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Getting Married at the Elms Hotel

Ben and Zena Getting Married at The Elms Hotel


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Wow how the time has flown by.  This is 100% true, Zena and Ben are good friends our ours and I was honored and delighted when Zena asked me to be her wedding photographer.  Considering all the great wedding photographers in Worcestershire who cover weddings in Stourport, Kidderminster and Great Whitley you can understand way I was so excited.

The wedding was taking place at the beautiful Elms Hotel in Abberley in Worcestershire – just outside of Stourport on Severn. – Whats funny is that at the time I was living and working in west wales.

Nikki could not come with me unfortunately due to Joshua being sick and that was a real shame.  So I drove up the night before and stayed at my sisters house the night before to be nice and fresh for Zena & Bens big day.

Well the wedding was fantastic – if your planning on getting married at The Elms its a beautiful Worcestershire wedding venue and makes for a photographers dream – Ben and Zena had arranged for me to say at the hotel the night of the wedding as it was going to be a really long one – I started at around 8am and finished just before 11 pm after the fireworks.

Why is this post funny to me – well for many reasons.

Zena and Ben’s wedding was actually the very first wedding I posted on my blog – in fact it was the very first blog post ever by me ! and its back again now that I am a Worcestershire wedding photographer and updating my website.

Another reason is that now I am living in Hartlebury just outside of Kidderminster & Worcester  in Worcestershire, this year I am travelling down to West Wales for over 20 weddings.

I do cover weddings all over the UK however as a West Midlands wedding photographer who lives in Worcestershire I am hoping that couples getting married in 2011 and 2012  who are looking for a reportage wedding photographer stumble across my site.  Now that I am based in Worcestershire over the next year or so I only have a few weddings up this way and all the rest down in West Wales.  – I am hoping to book a lot more weddings at The Elms Hotel as it really is a pretty venue and a great place to take photos of so if your planning on getting married at The Emls visit my Worcestershire wedding photography page.

If you follow me on a regular basis you will know I am currently working on my blog so I wanted to test out the new gallery feature of the site and cold think of no better wedding to showcase than Ben and Zena.

Since this is new to me, for some reason the last photo in the album has become the first photo in the gallery – DUH – I will keep working on it.

Anyway I hope you like the new way of showing off a collection of images

Here is is, The wedding of Ben and Zena at the Elms Hotel, Abberley, Worcester – actually its the wedding photos from the The Elms 🙂


Getting married at the elms hotel

Hummm there still seems to be a bit of an issue with the gallery – I am working on it !

Storybook Album Cover – Martin and Keyleigh

Storybook Wedding Album Front Cover

A simple and elegant design

Hey guys, dp here from – Wedding and Portrait Photography for Birmingham, The West Midlands, Worcestershire and West Wales !!!

Just wanted to share this cover with you.

This is the cover of a beautiful wedding album that is off to the printers today.  The album is a story book wedding album and the cover will be a spectacular acrylic cover and will shine and be stunning.

The wedding was actually shot in West Wales for good friends of mine and it was great to see the whole family again – I think I have another wedding coming up in the same family in the next 12 months 🙂

The cover photo is one of the favorites of Martin and Keyleigh so it took a little designing to get it right, I like full page covers but since the album is a portrait album that opens up into a beautiful landscape album and the photo the guys chose was a landscape I could not do the full wrap.

Here is the cover, cant wait to see the finished album, its going to look amazing


I should have put a border on the picture for the web as the green (picked from the grass) colour fades to white as it cascades across the front of the album but on my background it kind of gets lost 🙁

Anyway hope you like it.



David Purslow
Wedding and Portrait Photographer
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Birmingham Wedding Photography Special Offer

Wedding Photography for Birmingham and Worcester

Local wedding photographer covering The West Midlands and Worcestershire


Hello there, dp here from www.davidpurslow – and I am a professional full time wedding photographer based out of the West Midlands.  I am based in Hartlebury just outside of Kidderminster.  I am about 35 minutes from Birmingham and cover all of Birmingham including Solihull, Birmingham Town Center as well as the outskirts of town.

Chances are you have not heard of me before and thats because prior to February 2010 I was living and working in Pembrokeshire West Wales.   We moved to be closer to family following an illness with my mother who lives in Kidderminster.  I have been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years now and have shot weddings all over the UK including London, Holy Island, Worcester, Birmingham, Codsall etc.

So being the newest Wedding photographer in the Birmingham area I needed to come up with something really special to help me stand out.  I dont know why I was surprised really having spent the past week looking at wedding venues in Worcester, Birmingham, Solihull, Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Codsall nr Wolverhampton and Gloucestershire its obvious to me that first, there are LOTS AND LOTS more brides and grooms getting married up this way (lets face it, Birmingham and the Midlands come second only to London in terms of population) The second thing I noticed was there are some amazing Stately Homes, Country Houses and Boutique wedding venues in this area – these are my kind of venues and the perfect place for my flamboyant and creative style of wedding photography.

As soon as I arrived in the midlands I visited a wedding fair and was shocked that pretty much all of the wedding photographers in the Birmingham area are offing albums that limited the number of photos or pages in the wedding albums and some started off with really small wedding albums which in my humble opinion should really be parents albums not wedding albums.


Wedding at The Elms Hotel – Abberley Worcestershire

So to introduce myself to the Birmingham Wedding Photography scene I have come up with what I think is an amazing special offer !!!!!

Birmingham Wedding Photography Special Offer

I have designed a special collection for the first 3 couples who book me for wedding up this way. (again if you found this post via a search engine then I suggest you visit my West Midlands & Birmingham Wedding Photography Page and the ON YOUR WEDDING DAY) So for the first 3 couples who book me for wedding taking place in either 2010 or 2011 this is what you will get.

  • Wedding photography coverage from Bridal Preparations till your first dance
  • 50 thank you cards featuring your favorite wedding photo and information for your guests how to view your online gallery
  • An online gallery of all your wedding photos split into catagories and with slideshows for each one
  • A CD of all the images at web sized for facebook etc
  • A DVD of all the digital files from you wedding – the digital negatives so to speak
  • A DVD of your wedding album set to your first dance song that you can play on your TV and show off your wedding on the big screen
  • An UNBELIEVABLE wedding album – A huge story book wedding album with up to 80 pages and up to 250 photos included

All this would normally cost £3100.00 via my normal prices however for the first 3 couples who book me now I have moved I am making this available for only £1600.00 thats a saving of £1500.00 – The album is an 8×12 inch story book wedding album – you can see exactly what it looks like by visiting my Albums page on my website and you can also view a slide show of an 80 page album by clicking here.


If you would like to splash out just a little bit extra then for an additional £399.00 for (£1999.99 in total) I will upgrade the wedding album to the totally awesome and monstrously big 10.5 x 14 inch album – its lush, big, heavy, super duper impressive and guaranteed to make your friend and family’s jaw drop to the floor !

This offer is applicable to weddings taking place in…….

  • Weddings in Birmingham
  • Wedding in Bromsgrove
  • Weddings in Solihull
  • Weddings in Codsall
  • Wedding in Sutton Coldfield
  • Wedding in Worcester
  • Weddings in the Kidderminster
  • Weddings in Strouport On Severn
  • Weddings in Hagley
  • Wedding in Stourbridge

For select weddings taking place in other parts of the country I may well consider extending the offer to you, so if your wedding is not taking place at any of the venues listed above call me or drop me an emial – my number is 01299 250 114 / 0759 007 6666 and my email is

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch,

talk to you soon,



David Purslow
Wedding Photographer
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0759 007 6666

Worcestershire Wedding Photography – Special offer

Hello there, David (dp) here from – I am a wedding photographer based in Worcestershire in the West Midlands.

The following two photos were taken while I lived in Pembrokeshire and are of fantastic couple who’s wedding is coming up pretty soon.  The photos were taking during an engagement shoot – which I include in some of my packages.


The following image has had a bit of an ‘art’ touch added to it – for web sized images it does not look its best but as a big wall art sized photo it looks amazing 🙂


So what does this have to do with special offers ?

Well check this out.

Worcestershire Wedding Photography Offer

Since I am have only just moved to Worcestershire and many of the couples up this way may not know much about me, I am going to give away 2 FREE engagement shoots for the first 2 couples having Worcestershire Weddings, Gloucestershire Weddings, Birmingham Weddings, Codsall Weddings or Solihull Weddings.

If you found this post via a search engine and have not visited my website yet, your can visit my Worcestershire Wedding Photographers website by clicking here.

On my website you will find.

Full wedding photography prices

Photos of wedding albums and other great wedding photography special offers

Reasons to book a professional wedding photographer

Customers testimonials

An availability checker to see if I am available for your wedding.

So dont forget – for the next 2 weddings booked in the West Midlands I am going to include a free engagement shoot.



David Purslow
Worcestershire & West Midlands Wedding Photographer
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0759 007 6666

A couple of Black and White wedding photos

Hello there, dp here from – we provide upscale wedding photography for Worcestershire & West Midlands.

Today as well as other things I was putting the finishing touches to the story book wedding album for Lorraine and Mark whos wedding I shot last year.  The day of their wedding was a challenging one weather wise with high winds and rain throughout the day – but its that kind of challenge I think separates the men from the boys.

So while choosing images today there were 3 that stood out to me as great candidates for conversion to black and white photos, 1 is one of my favorite wedding photos from last year and is up on my website and was one I featured in the Gallery at Courtneys Bridal.




I just love these 3 photos, and they bring back good memories for me, ones where I was getting wet while lying on the floor in puddles of water to get the shot of the couple by the castle – but thats just all part of the job – its also why there is always a complete change of clothes in my camera bag 🙂

I cover weddings mainly in Worcestershire and the West Midlands however I am happy to travel pretty much anywhere in the UK for nice weddings that will create visually stunning photos 🙂 – you can find out more about my wedding photography here.

Also if you look at the post below (if your on the main page) or click this link if your not – Currently I am offering a MASSIVE DISCOUNT for couples looking for a wedding photographer in Worcestershire, Birmingham and a whole lot of other places around the Midlands, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. – The reason is that I have just moved to Worcestershire so am pretty much unknown here at the moment.

Right off to bed, hope you like these 3 photos, I think they made cracking black and white conversions.



David Purslow
Wedding Photographer
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