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1 on 1 Boudoir Photography Training Workshop

Please note:
This course is costs £500.00 as its 1 on 1 – you can bring a colleague for an additional £200.00 and split the cost which makes each photographers cost only  £350.00 for the whole day.

If you are looking for more affordable boudoir photography training, then try our :-

introduction to boudoir photography course which only costs £195.00 – you can find all the details here

1 on 1 Boudoir Photography Training

We have received a number of requests for a Boudoir Photography Workshop and have decided for the time being due to the intimate nature of the shoots that it would be better in very small groups or even as a one on one shoot.

Spend a whole day shooting a top professional glamour model.

Our style of boudoir photography is based around GREAT lighting which is the key to all good photography and also in how to direct a model, how to coax out those looks a model gives the camera that connects with the person viewing the photographs.  This produces consistent results and you will end up producing your own images that look like this by the end of the day.

sexy photography workshop

boudoir photography workshop

The basic outline of what we have come up with is this.

Our Studio in Hartlebury in Worcestershire – Nearest Train Station is Kidderminster – Travel lodge just down the road – we can pick you up and drop you off at the station if needed.

Times / Duration
All day – 9:30 – 5:30 this will be an all day session more details below (we are flexible on times as its a bespoke course based totally around you)

Provided as is hot and cold drinks throughout the day

What you will Learn
Lighting for boudoir / Pin Up photography + Model posing + how to interact with your model

Level of Photography
The model will be in various states of dress throughout the day from lingerie to Topless and playboy style nudity (tasteful full nudity)

Limits of Photography
This course is a serious course for photographers wishing to venture in to boudoir / pinup styles of photography as as such will be conducted in a professional manor.

A more detailed overview

This will be a full on day of learning.  The day will start off with you letting us know what you want out of the day at the end of the day we will see if we have net your expectations and hopefully blown them out of the water.  We will teach you all about boudoir for profit, what to charge, how to up sell and how to offer collections that make the client spend more money.   You will be teach you  several different lighting setups and once you have mastered these we will show you how with subtle little changes you can create a myriad of different and dramatic lighting pattens which will make your images stand out.  You will shoot with a beautiful live model while you learn these and we will review the photos as we take by connecting to a 50 inch plasma screen.

Each setup will start off with the model clothed and walk you through the process of shooting a sexy striptease and end up with  some beautiful high class nude portraits.  During this you will be learning more about lighting and posing and what to look out for to make your post production run quicker – its much easier to fix things in camera than it is to work on them later – we will teach you how to spot things that will save you hours afterwards.

We will also teach you how to look out for interesting photos that while tame have a underlining air of sensuality about them and the kinds of images you can fill your portfolio with (often real clients wont want their face in photos on your website)


birmingham boudoir photography workshop

As the day progresses you will learn the etiquet that takes place duing the shoot, especially when your model is topless or nude.

The day will be broken up by a lunch provided by ourselves and throughout the day there will be hot and cold drinks available

The costs are

For the One On One session it costs £500.00 and this includes all model fee’s model release fee’s allowing you to display your images in your online or printed portfolio.  A deposit of £200.00 is due to secure a date and the balance is due 2 weeks prior to the shoot itself.

You can bring along a friend / 2nd shooter for an additional cost of £200.00  (total of £700.00) which means you each only pay £350.00 for the whole days shooting.

If you book a shoot between December 1st 2011 and December 24th 2011 you will receive a discount of £100.00
This means a One on One session only costs £400.00 and a 2 on one workshop only costs £600.00 (or £300.00 each)The shoot has to take place between December 1st 2011 and January 31st 2012 to be eligible for the Christmas offer !

To enquire or book a session send an email to Boudoir@davidpurslow.com 
call our studio line on 01299 253844

Below are a few more the kinds of images you will be shooting on the day – The model shown in all of these photos is a local model to the studio called Brook and is available, we are currently putting together a model register of other models and once complete you can choose your own model for the day or let us select one for you.

topless model photography workshop

model for boudoir workshop

photography workshop - topless models