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Worcestershire Wedding Photography Arley Arboretum

A beautiful summers day wedding at the amazing Arley Arboretum, Arley, Worcestershire.

This past weekend I was “working”  for “The photographer next door” aka Alex Sharp, from Alex Sharp Photography.    Alex had a wedding at Arley Arboretum and as I had a weekend off, when she happened to mention she needed someone to cover a couple of hours of ‘second shooting’ I jumped at the chance.

Wedding photography is a passion as well as a job, and as the lead photographer you sometimes miss out on the fun side of the job, I love stalking the guests and trying to capture fun candid shots while the wedding couple are off having their wedding formals taken.  Normally its me taking the group shots and my assistant / second shooter gets to do the mingling and stalking, so it was a great break.  I will often second shoot for other photographers if I don’t have a wedding on a weekend, as it trains the mind and the eye to see the things that can often be missed if your too busy concentrating on the ‘bigger picture’

When I say the wedding photographer next door, I literally mean next door, Alex and I share studio adjoining walls, we often have a coffee and chat about things, help each other out with any little projects, help at weddings and so on, its a huge benefit to both of us.  Some photographers see every other photographer as competition but Alex and I have a great collaboration philosophy and love nothing more than sharing a coffee and packet of biscuits.

Anyway back to the amazing wedding at Arley Arboretum, and I have to say the couple were blessed by amazing weather, I used my time ‘second shooting’ to try new things out and shoot unusual detail shots and candids that I normally have my assistant / second shoot capture and I have to say its great fun.

Arley Arboretum is a relatively new wedding venue in Worcestershire however after talking with Dave the estate manager, its obvious that they have big plans, with weddings booked for 2015, 2016 and 2017 I can easily see this becoming one of the more boutique wedding photography venues in Worcestershire.

If your planning on getting married at Arley Arboretum your in for a great treat, its simply magnificent, here are a few shots from my day stalking guests, looking for cool details and just enjoying being out in the sun with my camera and not feeling too much of the pressure of photographing the most important day of a couple life !

I hope you enjoy.



My first photo of the day, the amazing marque at Arley Arboretum – the weather was just perfect

beautiful marquee at arley Arboretum wedding

The flowers were beautiful, very natural very beautiful and very fragrant

wedding flowers at arley Arboretum

I love the simplicity of the table settings, I love the attention to details that the cut on the cork is along the printed line

wedding place setting detail photo

Being a cake fiend, I drooled at the site of this beautiful cake, the butter cream smelled delicious

wedding cake detail shot

Looking for unusual shots while Alex made sure everyone knew what they were doing, here I saw a couple of hand fulls of confetti

getting ready for a confetti shot at arley church worcestershire

and a trick I normally do, have my second shooter behind the couple, you get some amazing shots, so I wanted try one from behind

black and white confetti shot at Arley Church

Love this ‘hatinator’  I learned a new word this week !

wedding guests at arley Arboretum

This is the kind of thing I love, just shots of people enjoying the wedding day, oblivious of the camera

guests enjoying the italian gardens at arley Arboretum

One of my favorite shots from the wedding, the guest was screening the sun not me, I just love this

funny wedding photo - guest with hat

Someone congratulating the bride following her wedding at Arley Church – Location: Italian Gardens Arley Arboretum

candid wedding photography Arley

More congratulations, this time for the groom

arley Arboretum italian garden wedding

Looks like the nighttime is going to be a lot of fun.

funny photo booth at arley Arboretum

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek at some more relaxed, candid, reportage and fun detail shots from this fabulous wedding.  Many thanks to Alex for inviting me to join her on what was a very pleasant day, congratulations to the happy couple.