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Worcestershire and West Midlands Wedding Photography – special offer

Hello there, dp here from www.davidpurslow – and I am a Worcestershire and West Midlands Wedding Photographer

Unless you found this link via a search engine, I hope by now you know that I am a wedding photographer based out of Hartlebury, just outside of Worcester in Worcestershire in the West Midlands.  I am fairly new to the area having previously been based in Pembrokesshire in West Wales.  I moved to The Midlands at the start of February which came right in the middle of the booking season for 2010 / 2011 weddings.  We moved following health issues with my mum and decided we needed to be closer to the family so we made the hard decision to leave our beloved Haverfordwest but family comes first.  I still shoot weddings in West Wales with over 20 there this year and 1/2 a dozen so far there for 2011.

So being the newest Wedding photographer in Worcestershire I needed to come up with something really special to help me stand out.  Yesterday I visited the Worcestershire Wedding Fair at 6-ways at the Worcester Rugby Club and saw that there are some really good photographers up this way and was actually surprised that the cost of high quality wedding photography was actually higher up in the midlands that in wales.  I dont know why I was surprised really having spent the past week looking at wedding venues in Worcester, Birmingham, Solihull, Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Codsall nr Wolverhampton and Gloucestershire its obvious to me that first, there are LOTS AND LOTS more brides and grooms getting married up this way (lets face it, Birmingham and the Midlands come second only to London in terms of population) The second thing I noticed was there are some amazing Stately Homes, Country Houses and Boutique wedding venues in this area – these are my kind of venues and the perfect place for my flamboyant and creative style of wedding photography.

What I did notice at the wedding fair is that pretty much every single photographers were offing albums that limited the number of photos or pages in the wedding albums and some started off with really small wedding albums which in my humble opinion should really be parents albums not wedding albums.

So whats the special offer I decided to come up with  – here is is

Wedding Photography Special Offer

I have designed a special collection for the first 3 couples who book me for wedding up this way.  (again if you found this post via a search engine then I suggest you visit my wedding photography website and the Why book David page on my website)  So for the first 3 couples who book me for wedding taking place in either 2010 or 2011 this is what you will get.

  • Wedding photography coverage from Bridal Preparations till your first dance
  • 50 thank you cards featuring your favorite wedding photo and information for your guests how to view your online gallery
  • An online gallery of all your wedding photos split into catagories and with slideshows for each one
  • A CD of all the images at web sized for facebook etc
  • A DVD of all the digital files from you wedding – the digital negatives so to speak
  • A DVD of your wedding album set to your first dance song that you can play on your TV and show off your wedding on the big screen
  • An UNBELIEVABLE wedding album – A huge story book wedding album with up to 80 pages and up to 250 photos included

All this would normally cost £3100.00 via my normal prices however for the first 3 couples who book me now I have moved I am making this available for only £1600.00 thats a saving of £1500.00 – The album is an 8×12 inch story book wedding album – you can see exactly what it looks like by visiting my Albums page on my website and you can also view a slide show of an 80 page album by clicking here.

If you would like to splash out just a little bit extra then for an additional £399.00 for (£1999.99 in total)  I will upgrade the wedding album to the totally awesome and monstrously big 10.5 x 14 inch album – its lush, big, heavy, super duper impressive and guaranteed to make your friend and family’s jaw drop to the floor !

This offer is applicable to weddings taking place in…….

  • Weddings in Worcestershire
  • Wedding in Birmingham
  • Weddings in Solihull
  • Weddings in Codsall
  • Wedding in Sutton Coldfield
  • Wedding in Gloucestershire
  • Weddings in the Cotswolds
  • Weddings in Herefordshire
  • Weddings in Shropshire
  • Wedding in Staffordshire

For select weddings taking place in other parts of the country I may well consider extending the offer to you,  so if your wedding is not taking place at any of the venues listed above call me or drop me an emial – my number is 01299 250 114 / 0759 007 6666  and my email is

If you have any questions please feel free to get intouch,

talk to you soon,



David Purslow
Wedding Photographer
01299 250 114
0759 007 6666

Worcestershire Wedding Photographers :-)

Hello there,

David here from

If your new to me, welcome I will fill you in all about me in a moment- if your a regular visitor and I know there are dozens of you, welcome back.

Its official We have moved from Pembrokeshire to Hartlebury in Worcestershire.  We moved due to health issues with my mum, over Christmas Nikki and I made the heartbreaking (but easy to make) decision to leave Pembrokeshire and move up this way to be closer to the family.

I have over 20 weddings in Pembrokeshire in 2010 and will be traveling up and down to cover each one, I have talked to my brides and made them all aware of the situation.   I am also still accepting wedding in Pembrokeshire for 2010 and 2011 as I have plenty of places to stay and its only 3 hours away.

But that now means I am a……..

Worcestershire Wedding Photographer

Since we are located in Hartlebury in Worcestershire, between Kidderminster and Worcester to be exact, it means we are well placed to cover the whole of not only Worcestershire but Herefordshire, Birmingham, Solihull, Wolverhampton, Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Malvern, Worcester, Staffordshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds.

When people first view my work they describe it as  a mixture between contemporary and reportage wedding photography.  What I aim to do is tell the story of your wedding day as it unfolds.  My typical coverage provides you with photography coverage from  Bridal Preparations all the way through to your first dance as man and wife.

I produce beautiful story book wedding albums  – To mark our move from Pembrokeshire to Worcestershire we totally re-did our website so we have an all new Worcestershire Wedding Photography website located at On our website one of the new pages is the Wedding Albums Page – this page gives you a really good view of our Fine Art Story Book Wedding Albums, Photo Story Book Wedding Albums, Our Guest Signing Books, Traditional Matted Albums and a range of Modern Wedding Albums.

To give you an idea of what you will see there, here is a photo of some of the albums produce.

Another great new page on our website is the Why Book David page – this page has been in development for a while and really explains my shooting style and give you a great idea of what to expect.

The funny thing is I am originally a Worcestershire wedding photographer having grown up in Kidderminster.  Nikki and I moved 6 years ago as a result of being booked for a wedding down that way.  After a couple of weeks back in the Midlands its starting to feel like home again.  I remember lots of great wedding venues around Worcestershire and the West Midlands, places such as Grafton Manor, Hagley Hall, The Lygon Arms, The Abbey Hotel, The Curradine Barns, The Elms and the place Nikki and myself got married – The Lenchford Inn.

We offer an all inclusive wedding photography package which includes everything you could want and we DONT charge extra for traveling within Worcestershire, Herefordshire, The West Midlands, Birmingham, Staffordshire, Gloucestershire, Avon and Bristol, The Cotswolds, Warwickshire or pretty much anywhere in the UK.

Talking about wedding photography in Warwickshire, one of our favorite venues for to take photos at  is the Arrow Mill Hotel the grounds here are beautiful.

Warwickshire Wedding Photography

Over the next couple of Months we are going to offer ridiculous special offers on Wedding Photography so if your looking for a wedding photographers in Worcestershire, The Midlands, Herefordshire, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, Birmingham etc then give us a call.

Be sure to check out our wedding photography website to see all our prices and check often as our specials will change on a regular basis.

We are proud to be the newest wedding photographers in Worcestershire we think this makes us work harder for you as each new wedding is a way of us building up our reputation up this way.  Make no mistake, we are not new to wedding photography and we are not a part time wedding photography business – this is what we do full time, this is all we do.

Being heavily inspired by some of the best wedding photographers in the world means I dont stand still with my photography.  When I am not shooting wedding or engagement shoots, I am constantly taking courses and challenging myself to grow as a photographer.  I have been lucky enough to study with not 1 but 2 of the Top 10 Wedding photographers in the WORLD !!!!!

We also shoot Bridal Boudoir and we pride ourselves in the sensual quality of our Boudoir photography – Being masters of lighting makes our boudoir photos stand apart from the rest. – We dont often publish our boudoir photography photos  due to client confidentially however from time to time are are lucky enough to work with clients who allow us to show the kind of quality we produce.

We also LOVE shooting engagement sessions – this is a photo shoot for you and your fiance and one that produces some amazing results.

This photo was shot in Pembrokeshire and is of Sami and Matt whose wedding I am shooting later this year.  I am very eager to start shooting engagement sessions in Worcestershire and we will be including FREE engagement sessions for Worcestershire Weddings and giving away a few free prints also !!!!!!

A lot of my clients use their engagement session to produce a beautiful guest signing – story book wedding album that guests actually write messages in on their wedding day.

Here is a shot of what they look like

You can learn more about photo signing books on my story book wedding album page on my website at

Also on our new website we have put up 8 – that’s right 8 amazing wedding slide shows for you to watch.

The first two are ‘Best of’ slide shows – they show some of our favorite wedding photos from 2008 and 2009 – then there are 6 slide shows that show complete client wedding albums – there are a few story book wedding albums, one of our contemporary wedding albums and one from one of our traditional matted wedding albums. This gives you a great insight as to the kinds of albums we design and produce.

Our new Gallery page with all of these slide shows on for you to enjoy can be found at

So if your looking for a wedding photographer in Worcestershire, The Midlands or pretty much anywhere why not check us out by visiting my

Worcestershire Wedding Photography website –

To give you a good idea of the quality of our wedding photography and the kind of of slide shows we produce, below is the show we produced of our favorite wedding photos of 2009

Take care, talk to you soon – Remember you can always call us,  our phone number are Office 01299 250 114 or Mobile 0759 007 6666

You can also email us at

bye for now


Story Book Wedding Albums

Hello there, David here from – I am a UK wedding photographer covering the West Midlands and the Birmingham area’s as well as West Wales.



This page has updated information about story book wedding albums as well as links to my wedding photography in general – Please note I am available to cover weddings throughout England and Wales with NO extra travel costs.


Okay, Todays post is all about wedding albums.  I know lots of brides have seen the Graphi Wedding Albums and even in my sleepy part of West Wales, Wedding Photographers are using the Graphi album.  Altough I cover the whole of the UK a vast majority of my wedding work is based in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigionshire and people think of me as either a Pembrokeshire Wedding Photographer, a Carmarthenshire wedding photographer or a Ceredigionshire wedding photographerand to be honest I am fine with that.

When I started in wedding photography I wanted to be different and to this day I continue to learn new things and try to offer different products to everyone else.  Thats why I am SO EXCITED by the album company I use.  All of my story book albums are hand made in the United States and not Italy, I dont use ANY templates and design each and everyone by hand, myself, remembering what I saw at the wedding and trying to tell the story.

Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the Graphi album infact thousands of photographers all across the UK and the world for that matter use it, Graphi make it really simple and are a good company to work with.  They have standard designs that if you cant be bothered to design your own album, they will pop your photos into and they look really quite nice.  That the problem for me.

Since I am at the upper end in terms of cost for my area my clients expect a product that is a little different and an album that no matter how many other albums they look at they will never see the same design.  I am proud to offer a nich product and am so over the moon with it I wanted to share some pics wiht you.

The reason I am so happy is today 3 albums turned up.  I designed them over the past couple of weeks, ordered them last Monday and today, 1 week later here they are !

I just sat drooling over them.  I am a romantic at heart and LOVE weddings and wedding photos.  I look at each and every wedding album I produce many many times before I am happy to hand it over to the bride and groom – I check it, double check  it and then check it one more time before I let them know its here.

The albums I use are printed on fine art very thick photo paper and are water resistant, fingerprint resistant and look amazing.  I honestly beleive the story book wedding albums I offer art the best story book wedding albums available anywhere in the world bar NONE.  My clients demand the best and I strive to find it for them.  I continue to check out all other wedding album companies and work with several however this type of album is my most choosen by brides and groom’s alike.

Okay enough drivel from me, on to the photos.  There are going to be lots of photos of these wedding albums to give you a flavour but in all honestly the web just cannot capture how good they look in real life.

If your thinking about getting married and are looking for a UNIQUE wedding album, give me a call and come see for yourselves – you will be really glad you did.

Take care, thanks for stopping by.


David Purslow

P.S. If you like what you see, join up and leave a comment – we love feedback !

1. The Storybook wedding albums in both Square Format and Portrait Format



All the covers are totally custom, here is a closeup of one of them.


and another


and here is a shot showing the detail – as I said before, I feel the photos dont do the albums justice


The backs of the albums have my details on them, very small and discrete


So what do they look like inside, here is a full page spread from one of the portrait albums


Phone is there for size indication

Here is a closeup to show you the center fold line – these albums have fold flat pages that look amazing.


Look at the brides eyes, the detail is amazing, the tears seem to roll off the page – GOD I LOVE THESE ALBUMS

Here is another full page spread, this one a black and white with a colour insert


and here is a shot showing the same three albums as you saw above all open showing you just how big the photos are


Just one more showing how fantastic the Black and White photos look.


Here are a couple of photos of the spines of the wedding albums





Well I hope these pics have given you a feeling for the quality of these albums, if you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email to  you can also see full albums by clicking on the links below (both of these are albums shown in these photos)

Remember to book your wedding photographers early, about 12 – 18 months in advance is recommended to avoid disapointment !

Take care



Sarah and Rhyans Wedding Album Preview

Katie and Simons Wedding Album Preview

Ben and Zena’s Wedding Album Preview