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Claire and Nick – Engagement Shoot

Worcestershire Wedding Photography

Malvern Hills Engagement Shoot

Here are the happy couple – Claire and Nick – Enjoying a sunset on top of the Malvern Hills – something I am sure they doubted would ever happen !

worcestershire wedding photography

Not for those reasons but Claire and Nick seem like my ‘Bogey Couple’ – For one reason or another we had planned to shoot last weekend but it never happened, then today we met up at 4pm (the clocks went forward today so it was actually 3pm) All was going well till I found out I had left a battery I needed for the shoot on the table at home –  I felt like a dick I have to be honest.  I packed off Claire and Nick for a drink and offered to buy them lunch while I grabbed another battery (Nikki was bringing one over for me but the whole thing would take about an hour) – well an hour later, battery in hand and ready to shoot – we met up again at the base of British Camp in the Malvern Hills.

I think sometimes god was smiling down on me as that hour allowed the harsher sun to dissipate a little  and we had beautiful soft directional light – with a great golden colour and softness to it. – we set off for our hike up the hills.  Claire (or Kate) as I knicknamed her due to what I see as a resemblance to Kate Middleton (Our future Queen)  and Nick are a GREAT fun couple who were up for anything including playing football on top of the Malvern hills.

So here you go, a few from today – I am thrilled to bits with the photos, I told Claire and Nick that I would have them up for them to see in the morning so at the time of posting I dont know what they think of them !


Oh, Claire, Nick – Thanks much for being so patient, I am sure it was not easy 🙂  but it was so worth it……….

As we were walking back to the car, I spotted a gate, I had Claire climb on top of it, then just as I was about to take the photo, the dog you see came running over and wanted some love.

Just after we left the hills, we rounded a corner just as the sun was setting – we pulled over on the side of the road jumped out and shot 3 photos, by the time we got to number 4, the sun had set.

Hope you enjoy this sneak peek.



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