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Little details, big inspiration……….

Hello there dp here with a quickie for tonight,

I shot a fantastic wedding on Saturday, the detail the bride (Kirsten) had put into the table layouts was amazing, you will see more of what I am talking about in a few days when I  post up the blog story.

In the meantime it was quite a beachy themed wedding as per the venue – the couple were getting married at the Oxwich Bay Hotel on the Gower in West Wales.

Here is a pano shot of the whole bay, the very left hand side as you look at it is the hotel and the very right hand side is the marquee that you can see peeking above it.  However the backdrop is why The Oxwich Bay Hotel is a very sought after venue.

panorama of the Oxwich bay hotel wedding venue wales

There are shots you typically take at most weddings, the cutting of the cake, the confetti shot etc but what keeps me excited about wedding photography is that I get my inspiration from the couples themselves.

I arrived about 1/2 an hour early (than the time I was booked to start) which is something I like to do at all weddings, I then just take 30 minutes to wonder without my camera and look for ideas to jump out at me.  I still do that thing old time photographers do with the hand and the fingers where we make a frame and visualize what the photo would look like.  Anyway I walked into the Marquee and was shell shocked (sorry for the pun – you will see in a minute) by the view over the bay – from inside the marquee the views are to die for.

On every table Kirsten had created a little center piece, and surrounding it was a lovely shell with what looked like a giant pearl in the center – they looked fab.

An idea sprang into mind right there and then and I saw visions of the ring shot using the shell and the pearl – well This is part of the sequence of photos I shot.

Wide view showing the tale with the pearl and shell in place.

oxwich bay hotel

A little closer

getting married at the oxwich bay hotel

much closer this time with rings

wedding photography at the oxwich bay hotel - gower - wales

and finally the money shot, the ring shot

Also notice in this last photo, you can clearly see me 🙂 in the dead center of the pearl, then just to the left ofme is the flash – thats right even on this simple shot I used off camera flash to bring up the detail and fill in the shadows somewhat.  The flash was triggered by the Radio Poppers I love and use all the time.

wedding photographer gower swansea west wales

So we went from a simple table decoration to a beautiful ring shot and its because I took an extra 30 minutes of my time to just stop and take in all the little details the bride and groom had spent over a year planning.

Hope you like,

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