Pregnancy Portraits

You’re Pregnant!

Looking in the mirror, gently cradling your stomach it is hard to believe that a new life is growing inside. Yet it’s true. You are pregnant.

It’s a very special time in a woman’s life but it can also be a very difficult time, while some feel energized and ready to tackle the world others may feel sick and exhausted because of all the extra hormones. Later in your pregnancy you may feel you don’t always look your best especially when you are trying to cope with the demands of work and family.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a session that is designed just for you? Would be you like to spend a day being pampered and treated like a princess while a professional photographer arranges the lighting and the backdrop to take some photographs that will remind you forever of this special and magical time?

This is a truly wonderful gift to give any mother to be, especially during her first pregnancy.

Preserve Your Pregnancy Memories

Recording your changing body is a wonderful thing to do.  The changes and transformation your body undergoes are magical and are ones that you will treasure for the rest of your life. When you are pregnant everything is heightened: sensation, sensitivity, excitement and wonder. What better to celebrate this new phase of your life than with a selection of photos that will record your body as it changes to accommodate your new baby?

We can arrange either home or studio shoots. If you choose a studio session, the photographs are taken in a studio which is lit to show you at your natural best and bring out your best features. The atmosphere will be relaxed and comfortable so that the best possible pictures can be taken. Naturally we love to have the bump on show and the photographs taken will be beautiful and artistic: keepsakes for your family album. During the photography sessions you will be treated as though you were one of the top models. We offer every courtesy and respect and we know that you will be delighted with the results.


baby bump portrait photography

About your Pregnancy Portrait Session

Your partner and any of your children will of course be welcome to come to the session with you.  Naturally they can be as involved in the whole process and photo shoot as you like.

This is your session and you will be made as comfortable as possible and encouraged to embrace and enjoy this special occasion.

We recommend that prior to booking your  photography session you visit our studio,  this will enable you to meet the photographer and get to know him ensuring that you will be relaxed on the day of your photo shoot.

This will also enable you to ask any questions that you may want to know before booking your session, view the many differing options for displaying your finished portraits and talk through any special requirements you may have.

We know just how important these photographs are to you and your family and what a precious part of your earliest memories they will be of your child’s earliest years.

pregnancy bump photographs
We offer a range of different pregnancy portrait options from studio based sessions to outdoor lifestyle photo shoots to the very popular fine art inspired sessions that produce amazing black and white dramatic images to showcase your bump.

Whilst we appreciate that pregnancy portraits are all about showing off the bump, we do understand that not all clients are comfortable showing ‘bare skin’ and thats why we highly recommend the pre photo shoot visit to the studio, that way we can work out exactly what is the best kind of photo shoot for you.

Our lifestyle pregnancy sessions are very popular with those who wish to show of their bump without showing off too much skin and as in the photo opposite, the grounds around the studio offer an amazing backdrop for your session.

Many of our clients prefer we visit with and photograph them in the comfort of their own home.  This is something we are more than happy to do as we have the necessary portable lighting equipment to easily accommodate this request without impacting on the technical or artistic integrity of your session.

pregnancy photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my children/spouse to the photo shoot?

A: Family members are welcome to come to the shoot to support you and be involved. This can be discussed at the pre-visit.

Q: I have not done anything like this before – will I need to take my clothes off to show the bump off?

A: The idea of the shoot is show your body as it appears in pregnancy and generally this does often involve showing some skin. However, there is no specific requirement for this and we offer lifestyle pregnancy photo shoots that show off the changes your body is going through without actually showing off too much skin.

Q: I get tired very quickly and would need to take a break from time to time, are there any time constraints in place during the photo shoot?

A: We aim to offer a calm, relaxing, unhurried atmosphere and will take every care to ensure that you are comfortable with what you are doing. Generally there is no time limit on our pregnancy photo shoots and we can take as long or as short as you like

black and white fine art pregnancy portrait

Q: I really want to show off my bump but I dont want to wait till its too late and go into labour – at what point during my pregnancy should I be thinking of having the photo shoot take place ?

A: Generally you will know when your bump starts to look its best but what we find is around 5 – 2 weeks before your due date is the best time to have the photo shoot.

Q: When should I book my photo shoot? Is there a deposit?  What happens if I go into labour early?

A: As I am a full time photographer I am frequently booked for weddings, engagment sessions, pregnancy portraits, boudoir shoots, commercial shoot etc its therefor a good idea to book early to secure the date that suites you and your baby the best.  We ask for a £75.00 deposit / which is half of the normal pregnancy portrait session fee.  We ask for this to be paid at the time of booking which secures  the date.

In the event of an early labour we are happy to refund the deposit or transfer it to a baby portrait session if you prefer.

pregnancy photographer in worcestershire
Q.  I have a few stretch marks that I would prefer not to be in the photos, is it possible you can airbrush my photographs?

A. We will use ALL the skills and tools at our disposal to make sure your images look their very best but they will still look like you.  If you have a spot or mark that you would like removed or lightened,  then we will be happy to oblige. It is possible that the images can be given a good makeover, tweaked and altered, and even air brushed but only to improve on an already great result. We will make you look amazing with great lighting, your gorgeous spirit and our fantastic photography skills and you will be delighted with the results.

Q: I have more questions that have not been answered here.

A: Then get in touch with us and ask away!
Give us a call on 01299 253844 to ask your questions or arrange a pre-booking visit to the studio. It is much easier to answer your questions face to face or over the phone.

We are also available on email: and we aim to get back to you within 48 hours.


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