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The Wedding of Sami and Matt

Wedding followed by reception at Trefloyne Golf Club

With photos on the beach !

Hello there, dp here from David Purslow Photography – I am a wedding photographer covering West Wales and the Midlands

I have been looking forward to this wedding for what seems like a lifetime really.  I first met Sami and Matt way back when, it must have been almost 2 years ago now.  Sami and Matt were quickly added as facebook friends (like so many of my couples) and we have been in constant contact since then – A little while back I shot their engagement session on the beach as Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire West Wales.   They turned the photos from the engagement session into a signing book that wend down a STORM !!!! at the actual wedding and it was great seeing it filled from cover to cover with comments from their friends and family.  If you did not see the engagement session, you can view it by clicking here.  – it will open in a new window.

Anyway, back to this past weekend, (also this is a shortish blog post as the couple are away and I dont want to show too many pics without them seeing them first) – God has smiled on Sami and Matt this weekend, the weather was perfect for a wedding, not too hot, not too cold, a tiny bit windy but only in little bursts and great sunny sky’s but with a tiny amount of cloud to take away the very strong shadows – Perfect for me 🙂

I arrived about 2 hours before Sami was due to leave for the church to grab a few bridal preparation shots, with 11 – thats right 11 bridesmaids getting ready the house was pretty manic but clam at the same time – I shot a few pics of all the girls getting ready then went upstairs to get shots of the wedding dress – a Beautiful Sophia Tolli wedding dress.  It looked fantastic on the hanger and even better on.

sophia tolli wedding dress pembrokeshire

And here is a shot 1/2 way thru Sami putting it on aided by her mum – there is a funny story about putting the dress on but thats one of the benefits of it being your wedding, you get to hear all the stories – this one shall remain private since its all about me !!!

bridal preparation wedding photos pembrokeshire

and while Sami was upstairs getting dress, downstairs was Gethin was down stairs getting ready also

west wales wedding photographer

and here is the little man with his grandad.

and Sami makes her grand appearence coming down the stairs – a few tears were shed at this moment !

Sami and Mat were getting married at St Oswalds Church, Jeffreystone which is the family church so it had a really nice warm feeling to it.

and here is Sami being walked down the isle

and a few shots taking during the wedding service

and outside for a fantastic confetti shot- this is one of 15 shots, this one has the MOST confetti I have seen in recent years !

Following the wedding while the guest left for Trefloyne Golf Club in Tenby for the wedding reception Sami, Matt and myself headed off to Saundersfoot beach for a few photos – The couple were really up for a few beach shots and so was I  – this is the same beach were we shot the engagement session so it all ties in nicely in telling the story.

beach wedding photography uk

wedding photos on the beach west wales

pembrokeshire beach wedding photos

and I just love this one to bits, its a great cuddle shot !

west wales wedding photography beach weddings

and thanks to the kind vendors on the beach, how could we resist a few deck chair shots ?

pembrokeshire wedding photographers

From here we went and left for the wedding reception at Trefloyne  Golf Club in Tenby

This again is another one of my favorites, you can see Trefloyne Golf Club in the background and the grounds make it perfect for wedding photography.

getting married at trefloyne golf club

and this one

weddings at trefloyne golf club tenby

so naturally we had to shoot something like this

bride in wedding dress in bunker

groom in bunker on golf course

Then it was on to the reception for real, and I have to say the wedding cake was the biggest wedding cake I have ever seen in the flesh – it was fantastic !!!!!

pembrokeshire wedding cakes

and yes, thats 11 bridesmaids, two best men, the bride and groom and Gethin on the cake and the walkways – it was a fantastic sight

amazing pembrokeshire wedding cake

Since the sun was not setting till between 9 and 10 we shot the formal photos after dinner which made for a very unhurried afternoon for the guests – and with 150 of them that’s a good thing.  Here is the BIG GROUP shot

trefloyne golf club wedding photo

and a slightly more informal one of Sami and her dad

and the boys being boys

Inside the marquee the guests were being entertained by a good friend of mind, Stewart Maxwell an amazing swing and easy singer and the little kids had little bottles of bubbles which worked really well – this shot is a bit of an outtake really, but I wanted to capture the bubble in focus which would throw the boys out of focus.

If you take a hard close look at the bubble you can see me all in black (on the left of the bubble) and also the two flash lights I had on either side of the dance floor these were for the first dance and the kids going nuts !

Talking of kids (big and small) the dance floor in full swing

sorry its smaller, it just snagged it of my facebook page !

here is a shot of a couple of the flower girls

Then it was time for the first dance, I love this shot !

pembrokeshire wedding photographers

Then just as the sun was setting I took the bride and groom out for a few sunset portraits.

sunset wedding photos

and finally outside for a few firework photos

all in all a fantastic day and a fantastic wedding.

Congratulations to Sami and Matt on their special day.

Hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek,



David Purslow
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The Wedding of Angharad and David

Upton Castle Pembrokeshire Wedding Reception

sneak peek

Hello there, David here from – I am a wedding photographer based in just outside of Birmingham in the West Midlands.  Before I moved to the midlands I had been lived and worked in Pembrokeshire West Wales for 6 years.

I had been recommended to Angharad by her cousin who’s wedding I shot almost 2 years ago.  This always bring added benefits in as much as I know lots of people there and David and Angharads wedding was no exception – its great working with families over and over again as they really relax with you and leave you to do your thing.

I had met up with Angharad a few weeks prior to the wedding and went over the kinds of photography they wanted, as it turns out they wanted me to shoot in a little more traditional style which is something I do about 1/2 a dozen times a year so its still pretty popular.

I arrived at the house to capture the final few moments of Angharad getting ready and as I walked in I loved what I saw – whenever (as a photographer) you walk into someones house and see the walls adorned with photographs you know that they value photography and photographs – I love taking photos but more importantly I love people enjoying the photos I take so right there before I had even taken one photo I knew what I wanted to create for not only A & D (as I am going to call them) but also for Angharads parents.

I set about capturing the details and started off with the flowers

pembrokeshire bridal bouquet

and as I turned around I spotted Angharad putting on her veil with the assistance of one of the bridesmaids.

mirror shot of bride getting ready

a little while later we went outside to shoot a few portrait style photos.  The first one of Angahard at the bottom of the garden.

bridal portraits pembrokeshire

and then a closeup

closeup of bride under veil

Then I headed off to the Bethany Free Church in Clarbestone Road, its funny but I love photographing wedding at this little church because of the widnows and the way the building is situated its almost perfect for flash free wedding photography.

I got a few shots of David the groom outside the church before we went inside to wait for his bride.

and shortly after that The bride arrived in the back of a beautiful black car – don’t ask me what it is, I am not a car person but its old and looks fantastic.

bride in car photo shot thru window

I had planned this shot way before the day itself, I had taken a very similar one of Sarah at her wedding (Angharads cousin) and this is where shooting at venues often helps out, I knew exactly where to go to grab this photo and use the building and trees to block the glare from the window.

Then during the actual service I snagged this shot, I took about 50 photos during the service, I ran from the front of the church to the back of the church (via the outside as there is a door right where the photographer stands) – and into another building !!!! – Oh I forgot to mention, the wedding was SO BIG that the church was totally FULL and had to be relayed via VIDEO into another building where the rest of the party was !!!!!

bride and groom getting married

and i love this tender moment – this is why I carry two cameras – the second one is set up for close up work and without it, I would have missed this gentle moment.

exchanging rings

Following the weddings the reception was held at Upton Castle in Pembrokeshire – the venue is amazing and only hosts between 5 and 10 weddings a year so I have been wanting to shoot there for some time.

upton castle weddings pembrokeshire

and the bride and groom outside the front door.

upton castle wedding photos

As you enter the house there is an amazing hallway covered in a glass roof – the light in there was fantastic so naturally I snapped a few photos.

upton castle pembrokeshire wedding

wedding photos of upton castle west wales

and the reception was being held in a fabulous marquee outside in the back garden

marquee for weddings in pembrokeshire

One of the greatest compliments I get from people is when they say the don’t realize I am even there, apart from group shots which take a bit of work and the confetti shots I try to let the whole day just unfold.  This was the case from the father of the bride who said afterward that he had not realized that I had been taking photos at the reception until I set up for the group shot – I had taken around 50 photos at that point 🙂

The group shot was 160 people big !!! – so I had to improvise a little – Due to the angle of the sun I could not get the shot from any elevated position so I simply popped my camera on a mono pod – a big long stick !!!! and hoised it up to about 15 foot in the air – I pre focused it before I did that and triggered it (took the photo) by remote control – I took 4 photos to make sure I had everyone in it correctly and positioned where I wanted them – I am pretty pleased with the final result – it would look GREAT as a double page spread in an album !!!!!

big group shot wedding photo

and once I had all the safe group shots, and since we had a little time left I decided to play around a little – I had spotted a rose garden which would make for an interesting shot considering that A&D had a bridal party of 12 people – pretty big by today’s standards.

I have this as a normal file also, but I always like to try new things out once I know I have what I call the money shots in the bag, so I have posted this one here, I am still in two minds whether or not I like the effect on this photo – actually it does not matter if I like it, its what the couple thinks that matters so I am waiting to hear from A&D on what they think.  – I would also love to know what you think.

artistic wedding group photo

after this I took A&D off for a walk around the grounds, some alone time, some funky photos and just snaped away for about 5 minutes before  they went into dinner.

the grounds at upton castle wedding venue

pembrokeshire wedding photography

romantic wedding photography

After this the couple went into dinner, Helen and I set about setting up for the slideshow which we ran at the end of the meal however during the meal just we were finishing our main meal one of the waitresses came over and told me there was a very pretty rainbow outside – I ran over to A&D and let them know, I asked if they wanted to pop outside to quickly take the photo which they did – I thanked the waitress whole heartedly.

rainbow at wedding captures by west wales wedding photographer

Then we returned inside and a little while later Angharad and David had their first dance together as man and wife.

first dance couple

Well I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek of the wedding of Angharad and David, naturally I would like to pass along our congratulations to the happy couple and to thank them very much for choosing us to be a part of the day.

take care



David Purslow
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Late availability wedding photography

July Wedding Photography

Late Availability

Today Nikki and took the decision to cancel our 3 week holiday to The United States.  Since Soukie is turning 1 this months, we had booked up to make a surprise visit to the States for the most of July and drop in a  our friends from over there.

We had closed availability to the whole of July however due to the Volcano in Iceland and the travel chaos it has caused and the reports on the news this this could be going on all year we thought it best to stay over here this year and go visiting next year.  I would feel really really bad if we got stranded in the States as August is my busiest month of weddings and letting down couples is not worth the risk.

What this means is that if your suddenly stuck for a wedding photographer for July and think its too late to find one, I have lots of late availability wedding photography dates open in July.

I have also been redoing my website over from top to bottom – you can see my whole new website by visiting my site at

I specialize in Wedding photography for Birmingham, wedding photography in Worcestershire, Wedding photography in Gloucestershire and wedding photography in the West Midlands.

Before our move to the Midlands in February this year we had lived in Pembrokeshire West Wales and as such we have lots of places to stay so we love photographing wedding in Pembrokeshire.

Please visit my website for more details, complete price information, to check availability or to view my portfolio.

Take care,



David Purslow
West Midlands & Birmingham Wedding Photographer
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Sneak Peek Mike and Caroline – Greek Wedding

What a Fab Weekend, What a Fab Wedding

Mike & Caroline – A Greek Wedding in Wales

Sneak Peek Only !

Hey guys, this weekend I had the fantastic pleasure of photographing the wedding of Mike and Caroline.  I met these guys sometime last year and we just clicked – the wedding sounded like it would be fun but OH MY GOD what an amazing day Helen and I had – I can honestly say this was my favorite wedding for a long long time.

There is no rhyme or reason for the following photos – they were actually picked to show a very good friend of mine and amazing wedding photographer in his own right, Tim Driver a wedding photographer in Suffolk.  The reason for sharing with Tim is that we always have a post wedding analysis of each of our wedding to see what we did right, what we learned and what could we do to improve next time to make the whole thing better for our clients.

Anyway back to the photos.  As you may or may not know (I had posted about Mike sometime last year after he sent me some Amazing Tee Shirts that he had embroidered with my logo) Mikes runs a business is simply called Mike the Biz and it really is  your one-stop shop for printed or embroidered promotional garments.   Mike’s  family heritage is Greek so the wedding had very strong Greek influences.  The wedding was taking place at Castell Malgwyn Hotel which is a grand old country home and a fantastic wedding reception venue and makes for amazing wedding photos imho.

In the living room shortly after I arrived I found Nick (hope its spent right) or as I called him all night in a affectionate way – Nick the Greek.  You will see lots of Nick photos later as he was a very important part of the day but when Helen and I had finished taking our establishing shots Nick was just playing a few notes on….. well I dont know what its called yet – I am sure Steven will let me know later in the day 🙂

Greek Wedding Photography Birmingham & the UK

A term that was bounded around for a lot of the day was The Greek Mafia – I think this (I hope) referred to the gathering of guys at the wedding all of whom looked so distinguished and well polished.  While Nick the Greek was doing his stuff they sat around and enjoyed the music – here is a shot of one of the gentlemen.

And here is a shot of Mike himself with his best man James

mike the biz wedding photo

Why was it fun ?  Well there at things that take place at Greek Weddings like the blessing ceremony that I dont normally see – Anytime there is something new that I have not really seen before means I have to work that little bit harder as I dont know what is gonig to happen but I have to anticipate to make sure I get the shot’s – I am so please with the next two photos because of the importance this little part of the day actually played  – being able to capture the details like this means great memories for my clients in the years to come.  Mike’s mum is preparing the incense for the blessing – its quite a special moment so  I could not really move around as I didn’t want to interfere with the moment.

greek wedding photographer uk

greek wedding blessing

and this is one of my favorite shots (that I have seen so far) – its a shot of Mike just getting ready for the blessing to take place – in this shot I was just setting up my light so it was very much a candid moment.  I had asked Mike to sit in the chair (which the blessing would take place around) and took a test shot – I think it captured the moment perfectly and puts a big smile on my face.

candid wedding photography

This next shot was taking during the actual blessing – I am sure this young lady wont be too thrilled with the angle I captured her but its all about the shot and the moment and since she is Mike’s sister I am sure she will forgive me – she was a blast all night long especially during the Greek Dancing.

Soon after the blessing I had to run outside to grab shots of Caroline arriving.  I grabbed this shot in the back of a 76 year old Rolls Royce and has Caroline, her brother and daughter all with that pre wedding smile the bridal party gets just minutes before they turn up to the wedding

and here Carolines Brother is giving her away at the start of the wedding ceremony

pembrokeshire wedding photography

and during the service I captured this moment, I love the tenderness with which Caroline is placing the ring on Mike’s finger

As you can see from the signing of the register the whole day was fun filled !

Well as I said before this is just a sneak peek – there will be lots more and the blog story of what I hear referred to many times that night as My big fat Greek Wedding but to leave you with today here are a few taken on the dance floor

west wales wedding photography

worcestershire wedding photographer

reportage wedding photography worcestershire

and last but not least !

Wedding photography

I think you can see just how much fun this whole day was – I want to congratulate Caroline and Mike on an amazing day and with them all the best.  Thanks for choosing me to share your day with.



David Purslow
Wedding Photographer
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Sami & Matt’s Engagment Shoot

Sami & Matt’s Engagement Session

A Fun Family Day at the Beach !

Hi there guys, dp here from David Purslow Photography – if you post via a search engine then can I highly recommend you visit my wedding photography website located at

A little while back I had the pleasure of shooting (in the nicest possible way) Sami and Matt’s engagement session – I am sure Sami will jump up and down when she reads that her wedding is very fast approaching.    Sami and Matt seem to have booked me as their wedding photographer years ago, I am not sure if it was in 2009 or 2008 but it was a very long time indeed.  The reason I say this is when they booked me I was not offering signing books……

Whats a signing book – well its a beautiful wedding album that is printed on fine art paper that you can write on, the basic idea is you put together a collection of nice romantic photos from your engagement session into a presentation with lots of white space around the pages and then people can write you a message in the white space.

I have one I use as a demo album and I get brides who’s weddings I have shot to write in them or couples who have booked me to pop a few words in there as to why they picked me to be their wedding photographer.  In this picture you can see what Sami and Matt wrote in my book after their engagement session.

If you want to see more pictures of my album styles just click on the photo above !

So back to Sami & Matts engagement session.

Well as I was saying I shot their engagement session and their wedding is fast approaching.  We finalized the signing book album design and I wanted to share it with you.

Signing books make for a GREAT talking piece but more than that they make for a FANTASTIC keep sake and a totally unique memory of your wedding day.  Just imagine lots of pages filled with comments from all your friends, family and loved ones.

So here it is – I cant show you the cover as currently its somewhere over the Atlantic on its way over to  – bet Sami is jumping up and down again 🙂

*** How to use the Slide show ***

  1. Click the play button – then a little menu pops up at the bottom of the slide show
  2. If you do nothing the show will start in about  a second or so – but for the full effect – at any time, just put your mouse over the slide show and……
  3. Click the icon second from the right hand side to view in FULL SCREEN MODE !!!!
  4. Pressing escape will bring you right back down to earth


I hope you enjoyed.

I recently moved to the West Midlands area and now provide wedding photography for Birmingham, Worcester, Solihull, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Kidderminster and pretty much anywhere in the West Midlands.

I still shoot wedding in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and dont charge any extra for traveling !



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