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So whats it like being photographed by me ?

Hi there,

Something a little different today.  In an effort to ‘jaz’ up the site a little, give it a bit more dynamism I have decided to add a video from one of my weddings last year.

The video is actually behind the scenes footage of me shooting, I also teach wedding photography (if you want to know more about that email me at david@davidpurslow.com)

The video is an edited version of one that I share with my students so contains some technical data on the shots, but without putting the whole thing together again I would not have been able to add it so quickly.

This section is Fly on the wall stuff, it follows me shooting some of the Bridal Prep photos and also the Confetti shot and then onto the ‘Couples Alone Shoot’ – this was a 10 minute segment where the wedding guests left to go to the reception and The Bride, Groom and myself spent 10 minutes shooting a few more arty photo’s

What you will see is the way I shoot, I like to set the scene and then let the couple – You and your new husband have a bit of alone time while I shoot from a distance.  I am not one of those in your face photographers so use longer lenses most of the time to distance myself from you guys, this way you have intimate time together, can talk and chit chat and feel alone and all in love – I just take photos of it all.

In this short video you will see just how many great photos this alone 10 minutes produced.

I hope you like it.



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Wedding Photographer
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