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Photo of the Week February 5th 2012

Hey there,

For this weeks Photo of the Week I am being a little bit self indulgent.  On Sunday I met up with Hannah and Dave at the studio to go thru their photo selection for their album.  Hannah and Dave live ‘Up North’ well Leeds to be exact so getting together when I have a free weekend and when they are visiting took some working out, but we eventually made it, as it happens it was after the snowiest day of the year – so at one point it was touch and go.

As we sat viewing their wedding photos I kept saying  OOOOH, that one, thats going to be my photo of the week – I must have said it a good 1/2 a dozen times, the photos brought back some great memories.  I actuallly shed a tear at one point when we viewed the final selection of photos they wanted in the album.

quite possibly my favorite wedding of 2011 Hannah and Dave had what I called something of an Alice in Wonderland Wedding theme

below the photos is a link to their wedding blog story  – which if you have not seen it is worth viewing,  some of the details Hannah put into her big day took over a year to pull together.

Hannan also let me know (knowing how much I LOVE Ian Stuart Wedding Dresses) that hers had gone to a very good and deserving home – We talked about her dress for a good while and its nice to know it will be making another brides look as stunning as beautiful as Hannah did, and will be appreciated and loved for a second time !

Anyway, here you go

If I had to pick one it would be this one.

beautiful wedding photography

Although this shot looks simple enough, it actually took some getting,  It was shot about an hour after sunset so was pretty dark outside, it was a longer shutter exposure to bring in the sky and detail and the couple are being lit by a 500 watt portable studio flash off to camera right inside a deep octabox to create the soft fall off – it was something like 1/10th of a second F8 ISO 400 Shot on a Nikon D3 with the Nikon 24-70mm   –  Lighting provided by the Strobeam EID500  This was taken just before the first dance.

Okay, I have to include this photo as well,

This photo again looks simple enough, but I wanted to include the background which you can see is simply a stunning view from Hannah’s mum’s Living room deck.  The sun is actually off to camera left, if you look at Hannah’s right (camera left) shoulder you will notice what we call Rim Lighting – thats the halo looking light down her arm and the back of the dress – this is the sun, and it was pretty strong.  This means that Hannah was standing with her face and front of her dress totally in the shadow and strong shadow – just look at the front of the flower pot on the floor.  I used 2 X Nikon SB800 flash’s on a lighting pole being shot thru a shoot through umbrella – it was very close to her, its just about an inch out of shot – the two flash units were at full power.

There are many reasons I LOVE this photos, 1 is that its of a very happy looking bride, 2 its a very happy looking bride in beautiful Ian Stuart wedding dress and 3, its a beautiful bride in a stunning dress with an amazing background

The trick to this photo is not bringing Hannan out so she looks nice and softly lit, it was balancing the background light as I wanted the sky included with the foreground and the rim – I had to use manual flash and then adjust on the aperture to make it all work.  I also had to dip into high speed sync to pull that off – the Technicals are Shot at ISO 200, 640th of a second at F8 – Nikon D3 Nikon 24-70mm

The last shot is one that everyone who comes to the studio just LOVE’s – It totally sums up the day

Malvern wedding photography

This is simply a beautiful candid capture

One of the things I love about this shot is it really shows what you can do just by going back to the basics – This photo was taken using a Nikon D300 camera and the Nikon 70-200 VR2  It was shot totally with available light.  The photo was taken at 1/250th of a second at ISO 200 at F4.0  the lens was racked all the way out to 200mm.  Manual mode

What I LOVE about the Nikon D300 is the extra reach it gives being a crop body – I generally always use this body and lens for my candid’s outside – the files it puts out are silky smooth.

Technically it no competition winner due to cutting off the bottom of the hand but it was a case of a very quick candid grab which means that sometimes your have to worry less about perfection and concentrate more on the moment – I have this at the start of my slideshow I show people visiting the studio – EVERYONE comments on it.

Right I better run, stuff to do – but as promised if you want to see more of Hannah and Dave’s wedding click here – http://www.davidpurslow.com/2011/08/26/alice-wonderland-themed-wedding/

hope you like,

ciao for now