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Birstmorton Court Wedding Photography – Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week – June 23rd 20112

Hello there,

This weeks photo of the week comes from the amazing wedding of Helen and Jon which took place at the stunning Birstmorton Court wedding venue nr Malvern in Worcestershire

Yesterday was another very challenging day weather wise – I will be doing a full blog story shortly but a HUGE thanks goes out to the amazing venue staff, especially Sophie who really looked after us like kings and queens – if thats how they look after the hired help I can only imagine that the bride and groom and all their guests felt like nothing on earth as the hospitality was second to NONE, and I dont say that lightly.

Anyway the photos for the couple were a challenge as it rained quite heavily all day, you would have heard me say time and time before that if it rains on your wedding day that is NO excuse for your photgrapher not getting great shots for you and your album.  Well later when you see more photos – I might add a few more after my next shoot – you will see we pulled off some amazing photos despite the weather.

But to the photo of the week – Birstmorton Court has a lake around it, and the couple had fireworks.  The fireworks were on one side of the lake and the couple and guests were on the other.  We positioned the couple slightly in front of the guests and in front of a portable 600 Watt second studio light – we tested our exposure to get the couple perfectly lit in the dark and then waited for the fireworks to begin.

we had many great photos, but my personal favorite was this one

Its a 12 second exposure and shot at F16 at 200 ISO – it was shot at 16mm’s on a wide angle lens

hope you like

fireworks at birstmorton court

EDITED Monday 25th June

As promised here are a few more photos from the amazing Birstmorton Court Wedding Venue

Birstmorton Court Wedding Venue

the marquee at birstmorton set up for a wedding

function room at birstmorton court wedding venue

photo of a dress hanging up in the garden house of Birstmorton Court Malvern

As it rained most of the day we only got out to the white garden later at night, the couple challenged me to come up with something since we had no light really, this is what we did quickly before we ran off for a few more signature style images then fireworks

night time wedding photos at birstmorton court wedding venue

If you know the venue, at the back of Birstmorton Court is a fabulous garden, at the very far end is a stunning gate which Helen wanted photos with, again it had rained all day so we missed out on that but while we there there, I positioned her just inside the white garden and then shot a few shots with Mark (My assistant) holding a light just the other side – its hard to see for those who dont know the gate but if you do, you would instantly recognize it – its kind of a different take on the gate photo but I think it makes Helen look magnificent

the white garden at birst morton court

views from birstmorton court over the malvern hills

last but not least is Helen’s Favorite shot from the whole day – we had the greatest Vicar who when I asked if I could shoot the garter shot in church said, God created women so he would not mind – I had not expected so much leg but as a full blooded male I didnt mind,  When Helen saw this shot in the slideshow she was delighted with it !!!!!

photo from inside birstmorton church

and not knowing if I prefer black and white or colour, here is both side by side, you choose

black and white photos inside church

Naturally all of these images are one created with off camera lighting etc, I will be posting the full blog story shortly which will show the whole day off better, but wanted to share a few amazing shots from Helen and John’s amazing wedding