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Fun Wedding Photos

Something to add a bit of fun !

Hello there,

Short and sweet today as I packed up the car to head off for another wedding this weekend I found a bit of chalk – then I wondered if I had posted any pictures of one of my new toys ?

A couple of weeks ago I was in Pembrokeshire for the Wedding of  Tree and Tom (Tree = Teresa)  It was an amazing wedding and ended up with lots and lots of great photos

At one stage we pulled out our chalkboard – this is something we keep in the car for quite times 🙂  it adds a lot of fun – The idea is simple, a nice black board, chalk and wedding guests – they write a message to the bride and groom – its simple.  The funny thing is everyone really wants to have a go and the competition for the best drawings or messages really gets going – creating for even more fun at your wedding.

Definitely not your traditional wedding photos but then thats me – I dont do traditional !

So here you go, a few from Tree and Tom’s wedding for you to take a peek at


Here you can see guests filling it and and people watching the artists at work !

worcestershire wedding photography

And the restult

message blackboard at weddings

worcester wedding photographer

fun wedding photography

contemporary wedding photography

wedding photography outside the box

and dont you get to see some funny messages !!!!!!

pembrokeshire wedding photography

Just thought I would share a few,

Take care,