and this is the result

worcestershire portrait photography