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Photo of the Week – January 22nd 2012

This weeks photo was actually taken yesterday at the totally amazing Blenheim Palace, I was there to shoot the engagement session of Hannah and Andy

The main house (if you can call the Palace a house) is stunning and a beautiful and reminds me of Downtown Abbey

We walked for what seems like miles and toured the lakes, woods, parkland and visited the main house albeit it was closed to the public for renovations.

Although the house was closed there were still a lot of tourists wondering around and the roadway between the main house gates and the rest of the estate was very busy, with careful use of photoshop and the timing of taking this photo, I was able to make it seem like the couple were all alone, well all alone with Merlin.

The editing of this photo took a good good while, its not as punchy, contrasty or saturated as a lot of my photography but I just love the feel of this image.

The sky is real, when we first arrived the sun was behind the Palace so we waited for the sun to move around and didn’t hurry.  Often there is nothing you can do about lighting when your battling with the sun so you just have to be patient and bide your time – if you do, you are often rewarded.

I know you cant see the couple but we have lots of those shots also, I often shoot my couple from behind and think they create an air of mystique  and tell a totally different story, one that you can only tell by body language etc.

Anyway,  for the photographers out there (Hannah included) here are the technicals

ISO400  1/320th sec  F5.0  Shady white balance – Nikon D3  70-200mm Lens @ 105mm  (I am about 75 feet away from the couple – barking out instructions)